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Rutland City Resurfacing Project

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PROJECT OVERVIEW: The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) is improving roadway surface conditions along approximately six miles of Class I Town Highway on U.S. Route 7 (U.S. 7), U.S. Route 4 (U.S.4), and U.S. Business Route 4 (U.S. BUS 4) in the City of Rutland, Vt.

The resurfacing work includes course milling, paving two levels of asphalt, pavement markings, traffic signs, drainage rehabilitation, and traffic signal upgrades. The project will resurface the existing roadway on:

  • U.S. 7 from near Cold River Road and extending north approximately 2.8 miles to near Lincoln Avenue.
  • U.S. 4 (Woodstock Avenue) from the intersection with U.S. 7 and extending east approximately 1.2 miles to Gleason Road.
  • U.S. BUS 4 from just west of Ripley Road near the Evergreen Cemetery and extending east approximately 1.9 miles to the intersection with U.S. 7.

The project will also reconstruct the at-grade railroad crossing on U.S. 7 near its intersection with Park Street.

In addition, the project will implement a new lane marking plan along a portion of U.S. 7 north of its intersection with U.S. 4 (Woodstock Avenue) and a portion of Woodstock Avenue east of its intersection with U.S. 7. The existing four-lane roadway along U.S. 7 (between Kendall Avenue/Temple Street and Fields Avenue) and along Woodstock Avenue (between East Street and Saint John Street/Millside Road) will be reduced to a single travel lane in each direction with a center two-way left-turn lane. The additional roadway width will be repurposed into striped bike lanes on both sides of the road. This reconfiguration will improve safety and mobility for all users and reduce rear-end and left-turn crashes along U.S. 7 and Woodstock Avenue. It will be implemented using pavement markings and signage.

CONSTRUCTION PHASING: The majority of construction activities for this project will be performed Sunday through Thursday, during the nighttime hours of 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. This spring, crews will work on U.S. 4 and U.S. 7, milling and paving the leveling course of asphalt.


In early summer, crews will adjust structures, make improvements to sidewalks, install traffic signs, and upgrade the traffic signals on U.S. 4 and U.S. 7. Crews are also scheduled to mill and pave the leveling course of asphalt on U.S. Business Route 4 (U.S. BUS 4).


In late summer, crews will reconstruct the railroad crossing on U.S. 7, begin paving the wearing course of asphalt on U.S. 4 and U.S. 7, and make improvements to sidewalks, adjustments to structures, upgrades to traffic signals, and install traffic signs on U.S. BUS 4. The reconstruction of the railroad crossing will require a temporary closure of U.S. 7 near the intersection of Park Street.

In the fall, crews are anticipated to finish paving on U.S. 4, U.S. 7, and U.S. BUS 4, and install pavement markings throughout the project area, including the new roadway configuration with supporting signs. Crews will also conduct clean-up and inspection work project-wide.


Any project activities remaining in late fall/early winter will be completed the following Spring of 2025. The project is scheduled for completion by the Summer of 2025.  

LOCATION: The project area encompasses U.S. Route 7 from near Cold River Road and extending north to Lincoln Ave, U.S. Business Route 4 from near Ripley Road and extending east to the intersection with U.S. 7, and U.S. Route 4 (Woodstock Ave) from the intersection with U.S. 7 and extending east to Gleason Road.


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