Rough diamond crystal. Transmitted and reflected light. Image by Gary Roskin. Diamond provided by AMGAD.

Issue 31, August 25, 2023
Last Week's Newsletter's Top Three Features:
1.) Heritage Auction: A Gemology Lesson
in auction items for sale

The Fall Fine Jewelry Signature® Auction #5549 at Heritage Auction House is a treasure trove of gemological wonders that should make any gem enthusiast perk up and study under the lens.

Bidding starts tomorrow (August 18) with the live auction date of September 28.

Up for auction, just for starters, an ultra classic Tiffany & Co. period piece, sapphire and diamond bar pin, set with "Swiss and transitional cut diamonds," and approx. 2 carats of no-heat Montana blue sapphires!

2.) Christie’s
Wallace Chan: The Wheel of Time

Christie’s proudly presents Wallace Chan: The Wheel of Time, the largest exhibition of works by the master jewellery artist in Europe.

Comprising over 150 pieces of one-of-a-kind jewellery creations, the display features some of the artist’s most iconic examples, including Stilled Life, an imperial jadeite brooch/sculpture.

3.) After 50 Years of Hip Hop
its Relationship with Jewellery Lives On

From the simple gold chains sported by the pioneering rappers of the 1970s to the bold, customized creations of the 1990s and the bejewelled “sky’s-the-limit” pieces of the 2000s, the worlds of hip-hop and jewellery have always been immutably linked.

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What could have been
Greenland Ruby
All Done - Stone Cold (for now, anyway)
According to the latest reports, the Greenland Ruby Mine will close at the end of this month. Mining will be "suspended."

Like so many mining operations, Greenland Ruby had its fair share of challenges. From the weather and location, to the question of land ownership, to environmental concerns. And then of course, the biggest challenge was in finding enough gem quality ruby to make this entire project viable.

They had a rocky start, with True North Gems beginning exploration activities in the region around 2004 and eventually established the Aappaluttoq mine site. But this did not come without controversy.

True North eventually went bankrupt in 2016.

LNS Greenland and Greenland Ruby continued the project, and in recent years, were finally getting the praise they had hoped for - promoting their ruby as being ethically sourced, with responsible concern for the environment and to the native people.

But the ruby itself was still the challenge. We were all very hopeful that Greenland would be that "other source" for ruby. However, as fate would have it, and as reported by the local High North News, LNS Greenland and Greenland Ruby simply played out.

LNS Greenland and Greenland Ruby are still hopeful that they will find something in neighboring sites.

Wildfires in Yellowknife, NWT
Rio Tinto Steps Up for Yellowknife
Diavik Donates CAN$250,000 to United Way
NWT’s Emergency Efforts
In a press release received last evening (Thursday August 24), Rio Tinto states that “in an effort to support those who have been impacted by the recent wildfires in Canada’s Northwest Territories, Diavik Diamond Mine today announced a donation of CAN$250,000 to the United Way Northwest Territories (UWNWT) to support with wildfire response efforts. This donation comes from the Rio Tinto Disaster Relief Fund, and underscores the company’s dedication to aiding host communities facing emergencies.”

As one might expect, the money donated will directly assist registered charities to address immediate crisis requirements, with an emphasis on essential needs such as food, fuel, and other critical incidentals for NWT communities and evacuees.

All 20,000 Yellowknife residents were asked to evacuate the area.

Wildfires destroy Maui, Hawai'i
Maui Divers Aid Hawai’i Red Cross
Maui Divers Jewelry Raise Over $1.3 Million for Wildfire Aid
August 24, 2023

Jewelers and jewelry designers are working to support the businesses affected by the Maui wildfires, including an incredible effort by Maui Divers Jewelry that raised more than $1.3 million for the Hawaii Red Cross.

Maui Divers’ fundraiser is an example of how the spirit of ‘ohana—or family—is key to Hawaiian life and business culture, says Cole Slater, CEO and creative director for the Honolulu-based jewelry company.

The wildfires that swept through Maui earlier this month, destroying thousands of acres of property as well as much of the town of Lahaina, are now considered the deadliest wildfires in the nation’s history, USA Today reported. At least 114 people died in the disaster, and an estimated 850 people are still missing, according to state and local officials.

Survival in the Gem Industry
Former Afghan Soldiers Turning to Gem Mining to Survive
In remote Nuristan province, some who lost their jobs after the Taliban takeover are now working in artisanal mines to support their families amid a struggling economy.

