Like many other organizations, PNWER has shifted from our usual in-person meetings to virtual events over the past few months. In June, we began the webinar series, "Moving Forward: A Sector-by-Sector Approach to Safe Economic Recovery." These webinars have focused on best practices throughout our ten state and provincial jurisdictions on COVID-19 response while promoting safe economic recovery. We intend to continue our virtual series throughout the fall, but see below for a recap of the events we have held so far.
Visit our website for details on our ongoing series, register for upcoming webinars, and check out recordings of past webinars.

If you have any questions or want to be involved in our ongoing series, feel free to contact us!
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Remote Workers and the Rise of the Main Street: Innovating Our Way Out of a Crisis Series

The shift to a work-from-home model has introduced millions to tools for remote productivity sparking what could be a golden age for small- and medium-sized cities. Hear from PNW towns on how they are planning to welcome...Read more
The Four Phases of Response: Innovating Our Way Out of a Crisis Series

Hear from University of Washington professor and author, Margaret O'Hara, on what lessons can be learned from past events and how we can retool to make the PNW economic region even more vibrant than...Read more
Food for the Future:
The Long-Term Implications of COVID-19 on Food Supply

What are the long-term implications of COVID-19 on food production, processing, and supply chains? Hear from experts from around the region about how they are responding and preparing...Read more
Decarbonization, Resilience, and the Future of the Western
Power Grid

Join PNWER, NorthWestern Energy, Mitsubishi Power, and a panel of utility executives for a discussion on the future of the Western power grid, as utilities seek to decarbonize while maintaining...Read more
Road and Rail:
Safety in Separation
Representatives from government, rail, and road share how federal programs for highway-rail grade separation can address safety concerns, promote economic development, and reduce...Read more
Cutting the Red Tape:
Permit Modernization
Explore how COVID recovery can be stimulated through major transportation infrastructure funding and a streamlined permitting process as well as how the U.S. federal government is taking...Read more
Construction and COVID:
BC's Model for Collaboration
and Continuity
Learn how coordination between WorkSafeBC and the BC Construction Safety Alliance allowed for construction work continuity during the pandemic. Hear best practices and how public...Read more
Lessons for Leadership: The Ever-Changing Role of the CISO & the Future of Cybersecurity
How do we create more resilient organizations, manage risk, and foster a culture of cyber resilience? Hear from CISOs on their evolving role as the world shifts to a work-from-home...Read more
PNWER Regional Tourism Task Force: Briefing from the Cruise Industry
Hear from Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) about initiatives underway to ensure the safe and secure return of cruising and possible solutions for health protocols, bio-security...Read more
COVID-19 & Invasive Species Program: Working Lands Roundtable Series
Partner Webinar with the Western Governors' Association
The WGA & PNWER co-hosted a session focusing on the pandemic's effects on invasive species programs...Read more
Congratulations to MLA Larry Doke on Your Retirement!
We would like to congratulate Larry Doke on his many years of service as a Member of the Legislative Assembly in Saskatchewan and recognize his tremendous contributions to PNWER. In his tenure as a PNWER delegate, Larry served as PNWER President (2018-19), Vice President (2017-18), and as Agriculture Working Group Co-chair (2015-2020). He was also a graduate of the Legislative Energy Horizon Institute (LEHI) in 2013.

As a PNWER Officer, Larry visited every state and province in the PNWER region and met with key federal leaders in both Washington, D.C. and Ottawa. He testified in legislative committee hearings in every state about issues including trade, transportation, agriculture, and invasive species. His passion to keep our region’s lakes and rivers pristine drove him to push for increased awareness and funding to address aquatic invasive species on both sides of the border. These efforts led to increased inspection stations and better cross-border coordination on invasive species response.
Larry led PNWER during an unprecedented time in Canada-U.S. relations. He helped guide the organization as we navigated the U.S. tariffs on Canadian paper, steel, and aluminum and the resulting retaliatory tariffs from Canada. Larry also led a major effort to ensure PNWER had a significant voice in the renegotiation of NAFTA by providing specific recommendations from our region to key negotiators on both sides of the border. Under his leadership, PNWER issued several statements and letters encouraging our national leaders to strike a deal that would benefit both the U.S. and Canada. Despite disagreements at the federal level, Larry ensured that our cross-border relationships remained strong at the PNWER level.
Also during his tenure as PNWER President, Larry expanded the inclusion of culture and economic development best practices of Native Americans, First Nation, Métis, and Indigenous peoples into the Annual Summit. This was a significant focus of the 2019 Summit where he hosted the entire region in Saskatoon for the 29th PNWER Summit and showcased many of the great sights and best practices of Saskatchewan.

We would like to wish Larry and Val a happy retirement and express our gratitude for all they have done for our region and our organization. They have built lasting and valuable friendships over the years, and we hope to continue to stay in touch. On behalf of the PNWER staff and our delegates, we thank Larry for his service and dedication!
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