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April 2018

SAFE represents more than 1,600 of the industry's top aviation professionals in 49 states and nine foreign countries, including the majority of Master Instructors and numerous General Aviation Awards winners in all three awards categories.  

Chair's Corner
SAFE TV To Debut At Sun 'n Fun
by David St. George, SAFE Chair
David St George
Welcome to April, " Sun 'N Fun season." 

Please visit us at booth C 54-55  and record your own video free at our media center, thanks to sponsor Gold Seal. It's open to everyone and is a wonderful opportunity to spread your personal media message as a CFI, flight school, sponsor or celebrity. Get to know other SAFE members (sign up here) ! Stop by to see for yourself the fun and excitement!

We need more volunteers to help at the SAFE booth throughout 
Sun 'N Fun; please check our Doodle  to sign up. Remember, everyone can get a SAFE discount for pre-ordered admission and we have a few one-day free admission tags for the booth volunteers.
We also need to finalize our slate of SAFE Board members for the spring election. Please  sign-up as a candidate if you have ideas and the energy to direct SAFE's future. SAFE is growing rapidly, passing 1,600 members this month. Thanks for all you do to support SAFE!. See you at the show!
Will Flight Schools Lose Knowledge Test Centers?
SAFE Asks FAA To Consider School's Reality
SAFE is working to maintain test centers at flight schools on airports. 
An announcement is due May 3 on the winner of the contract for Airman Certificate Testing Services (ACTS). SAFE has voiced concerns to that airman knowledge test centers, if they are moved to off-airport locations by the contract winner, could reduce income for flight schools.
"Running a flight school is an extremely slim-margin business," said SAFE Chair David St. George. "We're asking the FAA to take the realities of the flight school business into consideration."
The winner of the new ACTS contract will have 18 months to set up its system, and in that time could decide to move testing centers away from flight schools or FBOs, although the new centers must be within 25 NM of existing test centers. SAFE will work with the contract winner to keep airman testing centers on airports.

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Be A Star At Sun 'n Fun
Schedule Yourself On SAFE TV

You, too, can be a TV star at this year's Sun 'n Fun simply by scheduling time to appear on the SAFE TV channel at the event. The free TV time is open to SAFE members, sponsors, celebrities and flight schools. Already scheduled to appear is famed acrobat Patty Wagstaff, scheduled for Thursday, April 12 at 10 AM.
"It's your time to broadcast your information, opinion or promote your school, all during Sun 'n Fun," said David St. George. "We're inviting SAFE members to appear. Other features on the channel will include SAFE sponsors and celebrities." Among the door prizes at this year's Sun 'n Fun are one free and one discounted flight instructor refresher clinic (FIRC) and copies of the FAR/AIM.  
SAFE's broadcast booth will be in SAFE's double booth at Sun 'n Fun , April 10-15 in Building C spaces 54 and 55 . It will operate throughout this year's event.

Valuable Prizes, $30 Weekly Admission Discount For SAFE Members at Sun 'n Fun 2018
Free FIRC for Joining or Renewing at the show!

SAFE members renewing their membership (and new members joining) will receive a free FIRC (Flight Instructor Refresher Course) and a 20% discount merchandise coupon, both from Sporty's Pilot Shop. Also, Gleim is providing a free 2018 Gleim FAR/AIM, a discounted Gleim FIRC with free ACR services and a free online course. Thanks to our amazing sponsors!  
Additionally, Sun 'n Fun CFO Tracy T. Neal has confirmed that SAFE members will be eligible for an admission discount to this month's event. The discount will be $5 off the regular $37 price for daily admission, and $30 off the regular $150 weekly admission, making adult tickets $32 and $120, respectively.
There is no discount on the $15 daily or $60 weekly youth tickets, for ages 11-17. To claim the discount, SAFE members must enter the code "SAFE012" when buying tickets online .
SAFE's booth at the show will be in Building C spaces 54 and 55 .

