March 2023 Newsletter
Featured Stories
Spotlight on GLWC and Anker Research Institute
First-of-Its-Kind Study Explores Gender Pay Gaps in the Colombia Banana Export Sector
We are delighted to share that the Anker Research Institute—the research arm of the Global Living Wage Coalition—has released a first-of-its-kind study, “Gender Pay Gaps in the Colombian Banana Export Sector.” This study is the first of several to pilot the new Gender Pay Gap Methodology, which measures gender pay gaps at the workplace level. The development of this methodology is an important step for the living wage community because gender pay gaps within a company or sector represent a significant barrier to achieving living wages for all.
Webinar: Introducing SAI's Triple Bottom Line Accounting Standard
This presentation of SAI’s Triple Bottom Line Certification program will introduce the concept of Triple Bottom Line accounting (i.e. environmental, social, and financial accounting) and explore:

  • Current landscape of TBL and non-financial accounting frameworks
  • The significance of science- and ethics-based thresholds for TBL accounting
  • How the TBL framework can be used to comply with emerging regulations 
  • Opportunities to participate in piloting SAI's TBL Accounting Certification program
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We are holding two sessions of this event to accommodate multiple time zones. Please select the date and time that works best for you to register.

FairCapacity Closing Brings Together RMG Industry Stakeholders to Discuss Project Impact

SAI, together with local partner, GSCS International Ltd., held a closing event for the FairCapacity Project entitled, “FairCapacity Closing: Learnings, Improvements, and Next Steps” and moderated by Abdul Alim, SAI Country Project Director. This event offered a chance for stakeholders to reflect on their experiences, share final thoughts on the project, and disseminate learnings from the last four years.
Social Accountability Consultant Registry Now Open for Applications

SAI and HAP are now accepting applications for the Social Accountability Consultant Registry. The Social Accountability Consultant Registry will recognize consultants who demonstrate a baseline level of relevant training and experience and who look beyond simple compliance, applying a management systems and capacity building approach that integrates worker voice.
Updates from the Anker Institute
The Anker Research Institute released new living wage and living income reports in the last few weeks, including:

The Anker Institute is the independent research arm of the Global Living Wage Coalition (GLWC). SAI is its institutional host.
Become a Living Wage Corporate Sponsor

If you represent a company that would like to ensure a sustainable future for living wage and income research, consider becoming a sponsor for the Anker Research Institute! 
SAI is Hiring

We are hiring for several roles across our projects and program. Open roles include:

  • Research, Monitoring, and Learning Officer, MY Voice (Malaysia)
  • Social Compliance Expert – Agricultural Supply Chains (Mexico)

Learn more and apply on our Careers page.
Upcoming Workshop & Training Opportunities
Upcoming SA8000 Introduction and Basic Auditor Training Courses

April 10 – 14: SA800 Basic Classroom Training | Jakarta, Indonesia
April 17 – 21: SA8000 Basic Classroom Training | Tokyo, Japan
May 9 – 11: SA800 Advanced Classroom Training | Rome, Italy | English/Italian
May 22 – 26: SA8000 Basic Classroom Training | Izmir, Turkey
May 29 – June 2: SA800 Basic Classroom Training | Shenzhen, China | Chinese