Volume V | May 2024

Words from the Executive Director | An Evening with the Swedish Embassy Trade and Economic Trade Team | An Update From SAS | SACC-DC Helps Navigate The J-1 Visa Process | EU Parliament Election | Upcoming events | News

Since 1989 SACC-DC has offered a platform for developing U.S. – Swedish lucrative commercial ventures and professional opportunities through our network, business and social events. The SACC-DC Newsletter will help you stay on top of what’s happening in the Swedish-American business community and find the perfect opportunity to create new business connections in the greater Washington D.C. area and Mid-Atlantic region.


Dear SACC-DC Members,

It was an absolute pleasure to see so many of you at SACC USA’s yearly Executive Forum held at the Embassy of Sweden this week! The program was packed with insights on current trends in Swedish-American trade relations, exciting discussions on the upcoming election, and insights on the Swedish process from ally to NATO member.

We can proudly look back on a month filled with success. Our two well-attended webinars, one on the J1 visa process and how companies can attract talented Swedish interns, and the other with SAS and them leaving Star Alliance and adding flight routes between Sweden and the US, are a testament to our members' keen interest and active involvement.

We also had a successful event with the Embassy of Sweden’s Trade and Economic Affairs team in the back garden of a quaint Georgetown café. We discussed challenges and possibilities in Swedish-American business relations and learned more about the Embassy’s initiatives to promote trade between our two countries. It was wonderful to see so many people show up, exchange ideas, and share experiences.

Our network is our core, and we always strive to partner with our members as much as possible to spread knowledge and offer exciting programs. A big thanks to our Board member Jim Solyst, who did a great job moderating the discussion and so generously sponsored the event.

We deeply appreciate the valuable feedback you provided in the survey we sent out. Your requests for more gatherings like these are being taken seriously, and we are committed to fulfilling them. Keep an eye out for the exciting events we have planned for you in the future!

Anna Wramner

Executive Director


On a pleasant late May early evening, an intellectually curious group gathered in the back garden of a Georgetown café to hear the Swedish Embassy Trade and Economic Affairs staff discuss their role in enhancing commerce in the US. Sponsored by the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce DC (SACC-DC), the get-together featured Mathias Hultgren, the Head of Trade and Economic Affairs department, and Petra Hansson, Counselor, who described their roles and recent initiatives to heighten the longstanding deep economic and cultural relationship between the two countries.

The event was conversational and interactive, with Mathias and Petra responding to questions from the moderator and audience. A sub-theme of the evening was the importance of having such networking gatherings, and how they can lead to establishing new and valuable relationships, in addition to gaining insight and information.

Mathias and Petra addressed current issues facing the Embassy and offered examples of how they proactively provide leadership in strengthening Sweden and the US. bonds. For example, Mathias shared how high level visits can be used to promote both social values and trade. He recently returned from a trip to Texas, where Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Tobias Billström led a delegation focusing on Space diplomacy. Sweden is committed to peaceful and responsible use of Space, and the government has launched capabilities and companies supplying the space industry.

SACC-DC sponsors a range of events: some are more social, such as the annual Crayfish, Golf, and Holiday occasions; while others, such as the Nordic Innovation and Sustainability Forum, focus on challenging policy issues. What these events have in common is a desire to enhance or initiate relationships, and SACC-DC looks forward to future gatherings with other Embassy staff, including Office of Science and Innovation, Communication, Culture and Public Diplomacy, and Political Affairs.

Text by Jim Solyst, SACC-DC Board Member

Pictures from the event


Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS) is currently undergoing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy process in the United States. During a recent webinar, Jasmin Utter, General Manager of SAS in the U.S., provided an update on the latest developments and what customers can expect.

SAS filed for Chapter 11 in July 2022 with the goal of restructuring the balance sheet and reducing the debt. Earlier this year, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court approved SAS’s Chapter 11 plan and the company is currently planning on exiting Chapter 11 during the latter part of the first half year of 2024.

Strategic focus areas for SAS going forward include continuing to develop the product offering, implementing of a more efficient operational platform, and leading the transition to sustainable aviation.

As of September 1, SAS will officially join the SkyTeam alliance. Ms. Utter emphasized that the SkyTeam alliance offers similar benefits and customer experiences as the Star Alliance, ensuring continued high-quality service for customers. SAS will maintain its EuroBonus program after transitioning to the SkyTeam alliance and members will continue to earn and redeem points with the new alliance framework.

The North American market remains important for SAS, leading to an expansion of routes with increased flight frequencies and the introduction of new routes. The direct flight between New York/Newark and Stockholm will continue as before, and Copenhagen will remain a key hub, with a comprehensive network of flights not just in Scandinavia but also to Europe and destinations beyond.

SAS is also focusing on sustainability as part of its ongoing changes. To learn more about the future of SAS, watch the recorded webinar here.

Picture from the webinar on routes to and from North America


On May 17, SACC-DC held a J-1 visa webinar together with Ted Stübner, Talent Mobility Specialist at SACC-USA, and Sofia Hassander, Immigration Attorney at Grossman Young & Hammond, LLC. The webinar provided insights into the J-1 Visa Exchange Program and highlighted the support offered by the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in obtaining a visa.  

The J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills in education, arts, and science. The program was established to allow foreign nationals to gain new insights into the U.S. and then return to their home countries to share their knowledge. 