Instructor ACS In Initial Testing
Release Target: June 2019
SAFE representatives on the FAA's ACS Working Group report that the revised Airman Certification Standards (ACS) for instructors is moving forward, although the tentative release date is still more than a year away, in June 2019.
"It's different from the current Flight Instructor PTS in that it will include evaluating CFI candidates on three levels of risk," said Dr. Donna Wilt, who with SAFE co-founder Doug Stewart and SAFE member volunteers have been working on the FAA's CFI ACS for more than three years. "The three levels are understanding the risk associated with a maneuver; teaching risk to a private or commercial student and managing the overall risk while teaching the maneuver."

Revised Private, IFR and Commercial ACS Expected In June
ATP ACS Ready For Comment "Soon"

Several significant changes to the Airman Certification Standards for Private, Instrument and Commercial flight tests will take effect in June, SAFE representative Dr. Donna Wilt reports. Wilt, with SAFE co-founder Doug Stewart and several other SAFE members on the FAA's ACS Working Group have been bringing CFI concerns to the table.
Significant changes include adding full stalls to the Commercial ACS and changing the multiengine Task X.C. Engine Failure During Flight (by Reference to Instruments) to a simulated engine inoperative on the Private and Commercial ACSs. Other changes in those standards involve only minor copy editing.
The ACS for the Airline Transport Pilot certificate, which has been in preparation for several years, should be ready soon for public comments, Dr. Wilt said. A 60-day comment period, which will be on the FAA Web site rather than in the Federal Register, will be announced soon, and the agency still hopes to release the new ATP ACS next year.

FAA Extends PA-28 Placard AD Inspection Time
The deadline for inspecting the fuel tank selector cover placards on Piper PA-28 series airplanes has been extended until April 9. The FAA estimates the cost of compliance at $42.50 for each inspection if performed by an A&P. Nearly 18,000 Piper airplanes are included in the AD.

SAFE joined several other aviation organizations in suggesting to the FAA that aircraft owners and pilots be allowed to perform the inspection, which is merely to verify that the left and right fuel tank selector placards are properly placed. The FAA has yet to rule on that request.

March/April FAA Safety Briefing Focuses On Flying Companions

Flying Companions is the theme for the March/April 2018 issue of FAA Safety Briefing . The issue expands on the flying companions edition published in 2014.  
"There are feature articles in this edition that could help regular or prospective passengers - especially spouses fearful of flying - gain a better understanding of the world of general aviation," said David St. George, SAFE Chair. "By encouraging area pilots to show the magazine to their spouses, CFIs may pick up additional Pinch-HitterĀ® students."
Features in this issue include:  
  • Aviation 101 - Understanding the Flying Companion Role
  •  Bring Your "A" Game - Fly the Airplane, First and Always
  • Flight of the Navigator - Improve Your Navigation Skills as a Flying Companion
  • In the Air and ON the Air - Decoding (and Parroting) Pilot Patter
  • See Something? Say Something! - Flying Companions Guide to Help Manage Risk
  • Flying with Mates, Munchkins, and Mutts - Tips for Keeping Your Passengers Safe and Happy
  • You Can't Take All That! - What Aircraft Weight and Balance Means to You
  • How to Be a Weather Wingman - Pay It Forward with PIREPs
American Airlines Gives $453,000, CFIs To Benefit

SAFE congratulates American Airlines, which has given nearly half million dollars since May, 2017 to schools and organizations around the US for aviation education. Although obviously to the airline's advantage for a continued flow of pilots, the grants also provide more work for flight instructors.
SAFE, which has supported aviation education in schools over the years, awards two grants annually to school teachers for aviation education, one for elementary and one for high schools. The awards go to the teachers who best describe the value of the aviation-related project they'll be doing with their students.
"We like to think at least one of our small grants over the years has helped inspire new pilots in flight schools right now," said Kevin D Murphy, SAFE Communications Director.

