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Sign-Up Today for Leadership Development Institute
A Night at the Aeronaut Brewery to benefit Warren Gooldstein-Gel
First Time Homebuyer Class Begins Feb 17
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SCC's 46th Annual Meeting | February 9th
Social Equity Campaign Exceeds $200,000 Goal
What's Going On at City Hall?
What's Going On in Union Square?
First Source Jobs Program New Advanced Manufacturing Training Program
First Source Member Highlight

Sign-Up Today for Leadership Development Institute  
Saturdays | Feb 20 - Mar 12

We are accepting applications for our
9th Annual Leadership Development Institute (LDI)!

Every spring, we bring together a group of active and emerging leaders to learn the basics of Somerville politics, relationship-building, campaign power, and leadership development. LDI is a great way to strengthen relationships with other community members and get involved in ongoing campaigns for social justice.
LDI will take place on the following four Saturday mornings: 
  • February 20; 
  • February 27;
  • March 5; and 
  • March 12, 2016. 
For more information and to register, contact RenĂ© at 617-776-5931 x226 or

A Night at the Aeronaut Brewery
to benefit
Warren Gooldstein-Gelb
February 3 | Starting at 5:00 PM
Aeronaut Brewery, Somerville

Warren Goldstein-Gelb is a long-time supporter of SCC and dedicated community leader in Somerville and around Boston area. Currently the Executive Director of The Welcome Project, Warren's commitment to social justice and service over the years has benefited many wonderful organizations.

This past September, Warren suffered a major stroke. Over many months in the hospital and undergoing rehabilitation care, Warren's recovery has progressed, but it will be a long, difficult, and expensive road ahead for him and his family. 

On February 3rd, his friends and colleagues have organized Warren Aid to benefit Warren's continued recovery. Please join us!

If you can't make it, but would like to show your support,  you can contribute online or send a check (made out to  Warren Medical Benefit Account) to Rockland Trust, 399 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA 02144.

First Time Homebuyer Class
Next Class Begins February 17 

Our next First-Time Homebuyer Class: Monday & Wednesday |  February 17-25

This 12-hour program will feature presentations by a real estate agent, a lender, a home inspector, a real estate attorney, and an insurance agent, in addition to SCC staff, providing everything you need to know before you start the process of buying your first home.

Upon completion, participants receive a certificate enabling them to access products geared towards first-time homebuyers, such as the  ONE Mortgage.
Participants must:
  • Pre-register
  • Attend all 4 sessions
2016 Schedule  coming soon


Register for Online Course

SCC is now offering THE ROAD HOME, an online homebuyer training! 

The majority of the course is done in one's own time, but participants must attend one in-person session at the Somerville Community Corporation. This session is 2 hours long and is held from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

The course is $100 per individual.

For more information or to register, contact Shannon Erb at 617-776-5931 x238 or

Upcoming Events & Meetings  
Our numerous groups and committees meet regularly and are open to newcomers! 

Click on the calendar below to learn more about meetings and events coming up:  

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We're off to a running start this new year. Between the success of our Social Equity Campaign and the milestones achieved through organizing efforts around affordable housing, jobs, and work in and around Union Square, the theme for our 46th Annual Meeting on February 9th was born: From Vision into Action. We hope you can join us as we celebrate our accomplishments, our wonderful members and supporters, and, look ahead to 2016 and beyond.

Continue reading to learn about our latest news and upcoming opportunities.

From all of us at SCC, thank you for your support.

SCC's 46th Annual Meeting | February 9th

SCC  cordially invites you to attend our 46th annual dinner and meeting

Tuesday February 9, 2016
Center for the Arts at the Armory
191 Highland Avenue, Somerville
5:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Join us for dinner, program, entertainment
RSVP by February 2nd 
617-776-5931 x238

$30.00 is the suggested amount to cover cost of our event, but any amount you can give will help  support SCC's vital community programs for 2016.

Social Equity Campaign Exceeds $200,000 Goal
We are are delighted to report that

we reached our 2015 year-end goal of $200,000!