The U.S. Department of State designates specific organizations as exchange sponsors for J-1 participants. These programs are designed to promote the exchange of people, knowledge, and skills in various fields. For the past 50 years, SACC-USA has been a designated J-1 visa sponsor under the U.S. Department of State’s Exchange Visitor Program, fostering educational and cultural exchanges to enhance mutual understanding between the United States and other countries. 

Securing a J-1 visa requires a host company or organization and a dedicated supervisor to facilitate learning and development. The training must be relevant to the participant's field of study and prepare them for their future career.  

SACC-USA’s Talent Mobility Program assists companies in finding talented Swedish interns and trainees and helps Swedish and Finnish citizens secure training programs in the U.S. by issuing Certificates of Eligibility (DS-2019). The Exchange Visitor Program is known for being straightforward, time-efficient, and cost-effective. 

Swedish J-1 interns and trainees are renowned for their independence, innovation, collaboration, and strong work ethic, as well as their proficiency in English. Ted Stübner mentioned that companies they have assisted are consistently impressed with the high standards and performance of their interns. 

If you missed the J-1 webinar or would like to watch it again, you can find the recording here

For any questions or further guidance regarding the J-1 Visa Exchange Program, please contact us at info@sacc-dc.org 


In May, the SACC-DC team had the opportunity to visit the White House for a self-guided tour together with our chairperson Jesica Lindgren. Walking through its halls, we could experience its history, furnishings, paintings, and architecture. The tour took us through several rooms, including the East Room, Movie Theatre, China Room, and the State Dining Room. The visit was a memorable experience, and as Swedes, we are grateful for this opportunity.


In this super-election year 2024, the European Parliament election is one critical election to watch. Between June 6 and 9, around 360 million Europeans across the 27 EU states will elect representatives to the European Parliament, which takes place every five years.

The European Parliament adopts laws that have a global impact, affecting everyone, from large countries and smaller communities to large corporations and young start-ups. Voters elect national party candidates in their respective countries, who become part of a European parliamentary group as Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

The past years have been turbulent in Europe, from the global pandemic and subsequent economic slowdowns to an energy crisis and the war in Ukraine.

The latest polling suggests that the June election will produce strong results for the far-right parties, with significant policy implications for Europe and its global partners, including the US. European Council on Foreign Relations (ecfr.eu) is forecasting a major shift to the right in the June elections in their policy brief (A sharp right turn: A forecast for the 2024 European Parliament elections), with populist radical right parties gaining votes and seats across the EU, and center-left and green parties losing votes and seats.

This ‘sharp right turn’ is likely to have significant consequences for European-level policies, which will affect the foreign policy choices that the EU can make, particularly on environmental issues, where the new majority is likely to oppose ambitious EU action to tackle climate change.


Thank you for taking a moment to fill out our quick survey. Your feedback is gold to us – it helps us plan future events and strengthens the Swedish-American bond we all cherish. We’re thrilled to hear that most of you love our flagship events and are eager to dive into more of our programming. Diversity isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s the heartbeat of our network and community.

Our younger members are all about those Happy Hour events and social gatherings, while others are keen on different types of engagement, like specific networking opportunities or our flagship events. Networking and Meet n’ Greets are particularly hot topics, where you can meet peers and swap ideas. We’ll keep rolling out regular Speaker’s events with exciting topics, and we’ll do our best to pack in as many diverse events as possible. We’re also excited to hear that many of you want more industry-specific topics at our seminars and webinars. We’ll keep delivering insights to our community, thanks to our fantastic members!

Stay tuned for more fun and engaging events coming your way!


Save the date for upcoming events

SEP 10 - Crayfish party

SACC-DC annual Crayfish party is an evening filled with Swedish-style crayfish, schnapps, singing, and networking. The Crayfish Reception 2024 is hosted together with Volvo Group in the House of Sweden. This celebration of Swedish culture will transport you to the heart of Scandinavia, immersing you in the delightful tradition of crayfish parties. The guests consist of representatives from various companies, organizations, and young professionals.

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SEP 25 - Nordic Innovation and Sustainability Forum

Nordic Leadership in the Global Maritime Transition –

Symposium Summary

Join us at the House of Sweden with the Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish Chambers of Commerce. The main topics will include geopolitical and environmental concerns driving new maritime industries in Europe and the U.S., Nordic innovation in low-carbon marine fuels, propulsion systems, and shipbuilding, as well as strategic and commercial competition in the thawing Arctic sea lanes.

Read more

Oct 17 - Annual Golf Tournament

The 36th Annual SACC-DC Open will be held at Whiskey Creek Golf Club. SACC-DC Open is a premier flagship event, offering a dynamic day filled with unparalleled networking opportunities alongside distinguished DMV companies. Participants can engage in a top-tier golf tournament, complemented by entertaining activities and great prizes. The day concludes with an exclusive dinner reception with high-profile speakers.

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Photo: Elekta

Sweden reinforces its reputation as the epicenter of precision cancer medicine

Elekta extends its longstanding relationship with Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital with its latest collaboration agreement to push the boundaries of cancer care.

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Photo: Heart Aerospace

Heart Aerospace opens US R&D hub, enters new development phase for hybrid-electric airplane

Swedish hybrid-electric airplane maker, Heart Aerospace, announces a significant milestone with the opening of a new Research and Development hub in the United States. This strategic move comes as the company prepares to enter a new phase of hardware testing in the development of its first regional hybrid-electric airplane, the ES-30.

Learn more



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