Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Below is a high-level update on the five most significant bills and issues that occurred during the 2022 Florida Legislative session’s second week, January 17-21.

Senate Approves Maps
The full Senate approved new Senate and Congressional maps. The House State Legislative Redistricting Subcommittee met today and approved the proposed House map.

Preemption Battle Continues 
A bill allowing business owners to sue local governments for lost profits due to local regulations they adopt was reported favorably by Senate Appropriations and is now ready for the Senate floor. SB 620 was amended to cap business damages at certain amounts calculated by lost profits or gross receipts and included several exceptions for local governments. The House companion, HB 569, is awaiting its second committee hearing.

COVID Liability Protections Pass 
The Senate passed SB 7014 by a 22-13 vote. The bill would extend COVID-19 liability protections to June 1, 2023 for health care providers. HB 7021, the House companion bill, is in the Judiciary Committee and has not yet been heard.

School Concurrency Moves Forward 
HB 851, a bill to move stalled development projects due to concurrency issues was reported favorably by the House Local Administration and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee. The bill would require developers to tender, rather than execute, a proportionate-share mitigation giving the local government 60 days to issue a final decision. If a decision is not issued, the commitment is approved. The Senate companion, SB 706, will be heard by the Senate Community Affairs Committee next week.

Bitcoin Regulations Ready 
A bill that would change how bitcoin should be regulated is ready for the House floor. HB 273 would create definitions in Florida law for virtual currency like Bitcoin and establish related allowances and strictures. The Senate companion bill, SB 486, is currently in the Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture, Environment, and General Government.

I would be happy to speak with you about any of the issues above. For more information, please contact me.