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Volume 10, Issue 3 - March 2018

In This Issue:


Legislative Update: House Ways and Means Committee--  No Additional Funds Available for Need-Based Grants

COLUMBIA, SC - The House Ways and Means Committee has completed the first draft of the state's $8.2 billion general fund budget proposal for the fiscal year that starts July 1. With very little unallocated general fund revenue ($292.9 million) available and over $2 billion in requests, the committee struggled to meet as many of the state's needs as possible. Unfortunately, higher education was not a priority.

There were no increases recommended for Tuition Grants ($2.1 million requested) or CHE need-based grants ($1 million requested). Unlike in years past, PASCAL ($1.5 million requested) was not included in the budget for lottery funds. Fortunately, the Ways and Means Committee recommended full funding of Merit Scholarships to include an additional $12 million due the increase in eligible students caused by the change in the high school grading scale from a 7-point scale to a 10-point scale.

The Ways and Means Committee recommended a small increase for public colleges and universities to be used for deferred maintenance needs. Fifteen two- and four-year public colleges and universities will share approximately $50 million in non-recurring funds.

The recommendations of the Ways and Means Committee continues a disturbing trend that has seen funding for higher education decrease from 17% of the state's general fund appropriations to just 7% during the period FY 1979-80 to FY 2017-18.

The House is expected to ratify the budget as presented by the Ways and Means Committee during floor debate the week of March 12. SCICU's attention will now turn to the Senate Finance Committee. Traditionally, higher education in general and independent colleges in particular, are treated more favorably in the Senate. We are hopeful that more of SCICU's legislative priorities will be addressed by the Senate in a meaningful way.

Additional recent Advocacy news releases are available on the SCICU website.

Mrs. Minor Mickel Shaw

Belle W. Baruch Foundation Donates to SCICU in Honor of SCICU Life Trustee Minor Mickel Shaw

The Belle W. Baruch Foundation, in honor of the significant community involvement and philanthropy of Minor Mickel Shaw, has donated $5,000 to the SCICU Undergraduate Research Program.  Through The Daniel-Mickel Foundation, Minor Mickel Shaw and her family have contributed more than $1.7 million to SCICU over a 50+ year period. A large proportion of this financial support has been focused on SCICU's undergraduate student/faculty research program.  

Shaw is deeply involved in independent higher education in South Carolina, as she has served on the Wofford College board and as adviser to the both Riley Institute at Furman University and the School of Pharmacy at Presbyterian College.  Shaw currently chairs the Duke Endowment Board of Trustees.

Shaw has served as board chair for both the Belle Baruch Foundation and SCICU.  Both Shaw and her father Buck Mickel chaired the SCICU Board of Trustees. Shaw served on the SCICU board for 14 years, and was board chair 1995-1997.  Buck Mickel was on the SCICU board for 7 years early in SCICU's history (1956-1963).  Mickel was named an SCICU Life Trustee in 1991, and Shaw followed in her father's footsteps as Life Trustee in 2011.

The Daniel Foundation was created by Charles Daniel in 1948 and renamed as The Daniel-Mickel Foundation in 1993.  Much of Daniel's philanthropy was a result of his co-founding of Greenville-headquartered Daniel International Construction Company, once recognized as the largest construction company in the world.  Buck Mickel followed his uncle Charles Daniel as leader of the foundation.  Shaw succeeded Mickel as chair of the foundation.   Since its inception, The Daniel-Mickel Foundation has contributed more than $46 million towards education, arts and culture, health and human services, and the environment in South Carolina.

The Belle Baruch Foundation is dedicated to providing significant opportunities for research among South Carolina's colleges and universities.  The foundation, established in 1964 following the death of Belle W. Baruch, seeks to preserve Hobcaw Barony's unique natural and cultural resources for research and education. Hobcaw Barony is a 16,000 acre research reserve located on the coast near Georgetown, SC.  The plantation is an unparalleled site for research in the environmental sciences.  Two major research institutes operate at Hobcaw Barony, with one institute focusing on marine biology and coastal sciences and the other conducting research in coastal ecology and forest science.

In addition to world-class scientific research opportunities, Hobcaw Barony holds social research significance with over 70 cultural sites on the plantation, including cemeteries, slave cabins, and the Baruch's previous residences.

Please click here to read more about SCICU's 2017 tribute to The Daniel-Mickel Foundation and Minor Mickel Shaw for 50+ years of service and support to SCICU.


Undergraduate Researchers Present Project Findings at SCICU Research Symposium Feb. 22

Undergraduate researchers from SCICU colleges and universities presented findings and results from their 2017 research projects at the 2018 SCICU Research Symposium held at Milliken & Company corporate headquarters in Spartanburg on February 22, 2018.

Supported by generous sponsors and donors, SCICU awarded $90,000 in research grants to undergraduate student researchers in early 2017.  Project funding was determined via rigorous independent professional evaluation of proposals.  The 2017 research activities commenced in April and concluded in December.

A list of SCICU undergraduate research projects funded in 2017 may be viewed here.  Twenty projects focused on scientific research, and another 11 projects examined historical and social topics.

SCICU recognizes the following individuals, companies, and entities for their financial support of the 2017 Undergraduate Student/Faculty Research program:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC
Bryan Family Foundation Endowment
Mrs. Joan S. Coker
The Daniel-Mickel Foundation
Milliken & Company
Mills B. Lane Memorial Foundation
SC Independent Colleges and Universities, Inc. Endowment Fund

Proposals for 2018 undergraduate student/faculty research projects are being received by SCICU now and will be evaluated for funding.


