Don't Miss the Dec. 1, 2018 DEADLINE 
The deadline of December 1, 2018 to submit your entry for the WASRAG World Polio Day Competition is approaching.

Did your club or district do something special on World Polio Day, October 24, to improve the quality of water or  increase the level of awareness of the need for clean water in your community?
For contest details visit World Polio Day Competition .
World Toilet Day - November 19   
"When nature calls, we need a toilet. But billions of people don't have one."  These are the first sentences on the World Toilet Day website -   
In 2013, the United Nations adopted a resolution to recognize November 19 as World Toilet Day every year.  Purpose:  to draw attention to the need to bring safe sanitation to everyone. 
Every year, there is a different theme and this year the theme is "When Nature Calls." 
De-Throning "The Throne" 
In the November 6, 2018 issue of"The Optimist", there is an excellent article. "De-throning "The Thone" at the Reinvent the Expo in Beijing, China". The article reviews the advancements made by the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge, that was initiated by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2011.
There is a desperate need to disrupt our current sanitation systems that are complicated, expensive and hard to maintain. These systems are not feasible in developing countries where 950 million people defecate outdoors.
To subscribe to the "The Optimist" distributed weekly by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, visit The Optimist
Impressive The Rotary Foundation Number  
Over the last five Rotary Years, 2013-2014 to 2017-2018, The Rotary Foundation has invested $97.2 million in 1,343 Global Grants towards water, sanitation and hygiene projects. This is an impressive commitment to one of Rotary's areas of focus.
Thank you to Avi Fuchs, WASRAG Ambassador - District 2490, for asking the question.  
WASH in Schools (WinS) Target Challenge   
This pilot program was created to motivate Rotary clubs to develop sustainable WASH and education projects. The program will focus on measuring the impact that WASH and basic education and literacy initiatives have on school attendance.
To learn more about this ambitious project read an overview on the WASRAG Stories or visit WASH in Schools Target Challenge
If you club or district would like more information or are interested in collaborating on a project send an email to .  
Operation Toilets Annual Report   
The Rotary Club of Box Hill Central, Australia, is doing impressive work on bringing WASH to Classrooms. So far they have impacted on over 20,000 children, mostly in India, but some in Ethiopia, by bringing them solid structures and placing a lot of focus on hygiene education. 

They have in the planning stages to impact on almost 100,000 people over the next  few years.

To learn more about Operation Toilets read their 2017-18 Annual Report.  What they have accomplished and have planned is only possible through support of The Rotary Foundation and many clubs and districts around the world.
IHE-Delft - Water Management Scholarships   
Since 2012, The Rotary Foundation has supported scholarships for 96 Master students, from 31 countries, to attend the Water Management Education program at IHE Delft, The Netherlands.  The value of The Rotary Foundation grants exceeds $5 million US$.

To learn more about these Rotary Global Grant Scholarships, read the article IHE-Delft Water Management Scholarships on the WASRAG Stories Page.
Save the Date - May 31, 2019 
Just before the Rotary International Convention starts, WASRAG pulls together top-notch speakers for plenary, breakout, and round table discussions. On May 31, 2019 in Hamburg, Germany, World Water Summit 11 will be focusing on WASH: Achieving Lasting Impact. This is a great topic especially as Rotary International places increasing emphasis on sustainability.
Register TODAY by going to World Water Summit 11.  
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Dec 1, 2018 - DEADLINE for entering the World Polio Day Competition


April 26-28, 2019 - Latrine Workshop - Clarkston, MI, USA


May 31, 2019 - World Water Summit 11 - Hamburg, Germany
WASH: Achieving Lasting Impact


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