Published On 18 Aug 2023

Nuristan, Afghanistan – Like a crack of thunder, a deep blast echoes down a tree-lined valley a few kilometres from Parun, the capital of the northeastern Afghan province of Nuristan. At the base of a rocky hillside, smoke and chunks of rock spew from the mouth of a low tunnel. Some of the debris reaches the edge of a glassy river which runs through a small valley, causing ripples on the water’s surface.

Sheltering to one side of the tunnel entrance is Abdul Qader Abid. As the final pieces of shrapnel clatter to a standstill, he squints into the darkness of the tunnel. Rising, he wraps a green shawl around his mouth and nose, and heads into the billowing dust. There’s a payday glimmering in the rubble, and he’s eager to find it.

Hi Tech Mining
Better Technology Yields a 692 Carat Diamond at the Karowe Mine in Botswana
The Lucara Diamond Corp. has announced the recovery of a 692.3 carat diamond (seen here) from its 100% owned Karowe Diamond Mine located in Botswana. 

The diamond, measuring 46.5 x 40.7 x 28.4 mm is Type IIa, recovered in the TOMRA MDR XRT (TOMRA’s Mega Diamond Recovery X-ray Transmission unit) at Karowe. 

Uncovering more large diamond crystals is a story we have been following here in the Roskin Gem News. Better technology appears to be saving the larger stones before being crushed into smaller pieces from old technology. Read more here.

Gemmological Assoc. Alert
GEM-A Issues Warning: SCAM Alert!
Scam Products Bearing False Credentials
Continue to Circulate
Gem-A CEO Alan Hart FGA issued an alert to members and the trade announcing a disturbing scam.

“Organisations in the jewellery and gemstone sectors are no strangers to fraudulent practices, but this strange pattern of behaviour whereby unsuspecting members of the public receive items of jewellery with fake ‘identification certificates’ is baffling and worrying. As an educator and membership organisation, we don’t produce jewellery, nor do we provide any kind of grading or stone identification services. Although our Members and those in the trade are undoubtedly aware of this, the public is less informed. We are monitoring the situation closely.”

Museum Exhibit Update
An Inside Look at "Garden of Green"
Museum Displays Exquisite Jewelry from Van Cleef & Arpels
Aug 21, 2023
Town & Country Magazine

A new exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History in New York takes visitors on an odyssey through an enchanted forest. What kind of treasures should one expect to see on the way? Bejeweled flora, of course.

Gem & Mineral Museum Events

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Events: Seminar on Fancy Color Diamonds
The Origin of Color of Fancy Color Diamonds
For anybody involved in the fancy color diamond trade, the question whether a colored diamond is naturally colored or whether the color has been altered by a treatment is of utmost importance.

A lot of confusion on the issue exists, particularly when diamonds with irradiation-related colors are concerned [e.g. green to green-blue to yellow-green color].

The goal of this presentation is to separate myths from facts on colored diamonds, and to explain and demonstrate the complications that can occur when testing fancy color diamonds.

Events: Seminar on Travels into Tajikistan
Bowersox Expedition thru Tajikistan
Travel thru Tajikistan, with Gary Bowersox, the Gem Hunter
His first lecture after a one month, 2,000 mile Explorers Club Flag Expedition trip thru Tajikistan to study the gems and minerals!

Gary Bowersox, the Gem Hunter, will be held at the Brazosport Museum of Natural Science, Center for Arts & Science, Clute, Texas, on September 24th. (South of Houston).

Wedding Trends
Say “I Do” to a Rented Tiara from Garrard
‘Something Borrowed’, or is it ‘Something Rented’? 
The traditional ‘something borrowed’ part of a bridal ensemble just got a little bit more exciting thanks to Garrard’s new jewellery rental service, which lets prospective brides choose from a selection of exquisite pieces, including two wedding tiaras.


Jewellery Valuers Association
JVA Registered Valuer Conference
September 8-10, 2023
Holywell Park, Loughborough University

World Jewellery Confederation CIBJO
Congress 2023
Jaipur, India
October 3rd - 5th
Registration for CIBJO Congress 2023 now open

CGA 65th Annual Gem Conference
Vancouver, BC, Canada
October 20th-22nd, 2023

Gem-A Conference
November 5th, 2023

Gary Roskin
Speaking Engagements

JVA - Loughborough University, U.K.
Practical Application for Diamond Grading
Saturday, September 9, 2023

CGA - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Observations in Diamond Grading
October 21-22, 2023

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