Run 4 Roses Classic: July 6

Run for the Roses Classic

July 6-8

Player Evaluations

Louisville, Kentucky

The energy and enthusiasm is high, as teams, players, and coaches entered the competition with renewed determination. Ohio Basketball Leagues, Elite 40 and NE2K, sparked a high competitive nature and showcased skill as NE2K league members start their second stop of three during the exposure season.

The presence of nearly 1,500 registered college coaches added an extra layer of motivation for the ladies, as they sought to catch the attention of these influential figures. As the day passed, girls showcased an even greater display of talent, with players stepping up their game and delivering exceptional performances on the court. The competition intensified, and the players' passion for the sport shined, as they battled for their love of the game. Run 4 the Roses Classic continues to be a platform for young athletes to prove themselves and leave a lasting impression on the coaches in attendance.

We witnessed a captivating display of skill, determination, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence at the biggest stage in Girls exposure basketball. 

League Player Evaluations

Hallie Turner #1 | 5’4” / PG

Team B Wright Black E40

Hallie is a smooth lead guard with a motor that is quick, fast, and under control. She is aggressive when attacking the basket through traffic and knows how to control the pace of the game. Her outside shot is deadly and consistent - good-looking form and holds her release. Shifty guard with skills. 

Kaelyn Flowers #12 | 5’7” / PG

Team B Wright Black E40 ️️

Kaelyn is a very active player and competes and gives a lot of energy and effort on both ends of the floor. When the ball is in her hands she is looking to make a play for her teammates - shifty off the dribble which gives her an advantage. She attacks to score but knows how to find her teammates and put them in positions to score easily. Finishes really well in traffic and in the open floor. Defensively she causes chaos and confusion due to her on ball pressure and off ball rotation. She has a smooth jumper and showed that she can mix it up from multiple areas. 

Faith Fedd-Robinson #12 | 5’10” / SF

Team Sharp 17U Carolina E40 ️️️

Faith is a skilled, athletic player that made an immediate impact with her passing and play-making ability. Her ability to rebound and go was the difference maker for her team. She is shifty and can handle the ball well and knows how to get to the basket and finish through contact - has good footwork and can finish with both hands. Showed leadership ability and remained calm in pressure.

Daniella Matus #20 | 5'9" / SG

2024 Team Sharp 17U Carolina E40 ️️️

Daniella started off the game shooting lights out. She is a great shooter off of the catch and if she is in rhythm - its automatic. She is a competitor and active on the defensive end - playing with quick hands and feet. Struggled a little in the second half of the game from 3-point range but found other ways to contribute by attacking the basket and scoring or making a play for teammates, and turning up the heat on the defensive end. 

Ineivi Plata #10 | 5’4” / PG

2024 Team Sharp 17U Carolina E40 ️️

Ineivi is a scrappy point guard that will battle and compete on the defensive end. High basketball IQ that handles pressure well and makes good decisions. Passes the ball efficiently to teammates and controls the pace of the game. Showed good leadership and poise. 

Teyala Fosse #3 | 6’3” / SF

Team Sharp 17U Carolina E40 ️️️

Teyala is a long versatile athlete with a lot of upside and benefits to her game. She uses her length to get rebounds, block shots, and pass over the defense. When attacking the basket she usually converts or gets her own rebound for second chance opportunities. She is able to push the ball in transition and make plays in the open court. Her outside shot 

Lyriq Mastin #1 | 5’7” / PG

2025 Team B Wright Black E40 ️️️

Lyriq is a quick, explosive guard that makes her presence known immediately when she is on the court. It starts with defense - playing with active hands and quick feet to cause problems. She showed a high basketball IQ - making plays and smart decisions when the ball was in her hands. She is a willing passer and made her teammates better. Shifty guard that gets to the bucket with ease. 

Ava Krumwiede #22 | 6’1" / SF

2025 Team B Wright Black E40 ️️️

Ava is a long, skilled athlete that knows how to play. She displayed a high-basketball IQ when playing and showed that she is a multi-facet player. She uses her athleticism when driving to the basket and finishing - elevating over and around the defense. She finishes strong and plays through contact. She competes on the defensive end and uses her length to protect the rim and clean up the boards. 

