Run 4 Roses Championship: July 9

League Player Evaluations

2024 Malaya Jones | 5’2” / PG

2024 Team Huncho NXT-GEN E40

Malaya is a skilled point guard with loads of upside to her game. The first thing that stands out is her handles - she is shifty and explosive. Her handling ability provides a sense of confidence to the team, because she can control the pace of the game. She gets her teammates involved and puts them in good situations. She plays hard on the defensive end and showed quick instincts on and off the ball. She is a closer and if the game is in the line, you want the ball in her hands.  

2026 Nevaeh Cortez-Lucious| 6’3” / C

2026 Phee Elite - Olufson E40️️️

Nevaeh is a long, athletic post player with raw talent. She runs the floor well and displayed good footwork and body control for her size and position. Great finisher around the rim and has capability to shoot the jumper at the high post area. Defensively she brings the most value by protecting the rim - moves her feet well with her hands straight up and is disciplined to not get a foul when blocking shots. She rebounds like a pro, executing the box-out and exploding to the ball then the ball is in the air. 

2026 Tyra Mckinnie | 5'10” / PF

2025 Team Griffin Elite 2025 - Wernli E40️️️

Tyra is a post player that plays a lot bigger than she is. Her long arms and athleticism gives her an advantage along with her hustle and pursuit to the basketball in loose ball opportunities. Defensively she rotates well and protects the basket and gets steals and deflections. Great finisher around the rim and it’s due to her ability to work for inside position. Willing passer that sees the floor well and her teammates. 

2024 Josie Mcgehee | 5’10" / SG

2024 Gameball Fusion E40

Josie is a strong, aggressive player that likes to get to the basket. She looks to attack early and get physical. She plays off the wing but is capable of bringing the ball up and making decisions in the open floor. She can also create space for her shot off the dribble. She is a hard worker on defense and communicates well to teammates. 

2024 Jocelyn Faison

2024 Team Nite Nite 17U E40

Jocelyn is a long, athletic guard with skills. She has handles for her size and showed that she can be shifty off the dribble. Her length gives her the advantage when finishing, shooting, and on defense. She rebounds and pushes the ball in transition, and she finishes around the rim at a high level. Her energy and leadership charges her team and it seems that she is a coachable player. 

Faith Frey #13 I 5'6" / SG

2024 OPS Jordan E40

Faith is an aggressive player on both ends of the floor, she is a pure knockdown shooter that doesn’t need much space in connecting on multiple three’s. She runs well off screens, has great foot speed and a hard worker on the defensive end.

Alaysia Burrough #2 | 5’8” / SG

2024 Oklahoma Swarm Sam 17U Elite E40

Alaysia is very quick she gets downhill in a hurry, she is one of those players that has a motor non-stop and does it all. She pressures the ball full length of the court hit shots from deep, hits the gap, and attacks the paint, she has nice midrange shot attacks the glass.

Elizabeth Hunt #33 | 6’0” / SF

2026 Ohio Future Whitt E40

Elizabeth is very versatile, she can dribble the length of the court, she dominates her opponent if they are smaller in the paint and if someone is bigger, she can beat them off the dribble and finish. She has a big upside to her.

Ashlynn Smith #34 I 6'1" / C

2026 Oklahoma Swarm Harper 15U E40

Ashlynn gives a very strong presence in the paint, which draws a lot of attention. She has excellent footwork, set solid screens, and rolls to the basket, very effective in the low post where she scores and grabs multiple rebounds.

Mariyah Brown #20 I 6’0" / SF

2024 THS 17U Team Spaz E40

Mariyah is a very physical player that can guard anyone on the floor, she moves well through screens, is always on the help side, and slows her opponent down. She is very effective going downhill she always has someone running with her to make the extra pass. Great court awareness as she makes the right play.

Avae Unrast #1 I 5’6" / PG

2024 Ohio Lady Attack

Avae is a tempo setter; she gets everyone involved. She has good court vision, always making the extra pass, if left open she is able to shoot the 3 ball. Attacks the basket with force to draw contact and is not afraid to go in with the bigs.

Ella Ryan #24 I 5’10" / SG

2025 B Wright Black E40

Ella is a physical athlete, she has an electrifying motor that can go. She attacks the paint, looks for open teammates for the extra pass, and pays gritty defense. She can score around the paint area and she looks to use her strength with putbacks.

Hailey Rees #4 I 5’9" / PG

2025 SMAC Future E40

Hailey has been playing great she has shown she can knock down the open or contested shot. She looks for her teammates in the open floor and plays solid defense keeping her opponent in front.

Evelyn Freeman #5 I 5’5" / PG

2026 Blue Heart National E40

Evelyn is a young guard, but she has some skills, she can push the ball in transition for an easy layup, a nice smooth jump shot from 20 feet. Plays a solid overall game at her level.

Reza Po #20 I 5’4" / PG

2024 Cal Ballaz Red E40

Reza is a left-handed small guard but has a lot of skill. Her court vision is awesome she gets the ball in tight windows for the finish. Another thing she can do is shoot the ball well with high efficiency and attack the rim at all cause.