Tony Floyd
Executive Vice President
Coker College

Coker College EVP Tony Floyd Named 22nd President of Mars Hill University

SCICU congratulates John Anthony "Tony" Floyd, Executive Vice President at Coker College, on his appointment as the 22nd president of Mars Hill University.
The Mars Hill University Board of Trustees will introduce Floyd as the university's 22nd president at events scheduled for March 9, 2018. Floyd will begin his leadership role at MHU on June 1.

Floyd has served Coker College as Executive Vice President since 2015. Prior to that appointment, he was Coker's VP for administration and legal counsel for three years. His other responsibilities at the Hartsville, SC-based college include teaching undergrad and graduate students in such subjects as sports law, business law, and the First Amendment.

Floyd holds a Juris Doctor from the Campbell University School of Law and a bachelor's degree from the University of South Carolina.

In 2016, Floyd was selected by the Council of Independent Colleges to participate in the councils's Presidential Vocation and Institutional Mission initiative (SCICU's news release on Floyd's selection for the Presidential Vocation initiative may be read here.). This annual year-long program is funded by the Lilly Endowment and aims to prepare senior college administrators fpr transitioning into college and university presidencies.

Please click   here to read more on the SCICU website.


Allen University's Historic Chappelle Auditorium

SCICU Spring  Board of Trustees Meeting
Scheduled for March 14 at Allen University

Allen University will host the next SCICU Board of Trustees meeting on March 14, 2018.

The Spring Board Meeting will be preceded by the Council of College Presidents breakfast and meeting 9:00 - 10:00 am.

Registration for at-large trustees will begin at 9:30.  Presidents will join at-large trustees for the business meeting at 10:30 am in historic Chappelle Auditorium.  

Links for online registration have been sent to member college/university presidents and all at-large trustees. Additional information regarding the Board meeting will follow at a later date.

Please click here for additional information regarding SCICU's Spring 2018 Board Meeting.

More information regarding the renovation of Allen University's historic Chappelle Auditorium may be read here.


Presbyterian College to Host SCICU Fall Board Meeting on September 26

The SCICU Board of Trustees will convene at Presbyterian College on September 26 for the Fall board meeting.

At this event, the Board will announce and celebrate the selection of the SCICU McLean-Smith Student of the Year.  Greenville-based Center for Scholarship Administration will independently review scholarship nominations from SCICU's twenty member colleges and universities and will submit their selection to SCICU in late Spring.  Please click here to learn more about Pamela Rutledge, the 2017 SCICU McLean-Smith Student of the Year.

The September 26 board meeting will begin with a 9:00 am breakfast meeting for the Council of College and University Presidents.  Registration for at-large trustees will begin at 9:30 am.  Presidents will join at-large trustees for the business meeting at 10:30 am.

More information for the September 26 board meeting, including a link to online registration, will be emailed to trustees in July.


2017-2018 SCICU Digital College
Guide  Available Online

SCICU's 2017-18 College Guide is now available online! This digital guide to twenty independent colleges and universities in South Carolina is designed for easy viewing on mobile devices ( and it's easy to share with friends, too!).

The guide includes detailed scholarship and financial aid info, and is full of other tips to help parents and students choose the college or university that best suits their higher education needs.

Please click here to access SCICU's 2017-18 Digital College Guide.


SCICU curates news from its twenty member colleges and universities. Click here to read college news on the SCICU website.

The following is a sampling of recent member college news:

Benedict College

Claflin University

Columbia International University

North Greenville University

Southern Wesleyan University




The Business Partners program provides a convenient marketplace in which SCICU member colleges and universities can preview offerings tailored to the needs of the higher education community in South Carolina.

SCICU welcomes the following new Business Partners:

SCICU recognizes the following Business Partners for their renewals:

Directory - Click  here  for a complete list of Business Partners, or access information on individual Business Partners via the links shown below.

ABM Building Solutions, LLC | Acumen IT, LLC | Affinity LTC, LLC (Genworth Financial)Aramark Higher Education |  Blackboard |  Cantey Tech ConsultingCapinCrouse LLP | Church Mutual Insurance Company | Coleman Lew + Associates | Collegiate Financial Services (IOA) |  Craig Gaulden Davis | CSI Leasing, Inc.Elliott Davis | Find Great People, LLC | First American Education Finance | Gillis Specialty Adverstising | Giraffe Web Design | Harper Corporation General ContractorsHaynsworth Sinkler Boyd, PA | Howard Techonology SolutionsHRP Associates, Inc. | Hypersign, LLC | Immedion LLC |   The LearningHouse, Inc. | MB Kahn Construction Company, Inc. |   McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture | Met@data IT LLCMetz Culinary Management | Myers McRae Executive Search and Consulting | National Management Resources Corporation | P2Ops, LLCPaymerang (f/k/a AP Advantage)Pioneer College CaterersPollock Company | Purple Briefcase |   S2K Group, Inc. | SC Student Loan Corporation | ScholarBuys | Sodexo | Spirit Communications | STEM PremierTotal Comfort Solutions | UnitedHealthcare Student Resources | Vulcan Materials Company | Walsh Consulting Group LLC |   Wells Fargo Insurance ServicesWyche, PA

SCICU is a member of the Coalition for College Cost Savings (CCCS). This organization, comprised of 33 member organizations in 30 states, serves more than 900 higher education institutions and over 3 million students across the United States. The organization and staff are dedicated to helping private higher education institutions improve processes and reduce costs through collaboration.

All SCICU member colleges and universities have access to CCCS's national contracts and services. More information on this important benefit may be found here.

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