In fact, we raised $201,000 through the  Community Investment Tax Credit program. T hanks to the dedication of our repeat donors, and the generosity of new donors, this support is what helps the
SCC team move mountains (and there are plenty of mountains to move!). This kind of organizational support can make or break realizing our organizational vision and our programmatic dreams, like creating and sustaining the First Source Jobs Program, which in turn gives Somerville residents another way to stay in this community.
This was the second year of the Social Equity Campaign. 74 donors made a CITC contribution, up 138% from 2014, with $100,000 more in total donations. We had an amazing team of leaders from the community who played pivotal roles in this campaign. Special thanks to: Nancy Bernhard, Bill and Carolyn Taylor, Kathy McGilvray, Cassie Arnaud, and Thalia Tringo for hosting  Social Equity events, with support from many others who have been an integral part of our work.

Through the Social Equity Campaign, we are committed to making sure more people have access to affordable housing; more Somerville residents are connected to local job opportunities; and more community members have a place where they can join others to make important changes in Somerville.

Thank you to the inspiring list of generous 2015 donors:

AAF, Matt Hutt
Affirmative Investments, David Ennis
Cassandra Arnaud
Maria Balestrieri
Dick and Roberta Bauer
Thomas Bell and Amy Glasmeier
Fred Berman and Lori Segall
Nancy Bernhard and David Margolin
Boston Private Bank
Richard Burck and Alice Hecht
Cambridge Savings
Ed Cashwell
Mary Cassesso
Cathartes Private Investments
Macy Coffey
Ilene Cohen 
Curtis Construction
Chris Cotter and R ose White
Sean Coughlin
William Daniels
Davis Square Architects
Dellbrook Construction 
East Cambridge Savings
Janine Fay 
Federal Management
Timothy Finn
First Church Somerville
First Sterling
Dennis and Rona Fischman
Doug George
Ezra Glenn 
Mark Goldberg
Mitchell Goldstein
Michelle Green
Janet L. Grogan
Susan Hegel
Todd Ireland and Kate Latimer
Kenneth L. Kaplan
Todd Kaplan
Jonathan Klein and Amy Schottenfels
Allan and Ellen Isbitz
Timothy Lenicheck
MA Housing Investment Corporation
Diane Masters 
Kathleen McCormick 
Kathleen McGilvray
Daniel and Tammy McKanan
Cory and Nicholas Mian
Benjamin Moeling
John Moeling
Max Morrow
Brooks Mostue
Marie Cullen Oliver
Joseph Procopio
Anne L. Quaadgrass
Howard and Christine Rafel
Kevin Regan
John and Carolyn Taylor
David and Bonnie Thompson
Thalia Tringo
Rockland Trust
Alan Solomont
Ellen Shachter
Rita Schwantes
Ann Silverman
Jeffery Swanson and Kristyn Newhall
City Taft and Fred Mueller
Jacob Taylor
Michelle Volpe
J. Brandon Wilson
Winn Development
Winter Hill Bank

Visit for more information.
Questions? Contact Meridith at or 617-776-5931 x242.

What's Going On at City Hall?
There are a lot of different processes and meetings underway in the City right now. Here's a guide to help you follow the ones that impact SCC's work:
Inclusionary zoning proposal
  • What: A proposal introduced by SCC's Affordable Housing Organizing Committee (AHOC) to require 20% affordable housing in new developments of 6+ units, with additional tenant protections and priority for those at risk of displacement.
  • When: The planning board will vote on this proposal on February 18. After that it will go to the Board of Aldermen's Land Use Committee for a vote.
Comprehensive Zoning Overhaul
  • What: The mayor and planning department are preparing to introduce an overhaul of the zoning code that will change the types of buildings that can be built and where they can go. This will have an impact on new development in Union Square, as well as housing, job creation, and open space throughout the city.
  • When: The administration is planning to introduce the draft proposal in June and hold a public hearing in September. After the public hearing the aldermen will have 90 days to vote on the proposal.

Sustainable Neighborhoods Working Group
  • What: Last year the mayor created the Sustainable Neighborhoods Working Group (SNWG) to recommend strategies for increasing affordable housing in Somerville. SCC has strong representation within the working group.
  • When: The SNWG report with final recommendations was just released. These recommendations include AHOC's 20% inclusionary zoning proposal, a 1% fee on all real estate transactions, a first-right purchase program for tenants, and others.
  • What can I do? Get involved in AHOC to organize for proposals that will impact your community! Our meetings are the third Thursday of every month at SCC. For more information and to get involved, contact Rene at

For more information about these topics, please contact Rene at  rmardones@somerville.cdc or 617-776-5931 x 226.

