Hudson River
Fishermen’s Association
January 11th
Meeting starts at 7:30 PM

Ridgefield Park Elks Lodge
21 Cedar St
Ridgefield Park, NJ
$20 bills money
Don’t forget all members are eligible for the HRFA free dollars at the end of the meeting. We remember one fellow getting up and leaving during the meeting only to have his name picked for the HRFA free $ at the end of the meeting.
The pot is now at a cool $194.00.
January's General Meeting
Topic: Fish Tales

Guest Speaker: YOU!

Summary: Come share your fishing exploits and tall tales.
All are invited to join the meeting 
& share their fishing stories.
BTW, at the meeting, don't forget to ask Scott Havner to tell all about the HRFA Invitational 1st Place Trophy and Commemorative Plaque.

If Scott doesn't show up Joe Albanese will be happy to discuss the new format for our inter club contests. Joe will bring the trophy & plaque with him. He will also be signing autographs.
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May the New Year be one when the “only
COVID BITE” is one a SALMON does on the
newest Bruger fly invention, the “COVID FLY”!

(deadly on salmon when inhaled)

Have a Happy New Year full of fishing success
and lots of fun, family and good health!

Carl Bruger
Next General Meeting
7:30 PM January 11th
To Be Determined

Executive Meeting
1st Tuesday of every month Ridgefield Park Elks at 7:30 pm
21 Cedar St, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
HRFA Officers
Aram Setian
Vice President
Joseph Albanese
Frank Wisniewski
John Malool
Membership Secretary
Arnold Ulrich
Board Members
Chairman Youth Anglers
Wayne Geider 
Hooked on the Hudson
Pete Musse
Gil Hawkins
Miguel Sardinas
Fishing Contests
Aram Setian
Scott Havner
Outdoors Shows
Dave Mercer
Janice Soto
Dan Harrison
Director Emeritus
Tony Evangelista
Antony Carbone (2020)
Ivan Garcia (2021)
Marius Bahr (2022) 
Nominating Committee:
John Golon
Gil Hawkins
Aram Setian
Social Media Committee:
Alex Spindelman
Editor River Views:
Joseph Albanese
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The Hudson River Fishermen’s Association is a group of recreational fishermen who make active use of the N.Y. Bight and the surrounding water system and are concerned with the present and future state of these fisheries. Our objectives are to encourage the responsible use of aquatic resources and protection of habitat. We assist where possible in efforts to abate pollution and promote sportfishing and the management of that recreation. We are a IRS recognized nonprofit 501c3 organization . All donations are welcome and maybe tax deductable. 
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From our President
Greetings HRFA Members and Friends,

I hope that as of this writing, we find you all well and safe and enjoying the fishing opportunities of the pre-COVID-19 Pandemic. We are all looking forward to ringing in the New year.

We still need volunteer(s) and someone to chair the two Outdoors and Sportsmen Shows in which we plan to participate this year:
  1. March 3-6 . . . The World fishing and Outdoor Expo at Rockland Community College in Suffern, NY.
  2. August . . . The Garden State Outdoors Show in Edison NJ originally scheduled for Jan. 6-9th Jan. is postponed to

At the upcoming HRFA board meeting we will be reviewing our plans and strategies for 2022. As always, we appreciate your suggestions for meeting speakers/topics and fishing events. We plan to initiate Fishing Clinics as part of the Youth Anglers Program, to held once or twice per month. Please look for the scheduling for when you can participate.

The December general meeting at the Elks Lodge was very lively. Stoumpos (Eric) Argyri a.k.a. "Mr. Poseidon", a well-known YouTube broadcast personality, exchanged fishing experiences with the attending members. Some of us had met Mr. Poseidon on the Piermont Pier pursuing stripers early in the year and sharing recent challenges. Follow him on Instagram: @mr_poseidon_fishing

We are still faced with difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, our organization continues to function successfully, thanks to our dedicated members. I would like to take this opportunity the express my sincere appreciation.

Also, I would like to remind those members, especially the recipients of the HRFA prestigious “Pete Barrett” award, that is expect from them to continue their efforts and
contribution, to the best of their abilities. We are charitable organization, we provide our services to many, and we expect our members to participate and support us, accordingly.