Allie Turner #2 I 5’8" / PG

2024 Phee Elite Olufson E40

Allie is a highly talented guard with a great IQ of the game. She is very quick with the ball and she is able to create her own shot off the dribble. She is smooth with the ball and shooting the ball, and she is also a great defender getting multiple deflections and tips for easy baskets

Allison Heathcock #13 I 6’0" / SG

2024 Oklahoma Swift 17U Mathurin E40

Allison is a long very athletic wing player that has all the tools you want in a player, she can shoot, pass, rebound, and defend. Very versatile player that can slow down any player from positions 1-4. Also has quick lateral movement

Kassidy Ingram #4

2024 Sports City Angels E40

Kassidy is a talented player who plays the passing lane well. She moves her feet on defense and goes after loose balls. She is very efficient at shooting the three-ball as well. Kassidy is all over the court as she will guard anyone you put her on.

Lakeeyah Barnes #0 I 5’4" / G

2024 Lady Meanstreets Elite Blue Armstrong

Lakeeyah is a shifty guard with a smooth jumper. She has a tight handle and can dribble through traffic. She has a small frame, but it doesn’t affect her when she drives to the paint, she was able to finish though contact multiple plays. Lakeeyah is at her best when her team gets out and runs. She did a great job at pushing the pace and putting pressure on the defense the entire game.

Addison Sikorski #33 I 5’11" / C

2026 UTS Lady Elite E40

Addison is a great rebounder she gave her team a lot of extra possessions with her offensive rebounding. She is a good passer out of the post she found her shooters open every time. Addison was the only big her team had and she battled hard she was boxing out multiple players at the same time and was fighting for every jump ball.

Essence Curry #20 I 5’6" / G

2026 Team Griffin E40 Cobbins

Essence is a great point guard she showed great vision throughout the game. She is quick and has a great handle she is also a good defender she gets really low and gets in the ball handler’s space. Essence also took the ball strong to the rack and was able to finish over taller defenders.

Mya Patton #33 I 6’0" / C

2026 Oklahoma Swift Thompson E40

Mya is a great rebounder she is strong and physical when boxing out. She was the anchor on defense for her team she controlled the paint and made it difficult for the offense to score. You can tell Mya understands the game well she showed a high IQ.

Kara Marcy #2 I 5’7" / G

2026 Genesis Basketball E40

Kara is a lights-out shooter she is great off the catch and shoot and off the dribble. She can either play off the ball coming off screens or just moving around in motion offense and be the primary ball handler for her team running the offense. Kara is highly skilled showcasing her shooting ability and her dribbling ability.

Leah Nordin #3 I 6’1" / F

2024 WI Blaze Inferno E40

Leah is a two-way player her size and length get her a lot of steals. She has a well-rounded offensive game she has a nice 3 pt shot and she has a nice touch around the basket. Leah also showed a nice handle being able to dribble through multiple defenders.

Sydney Fenn #24 I 6’3" / F

2024 XGen Premier E40

Sydney has great size being listed at 6’3". She is excellent at setting screens; it freed up her guards a lot. The most important aspect of Sydney’s game is that she is a shooter she shot the ball well and was confident from beyond the arc.

Inia Jones #33 I 5’7" / G

2024 Nebraska Hoops Elite E40

Inia is the heart and soul of her team they go as she goes. She is an on-court coach she calls out plays and actions to her teammates. Inia has a good jumper and is a strong guard who can take contact well while driving to the basket.

Mckayla Hosley #10 I 6’0" / G

2024 Porter Sports E40

Mckayla is a tall guard being listed at 6’0 she is a problem for other guards. She uses her long arms to steal the ball from ball handlers and to jump the passing lanes. She showed off her athleticism with her rebounding and acrobatic layups. Mckayla is a valuable player for her team she played forward and guard and was able to play on and off the ball.

Taylor Scohy #12 I 5’9" / G

2024 Ohio Lady Attack E40

Taylor is a crafty player she has a deep arsenal of moves to score like spin jumper and euro steps. She has good ball-handling skills and was able to finish over much bigger defenders. Taylor has good fundamentals she is not super athletic, so she found ways to get past defenders and to score.

Mailia Wilson #24 I 5’4" / G

2025 TN Flight E40 Johnson

Malia Wilcox is a lockdown defender she has quick hands and fast feet. She was able to stop the other team from crossing half-court multiple times. She forced many turnovers either by getting steals or making the ball handlers lose the ball. Malia had a huge impact on the game, her defensive pressure and scoring ability helped her team jump out to huge lead.

Alli Robertson #21 I 6’1" / F

2025 Next Level E40

Alli has every tool you need to be a great player. She plays hard on both ends of the floor. She runs the floor well and she is efficient around the rim. Alli has an excellent jump shot and is a rim protector she also has a good IQ and knows how to play her role on the team to perfection.

Kameran Wilson #11 I 5’10" / G

2025 TN Flight Trotters Armes E40

Kameran is a microwave scorer she can get hot in a hurry. She can score from all over the court midrange, 3-point shooting, and driving. Kameran is a consistent scorer every time her team needed a bucket, they knew they could count on her.

Brooke Braen #11 I 5’5" / G

2025 NJ Panthers Black E40

Brooke has a high motor she is always running hard and played most of the whole game. She is a good defender who can defend 94 feet and on offense she used her speed and quickness to beat defenders to the basket. Brooke has a nice jumper and she showed off her ball-handling skills by beating the defense press multiple times.

Mikayla Dunston #5 I 5’5" / G

2025 Bouncenation FBC Jay E40

Mikayla was at her best today in transition she was able to get downhill and put pressure on the defense. She has a tight handle and a good 3-point shot. Mikayla is quick and she used her speed to get past defenders.

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