Over 30 people testified in support of Inclusionary Zoning at a public hearing on December 9th
(photo credit Van Hardy)

What's Going On in Union Square?
Union Square is at a crossroads. On the one hand, we have a passionate and mobilized community calling for development without displacement and for community-led negotiations with master developer US2. On the other hand, we have a public benefits process led by the mayor and development interests that allows community members to oversee and implement certain benefits, but not to negotiate directly with the developer who will profit massively from the redevelopment of our neighborhood.
What will the future of Union Square be?   Union United is leading the fight for a community benefits agreement that is transparent, enforceable, and has a seat at the table for all members of the Union Square community. We don't want another Assembly Square; we want an accountable development where the developers keep their promises and provide benefits that keep Somerville affordable!
In early January, we hosted a roundtable event with CBA expert John Goldstein and MA Smart Growth Alliance director Andre Leroux to examine the possibilities that the City and the community have been discussing. We also learned about some examples of successful multi-party CBAs that included the City, the developer, and the community. If you missed the event,  check out the video here.
For more information and to get involved in Union United, please contact Karen at 617-776-5931 x 230

Left: Roundtable participants, CBA Expert John Goldstein & MA Smart Growth Alliance Director Andre Leroux
Right: Union United members participating in January's roundtable discussion

First Source Jobs Program 
New Advanced Manufacturing Training Program
Somerville High School's vocational program, the Center for Career and Technical Education, is launching a new Advanced Manufacturing Training Program, open to adult residents who have attained a high school degree or its equivalent. This program offers a 500 hour full-time day program and a 150 part-time evening program which will run from late January through June. Priority will be given to Somerville residents.

SCC's First Source staff is providing outreach, recruitment and enrollment services for the program. Staff will also be providing soft-skills support and job search assistance for participants. Funding for this program was awarded to Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone (the City of Somerville) through the Baker-Polito administration and the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development.

Read the Press Release.

For more information about First Source, please contact Laura at or 617-776-5931 x237.

First Source Member Highlight
Yevakpo Antoinette Agbovon, 
First Source Member and Job Seeker
Yevakpo Antoinette Agbovon is a phenomenal First Source Client. She is punctual, dependable, and always calls ahead if something comes up or if she will be late due to traffic. She is looking for a position where she can work with her passions; working with numbers and helping people. She is a compassionate person who is efficient, reliable, and detail oriented. 

An Interview with Yevakpo
What kind of position are you looking for?
I am looking for a job as an Accountant, Desk Clerk, Front Desk Attendant, or Receptionist position.
What unique talents and great skills do you bring to employers? 
I can speak English and French, and I am very good with numbers. Some customers have said that I have made great accomplishments based on company rules. I love being a good team player, and working as part of a team. I have a unique style that adapts to the employers procedures and brings good results. 

Have you been taking any training or attending any workshops to improve upon your skills? 
Yes, I am taking computer classes for Microsoft: Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word. I have also been using the Career Source to increase my typing speed for both the keyboard and the smaller keypad. 
What kind of employer or company would you like to work for? 
I would like to work for a healthcare company, like a hospital or accounting in a retail store. I would also like to work at the front desk of a chiropractor or in a physical therapy office. I might also like to work as a receptionist or front desk worker for a career center or business, giving directions to people who come in, because I like helping others.

How has First Source assisted you in your job search? 
The First Source program helped me to learn how to value and express my skills and qualifications. I knew what I could do, but I didn't know how to tell potential employers. I also learned how to make a resume, and a cover letter, and how to interview with people and be prepared for the interview. They provided me with a list of places where I can go find or apply for (government) assistance, and referred me to places where I could practice my typing speed, and go to computer classes, because before I didn't know about these places.

For more information about First Source Jobs, please contact Laura at 
or 617-776-5931 x237.
As always, we appreciate feedback.  Be sure to join us on Facebook & Twitter for the most current info on what we're up to and how to get involved. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon! 

Daniel LeBlanc
Somerville Community Corporation