It's getting hot. Whether you're in Tucson or elsewhere in the country, the days are hot and the humidity's kickin' in. While we runners love our routines, summertime running is a great time to change things up.

Seven Tips for Summer Training

1) Heat can kill -- so don't push yourself. It's OK to call it a day. Don't try to keep up with others, don't do "just one more." Step away and run another day.

2) Dress appropriately. Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing. Wear sunscreen. Wear a hat and sunglasses. Bring water. For longer runs, be sure to have salty snacks and electrolytes available.

3) Modify workouts. Rather than fight the heat, use it as inspiration to try different activities such as swimming or running in the pool. Don't have access to water? Ride a bike, or hit the gym for weights, elliptical, stairstepper, or the rowing machine.

4) Undertrain. All you need is 20-40 minutes of exercise to create a useful stress/adaptation response, so perhaps do a little bit less than you want to. Then do it again tomorrow. Continue to the end of time...

5) Don't stress about pace. Performance degradation in heat is real, perhaps as much as 10% when the temps hitting triple digits. Slow down, don't force yourself to run a certain pace.

6) If you must hit pace, go shorter. For example, if you're training for a fall marathon or some other time-based goal, instead of doing 5 mile repeats at marathon pace, do 8-10 half-miles at marathon pace and get fluids in between bouts.

7) Wake up early. Get the run done before the rising sun, or at least before it's high in the sky. (Or do the opposite: run in the evening or nighttime after the sun goes down -- remember for night running, be safe and wear reflective clothing.)

In sum, don't be afraid to shake things up this summer and embrace a training schedule that makes you safe and happy, not miserable.

Want more advice? Here is one of Tia's sample summer training schedules for a focused runner who is doing at least 15-20 miles a week.

For a more personalized summer training plan, contact

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Sunday, September 10: TMC Tucson 10k and companion 5k Walk/Run, staged at Pima Community College West, with a course amongst the rolling paved roads of the Painted Hills at the Tucson Mountains

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Sunday, October 22: TMC A-Mountain Half-Marathon, 4-Mile Walk/Run, and 1-Miler, staged at the Mercado Annex at the the base of A-Mountain, with a course including the iconic A-Mountain and the speedy Santa Cruz Riverpath

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Saturday, November 4: Grand Canyon Trail Half-Marathon and 5k Run/Walk, staged in partnership with the Town of Tusayan, the gateway to the South Rim, with a beautiful trail course through the Kaibab Forest on the Coconino Plateau

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Saturday, November 18: First-Annual El Tour de Tucson 5k Run/Walk, flat and fast course staged in dynamic Downtown Tucson and produced in partnership with one of the most popular bicycling events in America

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