China Ramps Up GA Flight Training
Biggest Ever Purchase of Pipers

China is moving forward with its previously-announced plan to increase flight training and GA activity in the country with an order for 152 Piper aircraft. The $74 million agreement to buy the airplanes, the largest single sale in Piper's history, was signed at this year's Singapore airshow by Fanmei Aviation Technologies.
The order, to be delivered over seven years, includes 100 Archer TX singles, 50 multiengine Seminoles, one Seneca and one Piper M350. The first delivery is expected next month to Fanmei.
Sun 'n Fun Career Fair Registration Opens

A total of 14 airlines that are actively recruiting pilots, maintenance technicians, flight attendants and more will be on display Wednesday, April 11 during the week-long annual Career Fair at the Sun 'n Fun airshow. The event will run from 9 AM to 2 PM at the Florida Air Museum.
Registration for the career fair  is open now. Admission is free, but participants must purchase an entry to Sun 'n Fun. SAFE members receive a discounted admission.
Industry experts say airline hiring is likely to remain brisk for years. Smaller airlines are struggling with a shortage as they lose pilots to the bigger carriers, which in turn will need to replace thousands of retiring pilots over the next few years.

CFIs: DUATS Scheduled To Die Mid-May
No Services Scheduled

You will no longer need to - or be able to - teach your students about using DUAT or DUATS for weather briefings, effective May 16.
The FAA announced last month it will discontinue the DUAT/DUATS program, which was launched in 1989 to ease pilot transition to electronic information services. At the time, the FAA was in the process of consolidating the more than 400 smaller flight service stations into a nationwide network of larger stations.
More recently, the FAA established the Flight Service website , which has largely taken over electronic weather briefings and other former FSS duties from DUAT and DUATS facilities.

SAFE Wins Constant Contact "All Star" Award
Second Straight Year For Win
In February, SAFE was recognized by its newsletter publisher Constant Contact with that company's 2017 All Star Award.  

The honor was based on SAFE's exceptionally high level of eNews readership, as well as higher-than-average click-through rates of links in articles, indicating audience involvement.

SAFE earned the same honor in 2016. The award is given yearly to the top 10% of Constant Contact customers.

SAFE has published SAFE eNews continuously through Constant Contact since the inaugural issue in April of 2010, maintaining an "open rate" of between 40 and 50 percent, far higher than the 18% average for e-publications of similar non-profit organizations. 

Become A SAFE Board Member
Do Something With Your Life!

The SAFE Governance Committee is seeking nominations for three board member positions .  Each position is for a 3-year term starting at the end of July 2018.  New Board members will be seated at the Annual Members Meeting during AirVenture 2018 in Oshkosh, WI. 
5 of 2016's SAFE Board Members
"As you know, SAFE is an entirely volunteer-led organization, said David St. George, SAFE Chair. "If you'd like to help advance aviation safety and educator excellence, tell us about yourself and why you want to serve. We need people with enough time to work and actively participate in growing SAFE and spreading 
our mission  of aviation safety and educator excellence."
You may nominate yourself or someone else, provided your nominee is agreeable to run for the specified term and meets the requirements listed below. Nominations must be received by May 30, 2018. Questions to answer on the application are:
  • Why do you want to serve on the SAFE Board of Directors?
  • How will your aviation and professional background, special talents, and leadership skills help to further SAFE's mission and goals?
  • What do you see as the most pressing concerns and/or tasks for SAFE and for SAFE's Board of Directors in the next 3 years, based on SAFE's current mission and vision statements?
  • Other ideas for growing SAFE and providing resources to our members?
  The online application form is available now.

Flying Cars: A New Market For CFIs?
"It may not be too early to start thinking about instructing in flying cars," said SAFE Chair David St. George, pointing to the technological innovations that have already produced
a small, electric aircraft called Cora. The hybrid, developed by the New Zealand-based company Kitty Hawk, flies horizontally like an airplane but can take off and land vertically. The role of CFIs in the new market has not yet been defined.
"I think it (flying cars) will happen faster than any of us understand," said Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg, quoted by Bloomberg Business News in the Chicago Tribune last month. He said that it will simply be a matter of Federal regulations catching up to the technology.