Leilani Washington #4 | 5’6” / PG

2025 Team B Wright Black E40 ️️

Leilani is a super athletic guard that plays big and strong. Defensively she stays low and gets to work, with active hands and quick feet. She attacks the basket with no hesitation and knows how to change directions swiftly and weave in and out of traffic - shifty and explosive. 

Ella Ryan #24 | 5’10” / CG

2025 Team B Wright Black E40 ️️️

Ella is a shifty guard and is explosive off the dribble. She is strong so when going in and out of traffic she absorbs contact and plays through it. She is versatile because at her size - she can guard on the perimeter and also defend in the paint. She is good in the open floor off the dribble and scores in bunches. Super athletic potential and uses her athleticism to produce on the court. 

Henley West #24 | 6’4” / C

2025 Oklahoma Swarm Allyson 16U Elite E40 ️️️

Henley is an athlete you notice right away. Her size and court presence makes a difference for her team. She has good size, towers over players and uses it to get inside position an advantage. When in a good position around the rim, you can almost count the basket every time - she finishes really well. She can stretch the floor a little and hit the  outside shot. 

Marley Moore #5 | 5’8” / SG

2025 Oklahoma Swarm Allyson 16U Elite E40 ️

Marley plays with a lot of energy and effort - usually in the right place at the right time. She shoots the ball with good rhythm and the ball flows well in her release. Mid-range shot is just as good and knows how to shoot it quick. Handles the ball well and doesn't turn it over. A team player that shares the ball and makes her teammates better. 

Anna Pellecchia #1 I 5’9" / PG 

2024 Philly Rise National 17U NE2K

Anna is a solid guard who can control the game, and looks to get her teammates involved, but can attack the rim, very quickly with her lateral movement. Good on ball defender applies great pressure and gives no space. High IQ of the game.

Amaya Stewart #35 I 6'1" / PF

2024 Philly Rise National 17UNE2K

Amaya is a physical presence in the paint and moves her feet well once she establishes position. Dominates the glass on both ends and can dribble coast to coast, very vocal leader on the floor

Mattie Walburn #12 I 5’9" / SG

2024 Dayton Metro NE2K 

Mattie moves well without the ball, is very aggressive on the defensive side of the ball, and attacks the glass. She has good form on her shot with a nice step-back jumper, she has good movement through screens and down picks.

Makayla Feliciano #0 I 5’7" / SF

2026 Where2Next2026 NE2K

Makayla pays with a high motor, very aggressive on the ball as a defender. She doesn’t give space and plays tight on the opponent. Runs the floor and can finish at the basket. She will leave it on the floor solid player to keep notice.

Destini McAllister #4 I 5’10" / SG

2024 Firstep NE2K

Destini is very skilled at her position and can run guard. Long athletic player with a skilled upside to her game, she has a solid mid-range shot and attacks the glass on both ends of the floor, she is skilled at her size.

Caitlyn Clark #10 I 5’4" / PG

2024 Air-Time Elite 17U Showcase NE2K

Caitlyn is a shifty guard with talent. She has a quick first step to get past her defender and swing the ball to an open teammate. A feisty defender that can force turnovers in a heartbeat.

Kaija Rutledge #17 I 5’1" / SF

2024 Excel U17 NE2K

Kayla has the skill to guard 1-3 positions, a very aggressive player who is also a vocal leader. She can score around the basket. Good hands to cause deflections and good vision on the court.

Alexis Duhon #12 I 5’8" / PG

2024 Houston United Chuck NE2K

Alexis has a good flow to her game she runs the floor well, nice stop-and-pop jump shot, and solid footwork especially when guarding the ball. She is very solid on defense, applies pressure without fouling, and moves well with her feet from side to side.

Heaven Smith #5 I 5’5" / G

Team Griffin 26 Gaulden NE2K

Heaven is a speedy guard that thrives in the open court. She has a nasty handle that makes defenders look silly. She is a good finisher around the rim. Heaven is a great passer she set her teammates up with easy shots time and time again!

Payton Conner #33 I 6’2" / C

2024 West Texas Shockers NE2K

Payton is very mobile, which makes it hard for the opposing team to score, she is a good rim protector who easily gets multiple blocks, she has a good touch around the basket and makes anything when she gets deep in the paint.

