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April 2024



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New CFI ACS (& Others), Effective May 31st!

The long-delayed FAA Airman Certification Standards for Flight Instructors has been published. Added secondary stall recovery and the return of minimum controllable airspeed (stall warner on: A/O 10-B) The CFI ACS also provides explicit permission to use electronic flight planning. SAFE Blog!

Sun'n'Fun 2024 "CFI-Roundtable"

Sat. 4pm Prop 75: Free Ice Cream for CFIs!

This year's gala 50th anniversary Sun'n'Fun in Lakeland FL runs from Tuesday, April 9 through Sunday, April 14. The NOTAM for the event is posted and covers both inbound and outbound procedures.

SAFE's double-wide booth B-83 and B-84 will be CFI Central for the event. Volunteers to help staff the SAFE booth in half-day increments are still needed; there are a limited number of SNF day passes available for volunteers (a $45 value!), so volunteer now.

Of special interest at this year's Florida gathering is SAFE's free "CFI Roundtable" on Saturday, April 13 at 4 PM, inside the same Prop 75 venue where the dinner was originally planned. It's an no-cost opportunity to gather with your peers, make new friends and acquaintances and avoid the blazing heat of the 4 PM Florida sun.

This event is open to all CFIs, and takes the place of the previously-planned SAFE dinner at the same Prop 75 facility. (Watch for refunds to those who registered for the dinner.)

Volunteer for SAFE Booth (Free Admission)

SAFE members who are willing to volunteer in the SAFE Booth at this year's Sun'n'Fun for a half-day shift may qualify for a day pass ($45 value) at the show. (Passes are limited; volunteer now).

Sign up now to join us in the SAFE Booth at SNF for one or more half-day opportunities to meet your fellow aviation education professionals and compare thoughts on the CFI business.

Spring Raffle! Win at SnF or From Home!

SYR Safety Stand Down

Event Success Despite Ice Storm

The Syracuse Safety Stand Down, sponsored by SAFE and other organizations, provided area pilots a full day of safety information (and FREE lunch). David St. George and former board member Veronica Coté presented programs at this event. The annual event brought more than 80 pilots to SYR for aviation enlightenment, despite an ice storm that arrived that morning.

SAFE Strategies LIVE CFI-PRO™ Webinars

Register for "Incremental Mastery:" April 7, 8 PM EDT

The SAFE Strategies Live Webinars are drawing increasing attendance. This program was derived from an FAA initiative that reduced flight training accidents by 60% in only two years by requiring just one day of additional CFI training!

The first webinar (available on YouTube) provided an overview of the SAFE CFI-PRO™ curriculum.

The second webinar focused on "Flight Training Fallacies" and creating the optimal flight training environment we call "The Learning Zone."

The third webinar in this series is April 7th @ 8pm EDT and will explain a technique called "Incremental Mastery." Attendance in this webinar provides Master FAA WINGS credit.

PSI Is Sold!

SAFE Watching For Changes

PSI, the sole FAA contractor for administering aviation written tests, has been sold to ETS, a NJ non-profit that is one of the largest language testing organizations in the world.

ETS bought the for-profit PSI to help it enter the wider workforce development area. AvWeb editor Russ Niles reports that ETS - so far - has made few major changes since the January sale. In recent years, PSI has unilaterally raised prices on airman tests and FBO testing centers.

"SAFE will be monitoring written test complaints closely as ETS absorbs PSI," declared David St George, SAFE Executive Director. "We're hoping to talk with ETS about consideration for GA CFIs."

SAFE Members In The News

Master Instructors is pleased to congratulate Andrew Michael Borash of Missoula MT, the newest Master Instructor.

Andrew was introduced to flight at age 7 by his grandfather. Read more..

SAFE Board Chair Andy Chan (left) represented SAFE members at ERAU's National Flight Training Symposium in March. He chatted with Federal Air Surgeon Susan Northrup (right) on issues such as medical certificate delays and FAA special issuances.

Congratulations are due SAFE Lifetime Member Bill Ziesenitz. The 40-year FAA DPE earned his multi-commercial seaplane certificate.last month. "He's an amazing example of lifetime learning,” said David St George.

Captain Jenny Beatty, a senior airline captain who worked her way up through instructing, acknowledges the prevalent belief that air carrier pilot standards dropped. "They have been lowered," she says, "but not for the reasons you think." Captain Beatty often writes on airline topics in her blog.

SAFE member John Mahany of Long Beach CA has earned his eighth Master Instructor accreditation, making him an MCFI for 14 years and ready for another two..

John is well-known and respected by the GA aviation community. Read more.

SAFE founding member Sherry Rossiter has released the second edition of her book, Flying Lessons, One Woman's Story. Sherry has personally broken new ground for women pilots many times. A generous 12-page excerpt of her book is available free from the Booklocker.

