Run 4 Roses Championship: July 10

League Player Evaluations

2025 Nevaeh Caffey | 5’10” / PG

2024 Phee Elite - Olufson E40

Nevaeh is an explosive point guard off the dribble and makes getting to the basket look easy. She is shifty and uses her athleticism to elevate at the rim to finish. She has a high basketball IQ and is a willing passer to her teammates. She can stretch the floor and hit the outside shot and create space in the midrange. PrimeTime player that is ready for the moment. 

2024 Emaya Lewis | 6'3" / C

2024 Team Huncho NXT E40

Emaya is long and agile. When her hands are up, she almost can touch the rim and definitely takes the vision away from players trying to score at the basket - supreme rim protector. She collects rebounds on both ends and converts on second chance opportunities. She showed that she can push the break and make decisions with the ball. She is a finisher with both hands and has a soft touch around the basket - High energy player. 

2026 Kate Wernli | 5'10” / SG

2025 Team Griffin Elite 2025 - Wernli E40️️️

Shooters are going to shoot and that is what Kate does. Hands are ready, feet are set, and she lets it fly. She produces and converts on a consistent volume of shots and can mix it up and attack the basket. She has a high-basketball IQ and is active on the defensive end. 

2024 Hailey Contreras | 5’3" / PG

2024 Gameball Fusion E40

Hailey is a poised point guard with great leadership ability. She remains calm and has a competitive spirit. She sets the pace of the game and gets her teammates active and involved. Hailey is also aggressive off the dribble and shows that she isn’t afraid to get to the basket amongst the trees. Off the ball she is spot up and ready to shoot - she is a shot-maker and finisher at the rim. 

2026 Terria Russell I 6'0" / SF

2024 Cal Ballaz Red E40

Terria is a long, athletic wing player with lots of potential. She runs the floor great and scores at a high level in transition. She is a problem to deal with on defense because she has quick instincts, moves like a guard, and has the wing-span like a center. Off the dribble she is aggressive and can maneuver through traffic. She has quick reaction time so she benefits on put backs and second chance opportunities. She managed to play up two grades without me noticing, but she will continue to get better. 

2024 Brianna Barr- Buday I 6'2" / PF

2024 XGen Elite Premier E40

Brianna is a post player with size and athleticism. She runs the floor in transition and knows how to move for her size. She is a great finisher and that is due to her great hand and eye coordination. She protects the rim and does a great job rebounding and staying active on second chance opportunities. She is a raw talent but she is controlled and still growing in her game.

Avery Lay #4 | 6’1” / SF

2025 Michigan Drive Premier E40 Willis

Avery is very skilled, she runs the floor on both ends of the court, can dribble, look over the shorter defender to make great passes, protects the rim without flying by just putting her arms straight up, and soft touch around the basket very efficient, she can also shoot the ball, she has all the mechanics to be great.

Rihanna Mateyka #23 | 6’0” / SF

2025 East Coast United Team Richardson E40

Rihanna is super athletic with good footwork, she crashes the class with force and can put it right back in on the offensive side, very polished around the basket with a high-efficiency rate, and a nice smooth midrange jump shot.

Jaquoia Jones #3 I 5'7" / SG

2024 Zone 6 Celtics Black E40

Jaquoia is a strong guard with good handles, she can easily split defenders and get to the basket, nice inside shot from 15 feet, a solid defender that will make you work that’s what you’re looking for.

Danielle Cameron #12 I 5’9" / SG

2024 SMAC Attack E40

Danielle is a pure shooter who connects on more than 50% of her 3’s. She is a lights-out left-handed shooter that can attack the rim with either hand. Danielle also reads the passing lanes to push the ball on fast breaks good overall player.

Makayla Johnson #13 I 6’0" / SF

2024 UTS Lady Elite E40

Makayla showing, she can be a 3-level scorer, she is able to identify the Mitch-match and take advantage, she can also shoot the deep ball, she has the mechanics. Very soft hands around the basket and consistent.

Aimee Flippen #41 I 6’4" / C

2024 Lone Star Magic E40

Aimee is a solid center, she runs the floor hard for her team, and makes it hard for the opposing team to score with her size. She is very dominant off the pick and roll when she attacks the basket she shoots it at a high rate, and she can also shoot it from the three.

Anna Drakeford #33 I 5’7" / SG

2024 kentucky Premier 17U E40

Anna is a can-do type of player, she is great on and off the ball with her quickness, she can get a shot off at any time smooth release. She is a high energy player that goes relentlessly, good footwork, does not fold under pressure.

Anna Green #10 I 6’0" / SF

2025 LONE Star Magic E40

Anna has a big size differential on her opponent’s that’s smaller than her, she drags them on the block and use her skills to score, good passer out of the double team and she finds the cutter to the rim. She play’s freely and no pressure bothers her.

Malon Smith #5 I 5’7" / G

2025 TTG Free Agents E40

Malon is a shot creator she made difficult shots all game long. She has a tight handle and showed good vision as well. Malon was able to get into the middle of the defense a lot and that helped get her teammates open for easy looks.

Kierrah Pinchon #12 I 5’11" / F

2025 Gameball Fusion 2026 Elite E40

Kierrah gets it done on both ends of the court. She is aggressive on offense getting to the free-throw line a lot. She has good size for the position which helps her finish around the rim. Kierrah showed a good offensive skillset today and a high motor on defense.

Alandyn Simmons #33 I 5’9" / G

2025 Lady Bradley Beal Elite E40

Alandyn is a force down low she has a big frame and is physical. She has the ability to hit tough shots in the paint and has a nice handle. Alandyn made her presence known but cleaning up the offensive glass and taking the ball strong for difficult layups.

Sophia Wiacek #2 I 5'9" / G

2026 UTS Lady Elite E40

Sophia is a high-level shooter that can get hot fast. She understands how to get herself open off the ball. Sophia showed her ball-handling skills and was aggressive attacking the defense all game.

Katelyn St. Clair #1 I 5'9" / G

2024 Alabama Southern Starz Veal E40

Katelyn showed off some deep 3-point range today. She is a great shooter, and she really made the defense pay when they left her open. Katelyn kept her team alive with some big timely shots to keep them close.

Emily Mcdonald #18 I 5’9" / G

2025 XGen Elite Premier E40

Emily is a crafty guard she showed off a bunch of advanced finishes around the rim like euro steps, floaters, and hot steps. She is a good defender, coming off the weak side and blocking shots. Emily also has a nice 3-point shot and was able to hit 3s consistently all game.

Akilah Shelton #23 I 6’2" / F

2025 FBC Legacy E40

Akilah is a unique player she has the size of a center, but she plays like a guard. She is able to hit 3s and beat defenders off the dribble. Akilah is also a high-level defender she is an excellent shot blocker and with her size and speed she makes it tough for any offensive player to get by her.

Amanda Guss #1 I 5’6" / G

2026 Genesis Basketball E40

Amanda is a smart guard she led her team by being vocal and setting up play calls. She has a great jump shot and was able to hit it at a high percentage. Amanda has good ball-handling skills and had great court vision.

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