Grace Booth #2 I 5’10" / SG

West Texas Shockers NE2K

Very quick and strong with the ball, a nice feel for how she wants to attack the basket or shoot the midrange shot, she has good vision to see the floor and makes the right pass on time for an easy basket. Good offensive weapon to have.

Marquicia Robertson #14 I 5’8" / PF

2025 Truth Basketball 16U NE2K

Very strong in the paint, able to split defenders and go up and make the basket, she won’t force the shot but is able to play within her means, with her frame she is able to cover a lot of ground with nice upside to her play.

Alaeya Randle #1 I 5’7" / G

2026 Nebraska Hoops Elite E40

Alaeya is a physical player. She is an aggressive defender and does an excellent job of using her body to bump ball handers off their spots. Alaeya is a really good rebounder, especially for a guard.

Ayanna Hill #6 I 5’6" / G

2026 Nebraska Hoops Elite E40

Ayanna is a good finisher around the rim and is capable of creating her shot. She is a great defender and does a good job of beating ball handlers to spots.

Akazja Foster #23 I 5’1" / G

2026 Nebraska Hoops Elite E40

Akazja is a menace on defense she had 5 first-half steals! She can finish around the hoop well and does a good job at leaking out on the fast break. Alazja is a good jump shooter and gets to her court spots very well.

Kali Harris #4 I 5’11" / F

2024 East Coast United Navy NE2K

Kali is a great defender she makes things tough for the offense because of her size and length. She is quick and does a great job at attacking closeouts. Kali is one of the best defenders here at the tournament with her rare combination of size, length, speed, and defensive motor she will be a good player at the next level.

Randria Wilcher #1 I 5’5" / G

2024 Bouncenation FBC Showtime 17U NE2K

Randria has a nice handle and has a quick first step. She is a good passer able to make cross-court passes with either hand. Randria is the backbone of her team being vocal on defense and running the plays for her team on offense.

Christen Collins #21 I 5’6" / G

2024 Bouncenation FBC Showtime 17U NE2K

Christen is a complete guard she can shoot the ball, pass and defend at a high level. She loves to compete she hustles for every lose ball and crashes the boards well. Christen is an elite ball handler and was about to get anywhere on the floor she wanted because of her handle. 

Whitley Davis #20 I 5’10" / F

2025 Where2Next NE2K

Whitley is an all-round forward she has a nice size for her position and it is pretty athletic. She uses her big frame to slash to the hoop and can create for others. Whitley is a good defender her speed and size give offensive players fits! 

Jazmyn Johnson #5 I 5’7" /

2025 Where2Next NE2K

Jazmyn can create her shot. She is a good off-the-ball defender and plays the passing lanes well. Jazmyn is a 3-level scorer and is a big-time player in the class of 25. 

Grace Lenz #24 I 6’0" / C

2024 WI Blaze Black NE2K

Grace is a good post player she uses her pivot to get around defenders and finish around the basket. She is a physical player, sets hard screens, and battles for rebounds every possession. Grace is a hard-working player she does everything at 100 percent and with her size and strength she is a difficult match-up for any player. 

Heaven Smith #5 I 5’5" / G

Team Griffin 24 Gaulden NE2K

Sophia is a good ball handler and is a true floor general. She is very vocal on offense giving her teammates directions the whole game. She does a good job defending the ball from aggressive defenders. Sophia has a nice pace to her game she is always in control and was another coach for her team. 

Sophia Wozinak #1 I 5’6" / G

2024 Michigan Drive Premier Copeland NE2K

Sophia is a good ball handler and is a true floor general. She is very vocal on offense giving her teammates directions the whole game. She does a good job defending the ball from aggressive defenders. Sophia has a nice pace to her game she is always in control and was another coach for her team. 

Skotti Ball-Duley #10 I 5’11" / F

2024 Michigan Mystics NE2K

Skotti has a good size and a nice touch around the basket. She does a good job at rebounding. Skotti is a good shooter from 3 and mid-range and is a good rebounder and she can push the ball on the break. 

Kinsley Crews #34 I 6’1" / C

2024 Team B Wright Red NE2K

Kinsley is a good defender she rotates well and does a good job at contesting shots without fouling. Kinsley has a good size for the position and is a really good rebounder for her team. 

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