Looking Ahead To OSH?

July 22-28, 2024. Yes, SAFE Will Be There.

You *MIGHT* Be Able To Get In Free.

OSH 2024 Basics:

July 22-28 AirVenture 2024 website is here. Small SAFE member discount may be available.

B-29 Doc to perform; Burt Rutan returns.

Visit SAFE double-wide booth 2097 and 2098 in Building C. Work a half-day shift in the SAFE booth and get a one-day show pass for yourself, a value up to $60.

PPC Info For 2024.

SAFE is a Gold Sponsor for this year's Pilot Proficiency Center, which provides hundreds of pilots expert instruction by volunteer CFIs, largely SAFE and NAFI members. To volunteer to instruct, click here.

SAFE originated the scenario training on Redbird simulators. This year's PPC will be with a dozen Redbird LD AATDs.

AirVenture NOTAM

The EAA site for AirVenture 2024 has the NOTAM for the event, but it also has a clear visual path for the various OSH arrivals during AirVenture, allowing you to "fly" the arrival with video.

Called "Getting Here Is Half The Fun," the page provides not only the NOTAM but a free 32-page booklet (downloadable) with all arrival/departure procedures and more.

Set SAFE as a favorite page: <>

or get the FREE "SAFE Toolkit" App <>

Or better yet, both. They're free for all CFIs, not just SAFE members.

Toward More Knowledgeable CFIs...

Airline, GA Concerns.....

  • NBAA decidedly not happy with President Biden calling for an 84 cent per gallon hike for bizjet fuel. Increase is part of strategy to address national debt by raising the amount wealthy people and corporations pay.

Current CFI Concerns.....

  • Shorter training time, bigger bucks for new pilots. Annual State of Flight Training report shows students spending less time earning a private ticket in 2023, 24 weeks versus 30 weeks in 2020. But they're spending far more this year, average cost $14,000 versus $9000 in 2020.

  • Nearly 20% of FBOs and flight schools responding to AOPA Flight School Business survey said they were planning an airport event around the April 8 solar eclipse. 72% said no event was planned; 8% responded, "there's an eclipse?"

FAA Safety Briefing

Aviation Resources....

  • AOPA Rusty Pilot seminars will be April 6 in St. Augustine FL and Berkeley Township NJ; April 13 in Madisonville TN and April 20 in Bucyrus OH, Truckee CA and Sparta IL; April 27 in Baltimore MD, Burlington WA and Midway AR.


  • FAA will be updating Part 141 soon. There are more than 500 of the 1,500 flight schools in the US that operate under Part 141.

2024 Sun'nFun

  • SAFE 2024 CFI Roundtable and Ice Cream Social will be Saturday April 13 at 4PM , before the night airshow. Free.

  • Checkride Ready, a SAFE-built app to ensure a flight test applicant has everything together for his ride, now available on free SAFE Toolkit.

SAFE Mentors In Action

The SAFE Mentorship Connection group on Facebook has more than 500 of the country's most experienced CFIs willing to share their years of experience with newer CFIs. It's the modern-day version of the old line shack, where younger pilots and CFIs gathered to hear training and piloting techniques explained and demystified. SAFE Mentorship group answers are usually more accurate than those in the old line shack..

The SAFE group is administered by well-known CFI Dorothy Schick. The group is private to avoid spam posts but newer CFIs are invited to join and take advantage of their elder's wisdom.

It takes a family to raise a CFI.

To participate in the often high-level CFI discussions in the SAFE Mentorship program, visit the SAFE Mentorship page and sign up. There is no charge.

Join the SAFE Mentorship Facebook Page

Recent questions from newer CFIs to experienced instructors in SAFE Mentorship Connection Group. (Links are to page; you may need to scroll.)

3/4 Novel answers to question,, "what is the one CFI superpower you wish you had?"

  • Turn water to 100LL
  • Slow down (or speed up) Hobbs meter
  • Teleportation.

2/17 DPE wants 'endorsement' proving applicant qualified under 61.195(H).

  • There is no such endorsement.
  • So what's a CFI to do?

3/6 Knowledge test stats 2023 posted.

  • The pass rate for PPA was 90%; average score

3/6 New CFI asks for tips for a student flaring too late. Boy, did he get them.

  • Dozens of responses from CFIs with long experience dealing with species Pilotii Studentus and flare problems. SAFE member Russell Still contributed a short article on Top 5 Landing Mistakes.

1/11 Red beacon on older 172 inop. It is required?

  • 16 responses involving FARs, aircraft certification rules and FAA legal interpretations. Answer: it depends.

Dorothy also runs a CFI Study Group zoom meeting weekly with soon-to-be instructors. Discussions include training topics and lesson-giving practice. Usual group size is about 20.

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