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Building Bridges of

Inclusion, Justice, and Spirituality

Rock The Week

19 June 2024

Our society has some catching up to do as we add the historic day of Juneteenth to our consciousness. Read more about it here.

We acknowledge the journey of many among us who have been wounded by exclusion and judgment, abuse and abandonment by our families, by society, and by religious institutions, leaders and their followers. We seek to heal the harm caused by the failure to demonstrate Your love to all Your children and affirm our commitment to love and inclusivity. We recognize the pain inflicted by the broader church and embrace our role in healing and moving forward in unity as one body of Christ. Let us walk together in peace, enriched by the infinite, beautiful diversity of all God’s children.

-Christopher Schouten, Phoenix, AZ

Make Us Part of Your Chosen Spiritual Family

No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey,

you are welcome here!

This Sunday at Shadow Rock

9:00 a.m.

  • Spiritual Play in the Red Room (Spiritual Play will begin at 9 am and end at 10 am through June)
  • No Sunday School/Wonderkids during the month of June. See you in August!
  • Adult Spiritual Formation will be in the Multipurpose Room.
  • Child Care in the Blue Room.
  • No Kindlings this week.

10:15 a.m.

  • Worship in the sanctuary

11:15 a.m.

  • Sermon Reboot will NOT happen after the worship service on June 23rd. Join us for the Implementation Workshop! Childcare is available. Please call the church office at 602-993-0050 if you plan to attend.

If you want to look beyond the week then click below.

The Month At A Glance

Sliding Into July Sabbath Office Hours

For the remainder of June the office will be open Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings (9 am -12 pm) and Thursdays through June. Lois, Heidi, and Ken can still be reached by phone or email.


June 23 is Speak Out Sunday. The topic is, "Describe a healing moment for yourself or one you witnessed". We have two fabulous story tellers coming out of our pews and claiming the pulpit. All will be blessed as they share their stories and find their voice.

June 30 Celebrating 25 years of being Open and Affirming of all people, potluck, claiming new members, and visiting with Rev. Dr. Toni Hawkins (SWC Conference Minister)


Thank you everyone for giving the call for stories such serious consideration. We have two stories from the congregation and we will build a service of worship around these stories and celebrate these spiritual voices in our midst.

This is one more way we give voice to goodness!

Prayer Shawl Ministry Continues To Be Alive And Well

Our friend and member Doug Nichols very recently received a prayer shawl from our team. He is moving into his new home and the shawl currently has a prominent place in his new home. Thank you Prayer Shawl Team. Your work reminds people they are loved and not alone.

A Great Summer Reading Option

In the late summer of 2001, Thomas Brown lost his brother, Marc Brown, to suicide. After a turbulent decade of navigating the grief of his brother's loss, a series of synchronistic events set him on a quest to organize and ride his bicycle over 7,000 miles, zig-zagging across the United States. Together with a friend, Zak, who also lost a brother to suicide, Thomas sets out on an adventure that would test his body, his spirit, and his mind. Along his path, Thomas meets an extraordinary cast of characters and receives many lessons, but above all, he learns the value of self-awareness. 2012: A Bicycle Odyssey shares the exploits of organizing a cross-country adventure, embarking on a wild journey, and finding one's way back home.

Thomas Brown is a friend of Shadow Rock and is well acquainted with us and our values. He was interviewed by Pastor Ken during the COVID Brother Talk Interview Series and rode his bike down the aisles of our sanctuary during worship as we wished him well on his journey.

Order the book here!

Plan the Work and Work the Plan On June 23rd After Church With Our Implementation Workshop

Everyone is invited to get an overview of the process and worksheets that will guide our next steps for revitalization. We will gather in the Multipurpose Room to review the "planning tools" available for people who join a working group for the initiatives of increasing ministries and revenue for Shadow Rock.

The Initiative Working Groups include rental income, planned giving, and wedding venues. Each of these groups holds the potential for sharing our core values, building new friendships, and strengthening our congregation.

Which group do you want to be a part of? Contact Cindy Gattorna or Pastor Ken if you have questions or want to talk about it.

This flag means ALL ARE WELCOME! Additionally, it gives a message of inclusivity to specific people who have historically been excluded.

We Celebrate 25 Years of Being An Open and Affirming Congregation

June 30th we will celebrate Shadow Rock's congregational vote to be an Open and Affirming Congregation to all people. Our celebration will have music, a potluck, and a visit with Dr. Toni Hawkins (our Southwest Conference Minister).


We will be having "Sloppy Joes" thanks to Bert Ruby!

We will be reaching out to our relationship groups to help with items, i.e. buns, relish trays, fruit, bags of chips, etc. If you see this and want to leap ahead of the process, contact the church office.

New People Join Shadow Rock June 30th!

As if we did not have enough to celebrate. We add to the joy as we have new people making their belonging to us official.

Come, shake their hands, give them a hug, and welcome them to our spiritual family! Then stay for the sloppy joes in Smith Hall.

Important Sloppy Joe Potluck Update!

Thanks to Bert Ruby and Loreen Shipley we have the entrée for our potluck. What we still need are relational groups to call the church office and say something like the following:

"It would bring us great joy to (fill in the blank with one of the following).

  • bring bags of chips
  • bring buns
  • bring fruit
  • bring ice cream cups
  • help set up
  • help clean up
  • bring table decorations
  • do Liz Curry's bidding
  • bring a jar of pickle slices
  • bring a vegetarian version of sloppy joes

You get the idea. Thanks and let's have fun!