According to Kitty Hawk, which is owned by Google co-founder Larry Page, the hybrid Cora can fly up to 110 miles per hour and has a range of 62 miles. Kitty Hawk is planning to launch an air taxi service, starting in New Zealand. According to the New York Times , the company has reached a deal with the New Zealand government to allow the service, which the company hopes to launch in as few as three years.

Discovery XL-2 Trainer Returns

Discovery Aviation , which purchased the type certificate for the Liberty XL-2 trainer, is resuming production of the training airplane.
The standard IFR version of the XL-2, last produced in 2011, is an advanced composite construction with oversize access panels and removable wings. The engine is a Continental IOF-240 with FADEC. Cruise speed is listed as 125 knots with a 500NM maximum range, and the fuel burn is advertised as 4.5 to 5.5 GPH.
An upgraded IFR version includes Garmin G500 avionics, a Mid Continent Standby Attitude Module, a Garmin GDL 88 Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) transceiver, a BendixKing KN-62A DME, Honeywell KR-87 ADF, and STEC 30 autopilot. The basic version is priced at $319,000 and the advanced version at $349,000.

Inhofe, Blumenthal, Moran, Cantwell Propose $5 Million For A&Ps

A bill to encourage more people to enroll in aviation maintenance courses has been introduced by Sens. Jim Inhofe of OK, Richard Blumenthal of CT, Jerry Moran of KS, and Maria Cantwell of WA.
Called the   Aviation Maintenance Workforce Development Pilot Program , the bill was introduced March 7. The bill calls for $5 million per year for grants of up to $500,000 to support workforce development initiatives including scholarship programs, student outreach, transitioning veterans to new careers, and enhancing aviation technical education.
Large aircraft manufacturer Boeing has estimated 120,000 new technicians will be needed in North America over the next two decades. Currently, new AMT entrants make up just 2 percent of the population of AMTs.

SAFE Blog Updates

Master Instructors Are Always Learning . The long-time slogan of Flight Training Magazine, Good Pilots Are Always Learning has a direct application to flight instructors. "Accepting average," or "settling for good enough" are recipes for developing complacency and diminished skills, writes SAFE Chair David St. George. He cites research by Dr. Bill Rhodes, former Air Force Academy instructor, that shows how critical the role of "pilot attitude" is to aviation safety, and explains how the SAFE Master Instructor Program helps avoid complacency.
Laying the Foundation: The First Fifty Hours , by Budd Davisson. SAFE member Davisson advocates spending the first fifty hours after earning a private pilot certificate on conquering some of the most common bugabears of new pilots: crosswinds, short fields and cross-country skills. "We want to dedicate ten hours to a post graduate course in aviating. Find your favorite, hardworking CFI and you and he go out and find the nastiest crosswinds you can find," says Davisson. "Then spend no fewer than four hours being deadly serious about overcoming aviation's bogeyman, the crosswind. Then spend three or four hours doing nothing but landing on the shortest strip you can find. 2000 feet would be maximum. Shorter would be better. That eight or ten hours of graduate work will be the most important in your flying career."

Master Instructor Updates
Michael J. Elliott
Michael J Elliott of Tarpon Springs, FL, a three-time Master and  SAFE  member, renewed his Master CFI accreditation March 1 through the Master Instructors LLC MICEP program.

The founder of Florida's Mooney Summit, Mike is an independent flight and ground instructor who teaches nationally as well as at Clearwater Air Park where he specializes in Mooney transition training.  

He also serves as an AOPA Airport Support N etwork volunteer at Hidden Lake Airport (FA40) and is a FAASTeam representative for the FAA's Birmingham FSDO
Eric J Shappee
Eric J Shappee of Salina KS, a 7-time Master and  SAFE  member, renewed his Master CFI accreditation in March through the   Master Instructors LLC' s MICEP program. 

Eric is a flight, ground and classroom instructor as well as a professor of aviation with  Kansas State University's polytechnic campus  based at Salina Municipal Airport.  Active in both the University Aviation Association (UAA) and the Civil Air Patrol's Kansas Wing, he also serves as a FAASTeam representative for the FAA's Wichita FSDO.  

Again, thanks for your support and Fly SAFE!

David St. George, Chair
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