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April 5, 2024

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Lake Okeechobee Levels & Caloosahatchee Flow Impacts

On 4/3/24 Lake Okeechobee was at 15.18 feet, decreasing by 0.20 feet in the past week. The weekly average flow at S-79 was 1,691 cfs (cubic feet per second) and flow from the Lake at S-77 was an average of 1,383 cfs. The 14-day average flow at S-77 was 3,037 cfs. The 14-day average flow at S-79 was 3,382 cfs and has been in the damaging flow envelope (>2,600 cfs) for 45 days.

For more information on Lake Okeechobee and estuary conditions go to the latest Caloosahatchee Conditions Report.

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Study Shows Need to Reduce Nutrient Runoff from Watershed

A new publication from SCCF's Marine Laboratory on nutrient sources and water management shows that Lake O releases have a negative impact on downstream water quality, but that water runoff from the local watershed has an even greater negative effect.

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Water Surface Temperature

This Week

Daily Average for April 3, 2024

Gulf of Mexico: 77.6 °F

Caloosahatchee (Alva): 78.3 °F

Lake Okeechobee (Polesout3s): 75.6°F

Last Week

Daily Average for March 27, 2024

Gulf of Mexico: 75.2°F

Caloosahatchee (Alva): 76.6°F

Lake Okeechobee (Polesout3s): 73.6°F

Weekly Rainfall Totals

WP Franklin (S-79): 1.47” Ortona (S-78): 0.52Moore Haven (S-77): 0.40”

Virtual Water Quality Tour from Lighthouse Beach Park

Click here or on the image above to take a virtual tour from above Lighthouse Beach Park to see how the water looked this week.

Photo was taken on 4/1/24 at 1:15 PM on a rising tide (2.1 ft). The 14-day average flow at S-79 was 4,225 cfs.

Red Tide

On 3/29/24, the FWC reported that the red tide organism, Karenia brevis, was observed at background concentrations in one sample collected from Florida’s East Coast over the past week. In Southwest Florida over the past week, K. brevis was not observed

The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) received 2 birds with toxicosis symptoms (from red tide or blue-green algae) from 3/26/24 - 4/1/24.

Blue-Green Algae

On 4/1/24 sampling for cyanobacteria by the Lee County Environmental Lab reported the presence of Dolichospermum and miscellaneous cyano-filaments at the Alva Boat Ramp with streaks and a pale green tint to the water. Dolichospermum and Microcystis were abundant upstream of the Franklin Locks as streaks and small clumps with heavy accumulation along the lock. Dolichospermum, Microcystis, and Raphidiopsis were moderately abundant at the Davis Boat Ramp as streaks with some accumulation. Dolichospermum and miscellaneous cyanofilaments were moderately abundant at North Shore Park as specks. Dolichospermum was moderately abundant at the Midpoint Bridge Park with accumulation along the shore.

Become a Citizen Scientist and Get the Algae Reporting App Today!

SCCF wants to know when and where all types of algae sightings occur to monitor conditions around the islands and to investigate algae bloom occurrence with patterns in seasonal weather changes and Lake Okeechobee water management practices.

Click on and bookmark this link to report an algal bloom sighting.

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SCCF's River, Estuary, and Coastal Observing Network is a network of eight optical water quality sensors deployed throughout the Caloosahatchee and the Pine Island Sound estuary to provide real-time water quality data.

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