This Week's Water Conditions Update
May 27, 2022
Water Conditions Tracker
Lake Okeechobee Levels & Caloosahatchee Flow Impacts
On 5/26/22 Lake Okeechobee was at 12.61 feet, decreasing by 0.02 feet in the past week. The weekly average flow at S-79 was 986 cfs (cubic feet per second) and flow from the Lake at S-77 was an average of 716 cfs. The 14-day average flow on 5/25/22 was 949 cfs and has been in the optimal flow envelope for 183 days.
For more information on Lake Okeechobee and estuary conditions go to the latest Caloosahatchee Conditions Report
Virtual Water Quality Tour from Lighthouse Beach
Click here or on the image above to take a virtual tour from above Lighthouse Beach Park to see how the water looked this week.

Photo was taken on 5/24/22 at 2:00 PM on a falling tide (low tide @ 4:12 PM (3.34ft).
Red Tide
Satellite imagery over the past week has not detected any blooms off the coast of Southwest Florida.

On 5/20/22, the FWC reported that the red tide organism, Karenia brevis was at background concentrations offshore of Manatee and Collier counties.
Blue-Green Algae
The USACE reported the presence of algae upstream of the Franklin Locks and Dam (S-79) on 05/20/22 and 05/23/22.

Over the past week, satellite imagery from Lake Okeechobee showed 20 - 25% bloom potential in Lake Okeechobee primarily along the northern shoreline and in Fisheating Bay.
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A collaborative, weekly analysis, including recommendations for water managers regarding Lake Okeechobee flows.

SCCF's River, Estuary, and Coastal Observing Network is a network of eight optical water quality sensors deployed throughout the Caloosahatchee and the Pine Island Sound estuary to provide real-time water quality data.

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