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Rockingham Park Rides Again
Originally opening in 1906, then becoming a premier horse racing destination in the 1930s, Rockingham Park was an important part of New Hampshire history.

During it's heyday, the track saw the likes of Seabiscuit, Brass Monkey, and even one of Bing Crosby's horses.

In the above photo, the Rockingham wood is repurposed in a private residence in Wellesley, Mass.

The wood is cut to utilize the old face of the boards.The ceiling boards are joists split in half, and the beams are wrapped. All of this wood is locally sourced and locally machined.

As the days of horseracing go by the wayside, and the Rockingham Park buildings are being removed, The Jarmak Corp contracted to purchase the 5000 boards that were used to make the horse stables. 

It's a beautiful mix of natural pines, weathered in some places, gnawed on, or kicked by racehorses over the decades. It is a wonderful antiqued surface that we are happy to offer. Not only is it a piece of history, it is also reclaimed and sustainable.

Rockingham Park in it's heyday.

Farmhouse table constructed from Rockingham wood.

A truckload of Rockingham wood leaving the stables.

Reclaimed Maple Factory Flooring

When one of our customers decided to put an addition on to her cabin in Western Massachusetts, she found us!

We think the use of our maple flooring reclaimed from a factory is the perfect fit for this rustic kitchen.

The character this flooring shows makes it look right at home in this new gathering spot for their family.

Available In Our Yard Now!
Reclaimed Mushroom Wood

Reclaimed mushroom wood in the yard now! This is a really unusual and beautiful offering, and we are really excited to have saved it. We reclaimed this wood from mushroom farms in Eastern US.

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Mid 19th Century Hand Cut Timber

These timbers were hand cut in the 19th Century and used in a Boston area church.

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Heart Pine Posts

Reclaimed Heart Pine posts in a variety of sizes.

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Unpainted Reclaimed Timber

Unpainted Reclaimed Timber

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Reclaimed Naval Yard Redwood

Reclaimed redwood from the Portsmouth Naval Yard watertank.

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