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Meet Rachelle, Data Analyst

What inspired you to apply for the Data Analyst Training Accelerator (DATA) program?

I was part of the first Data Analyst Training Accelerator cohort! I didn’t know where to start. Before joining the DATA program, I worked in tourism & sales, where I used Excel, CRM, and ticketing software, but I wanted to learn more. I thought about a career in data, and after seeing an ad online for the Data Analyst Training Accelerator, I applied. 
DATA was challenging, and at times overwhelming, but it was so exciting. It was just magic. My cohort was diverse. Students came from all walks of life, and I learned so much about life listening to their stories.

About Imposter Syndrome

You might ask yourself, “Am I going to feel comfortable in this industry?” I was 30, Hispanic, a female, and I have a kid. I asked myself questions like, “Can I do this? Am I going to be accepted? Will I have an issue because of the way I look and the things I can’t control?”

This program helped me identify my strengths and manage my weaknesses. We had over 10 Lunch & Learns where speakers from companies like Google & LinkedIn talked to us about working in the tech industry. We also met weekly with Career Services. Slowly, it helped build my confidence and made me feel like I could do it.

About Diversity in the Tech Industry

It is something that I think about when interviewing. I look for people that look like me or who I can relate to. Are there any other women, parents, or people of color? If you feel the same, you have to push through and not get in your own head. Tech companies need to explore how they recruit and re-examine their strategies to get a diverse candidate pool. Programs like the TTP DATA program are helping to close the gap. My classmates and I would have never applied for the jobs that we have now. This opportunity helped us see a future in tech that we would not have otherwise sought. 

What are you doing today?

Today, I am a Data Analyst at Galvanize New York, using analytics to advise on company strategy. Before this, I was a Data Analytics Resident for the DATA program. Some of my responsibilities included being a guest lecturer, tutor, and curriculum advisor supporting the next cohort of DATA students.

During my experience as a DATA student, I was one of two people selected out of hundreds of applicants for a fellowship with the Long-Term Stock Exchange. The Long-Term Stock Exchange is a public stock market that supports investment. During the fellowship, I created scripts for tracking market share, internal data on customers, and how well the business was doing. It was an exciting time. 
The TTP DATA Program

Remember, this is just the first step in your journey. If you do get in, you will be joining a community where you will be supported and connected to a team that will help you in your career for a long time.
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