Run 4 Roses Classic: July 7

Run for the Roses Classic

July 6-8

Player Evaluations

Louisville, Kentucky

League Player Evaluations

2026 Johari Hall #20 | 6’0” / PF

2025 Oklahoma Swift- Mathurin E40

Johari is a strong, athletic post player with raw talent. When she attacks the basket with a straight-line drive she is at her best. Occasionally she will convert on the outside shot but lives in the 15 feet range or below. She rebounds and can push the ball in transition, and protects the rim with her length, size and presence.  

2025 Megan Shafer #23 | 6'0” / PF

2025 Oklahoma Swift- Mathurin E40️️

Megan is a presence in the paint, works hard for loose balls and is a collector of second chance opportunities. Stands her ground and holds her position and seals defenders with a high hand. She bangs and finishes around the rim - and can get creative with her footwork when in scoring range. She is a hard-nosed player and brings a lot of effort while playing. 

2025 Mikayla Pilley #4 | 5’10” / SF

2025 Oklahoma Swift- Mathurin E40

Mikayla was extremely active especially on the defensive end - rotating off the ball to the right spots and causing problems for the opposing team. She was able to turn defense into offense and that was due to her energy and effort - winning those second chance opportunities. She handles the ball well and shoots the outside shot respectfully. She is a good combination of heart, effort, and talent.

2024 Emma Yarwood #32 | 6'3" / C

2024 Excel U17 NE2K️️️

Emma is a player with size and strength. She uses her body to get position in the paint and pounds the ball to overpower defenders. On the defensive end she gets deflections and rebounds while protecting the rim, along with blocks and second chance opportunities on the offensive end. 

2024 Kyanna Knodel #6 | 6’0” / SF

2024 Excel U17 NE2K️️

Kyanna is a long, versatile player with loads of talent and ability. She has size to bang down-low and get physical if needed and has the skills to handle the ball on the perimeter. She is very effective in transition, finishing at the rim off the dribble and off the catch. She sets screens, rebounds, and stretches the floor with the 3-point jumper. High basketball IQ and takes care of the ball. 

2024 Mattie Walburn #12 | 5’9” / SG

2024 Dayton Metro NE2K ️️️

Mattie is an exceptional shooter that showed that she can catch on-fire at any given moment. She has range from deep, can put the ball on the floor, and hit the midrange jumper. She can handle the ball off the dribble and holds her own and takes care of the basketball and controls the pace of the game. She plays with her head up and proves that she has good decision-making abilities. 

2024 Makayla Williams #34 | 5’8” / SG

2024 Dayton Metro NE2K️️️

Makayla is a skilled wing player with shifty handles and a special ability to get to the basket. She is quick and can pull up in the mid range. Also with her short game, her long game is also good. At her size, Makayla isn’t afraid to rebound with bigger players and even match up against them on defense. She has long arms and gets steals and deflections because of her long arms. In transition she is effective and is a strong finisher - using both hands.

Timya Grice #24 | 6’3" / C

2024 THS 17U Teams Spaz E40️️️

Timya is a long player with size and good hands. She runs the floor in transition and has a good-looking stride. She easily gets rebounds and put backs due to her length and soft touch. She uses her body to burry opponents and keeps a high target for teammates’ pass to when on the block. Raw talented player with more room for growth. 

Janiya Murphy #1 | 5’8” / CG

2024 THS 17U Team Spaz E40️️

Janiya is a high energy player. She applies pressure on the ball with intensity - using active hands and feet to disrupt the flow of the offense. Handles the ball well and uses the hesitation dribble to be deceptive. Her energy is infectious and it charges the team’s defense.

2025 Halle Warner #22 | 5’10” / SG

2025 Ohio Future Samlow E40️️️

Halle is an active, athletic player that displayed a high basketball IQ and competitive drive. She is in attack mode when on the court and plays under control. She handles the ball well and attacks the basketball with purpose. She finishes through contact and has good footwork in the paint. Shoots the outside shot consistently and can stop in the midrange for the pull up jumper. 

2025 Sophie Ziel #25 | 5’8” / PG

2️️️025 Ohio Future Samlow E40

Sophie is a shifty floor general that takes care of the ball and gets her teammates involved. She attacks the basket aggressively and knows how to finish through contact. As the lead guard, another attribute to her game is her shooting ability. She trenches the floor for her teammates to also attack and shoots with no hesitation when it gets back to her - she has range. Plays with confidence and is fun to watch. 

