April 2019
April 2019 Interest Rates
25 Year Rate
20 Year Rate
10 Year Rate*
*March 2019 rate, 10-year debentures fund every other month
The declining SBA 504 rates are great news for small businesses that are planning to construct or acquire a new building, refinance commercial debt or purchase capital equipment. Call us today for a cost estimate or click here to go to our website and Loan Calculator !
Are you interested in:

  • Buying, building, renovating, or refinancing owner-occupied real estate for your small business?
  • Preserving capital by putting as little as 10% down?
  • Locking in your interest rate for the life of your loan (10, 20 or 25 year terms)?

Then the SBA 504 loan program is right for you! Please call our office at (616) 459-4825! We would be happy to run a cost estimate for you or start the process.

Want to run your own cost estimate? Please click here!
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Loan Officer
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Loan Officer
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Closing Manager
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Servicing and Compliance Manager
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