2025 Elliana Scalabrine #17 | 5’11” / SF

2025 Bay State Jaguars 16U Bollin E40

First thing that stands out about Elliana is her passion and attitude towards the game - she is competitive and wants to win. That means hustling and giving energy and effort while on the court, and that is what she did. She handles the ball well at her position and she didn’t turn the ball over. She is the type of player that is able to turn her energy on defense into opportunities on offense. High IQ player that provided a lot of value you don’t always see in the box score. 

2026 Aubree Allen #24 I 5’11" / PF 

2026 Michigan Drive Premier E40 Brown

Aubree is a tough, strong, hard nose type of player. She has good size down low and knows how to gain the advantage in the paint. She knows how to use her body and footwork to bang and maneuver around defenders and likes to finish with the left hand hook shot - pretty effective. She rebounds, blocks shots and knows how to give a strong overhead outlet pass in transition to lead the fast break. High basketball IQ player that knows the right thing to do and makes an immediate impact on the court. 

2026 Anna Sachire #14 I 6'0" / SF

2026 Always 100 Wright Black E40

Anna is a versatile player that works hard and leaves it out on the floor. She can guard multiple positions and operate in different positions as well. Her length causes problems for opposing team when protecting the basket - was able to get some deflections and second chance opportunities on the glass. She has a clean stroke and isn’t afraid to pull from deep. She brought a lot of energy to her team. 

Giselle Eke #33 I 6’3" / C

2024 Always 100 Gamble NE2K

Giselle is a force in the paint, very strong and attracts a lot of attention, moves well without the ball, and establishes herself on the block. Plays good help-side defense and it makes it hard for the opposing team to score.

Eliece Perry #14 I 6’0" / F

2024 CY Fair Elite 17U National Black NE2K

Eliece is a very athletic forward, she attacks the glass at all costs, and she doesn’t wait for the ball she goes and gets it, Perry has a nice pull-up jump shot, and is very efficient around the basket.

Nyah Hardy #33 I 5’5" / PG

2024 CY Fair Elite 17U National Black NE2K

Nyah is a quick guard that covers a lot of ground, once she gets downhill, she will finish at the rim, she plays intense defense lateral movement, ball denial, and plays the passing lane well.

Anna Hamilton #1 I 5’7" / PG

2024 KY Fusion E40

Anna is a tempo setter, she gets everyone involved team player, she can shoot the ball from long range, attack the middle of the floor, and get her mid-range off. She has good footwork as a guard when posting up smaller players, Solid player with a good upside.

Logan Lurbbers- Palmer #33 I 5’10" / C

2024 KY Fusion

Logan is very athletic she can guard multiple positions from 1-4. She anticipates the passes and causes steals for transition baskets. Good rebounder who moves well with and without the ball. Skilled on both ends of the floor.

Marius Powers #44 I 6’1" / PF

2025 TTG Free Agents E40

Marius is a skilled post player that can play in the wing also, she has a nice shot from the outside and even a softer touch on the inside. She seals the defender on her backside and when she does, she is a problem.

Kiyoko Proctor #3 I 5’6" / PG

2025 TTG Free Agents E40

Kiyoko is a very fast guard that gets downhill in a second. She is very shifty with the ball, able to slither her way around and she is a feisty defender who can get multiple steals without fouling.

Makylah Moore #13 I 6’0"/ SG

2025 TTG Free Agents E40

Makylah is a very high-motor player that is a multi-dimensional player, she can score from anywhere on the court, long-range shot maker, and a lethal playmaker from the free throw line down. She has a very bright future.

Caroline Holmes #11 I 5’6" / SG

2026 Heart of Illinois 15U E40

Caroline is a shooter who if you leave it open, will knock down the shot. She is not afraid of the moment nor afraid to put the ball on the floor and attack the rim. She also moves well without the ball off screens to get herself open.

Amal Younes #0 I 5’8" / PG

2025 Michigan Mystics NE2K Ocampo

Amal is a skilled guard who can facilitate an offense, she is a very patient player and she isn’t going to rush the shot. She has good court awareness, she handles the pressure and plays with poise, when she is playing off ball she moves good threw screens and backdoor cuts.

Pfeiffer Greene #3 I 5’11" / PG

2025 THS 16U E40

Pfeiffer is a solid guard that plays with a lot of energy; she fills the lane on fast breaks, makes good passes, and plays aggressively without committing fouls. She has a big upside to her game and will get better.

Ida Gueye #2 I 5’6" / SG

2025 Zone6Celtics Team Nard E40

Ida is very explosive and has a quick first step, she can get to the rim with ease. She can shoot the 3 ball as well as scoring in the paint. Moves well on defense applies pressure, and fights over the top of screens.

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