I would like to acknowledge the very generous donation by Patricia and Thomas Alexander in the name of Priscilla Lasher Alexander in the sum of $1,000 for the HRFA Boat Restoration Project. We appreciate this timely contribution to our organization. As always, we thank all our members and friends for your help and appreciate your donations.
It is time for a new beginning in 2022. We celebrated our 2021 achievements while preparing for the 2022 challenges.

Wishing you a very Joyful, Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year!

Capt. Aram Setian
HRFA 2021 President

Fight for the Hudson
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Upcoming Events
The Garden State Outdoor Sports Show
POSTPONED from January 6-9th to August 2022
The Garden State Outdoor Sports Show at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center in Edison, NJ

Volunteers needed! If interested, contact Dave Mercer at
The World Fishing and Outdoor Expo
March 3-6, 2022
The World fishing and Outdoor Expo at Rockland Community College in Suffern, NY.

Volunteers needed! If interested, contact Dave Mercer at
The Fred Rung Memorial Catch & Release Striped Bass Derby
April 16 - May 15, 2022
The HRFA’s annual ‘Catch & Release’ and ‘Catch, Tag & then Release’ Striper Derby returns to the Hudson River and any of its tributaries south of the Troy Dam. Major tributaries include the East River, the Hackensack River, the Passaic River, Newark Bay and the Meadowlands.  The Hudson River boundaries for the derby range from the Verrazano Bridge north, all the way up to the dam in Troy, NY. 

Starts: 7:00 am Saturday April 16th
Ends: 12:00 pm Sunday May 15th

All NJ & NY fishing regulations in place at the time of the Derby will apply. That includes the use of circle hooks when fishing for stripers with bait.

subject to increase if participation
exceeds expectations
  • Largest stripers caught & released: 1st $600, 2nd $300, 3rd $150, 4th $75 and 5th $50.
  • Largest stripers caught & released from shore: 1st $150 and 2nd $75
  • Most stripers caught, tagged and then released (1st Place only): Weekend trip for two to Montauk Long Island with the American Littoral Society. (Yet to be confirmed.)
  • Largest striper caught, tagged and then released (1st Place only): Fluke tagging trip for two with the American Littoral Society.
  • Weekly (4) prizes for biggest striper and best photo posted to Instagram.
  • The largest striper entered in the CALCUTTA: $125 plus additional prizes. Your participation supports scientific studies on stripers by Monmouth University (acoustic tags), Gray FishTag Research (satellite tags) and the Save a Million Bass project. 

Registration opens January 1, 2022.
Registration closes April 14, 2022.
  • HRFA Member: $40.00
  • New or Renewing Member: $65.00 (Includes $40.00 entry fee plus tax deductible $25.00 for one-year membership in the HRFA)
  • Non-Member: $80.00
  • CALCUTTA: Only $25.00 more
Mr. Fred Rung
For over 20 years, Fred Rung was a very dedicated HRFA member. He served as HRFA Vice President with Gil Hawkins (President 2014-16) and a Director. He was an educator and his experience and skills helped pioneer the HRFA website together with his mentor Charles Stamm (President 1996-98).

Among his many valuable contributions to our organization he created a unique, dedicated and sophisticated, web-based fishing contest program that registered, logged the catch and evaluated the results. Many such computer programs were first and one of a kind designed for the HRFA Contests such as the Striped Bass Derby and Surf Fishing tournaments. 

For his dedication and valuable contributions, he received the highest HRFA honor, the Pete Barrett Award, in 2013.

Fred Rung passed away in March 2020. We still miss his friendship, dedication and wisdom,

Capt. Aram Setian
HRFA 2020 President
* NOTE: It is possible to win cash in multiple categories. For example, Largest from boat or shore 1st Place $600 + Largest from shore 1st Place $150 + Largest in the CALCUTTA $125 = $875 Total winnings.
Support the American Littoral Society with the purchase of a "Tag for Jeff" sticker.
To memorialize Jeff Dement and his contributions, one of his former interns (Sam Glover) created a sticker.
(Fri.) NY: Minnewaska State Park Preserve (meet in Peter’s Kill Area, 5080 Rt. 44/55, Gardiner) Free admission! $10.00 parking per car Arrive early for rentals. Registration required: 845-255-0752
  • JAN. 1 FAMILY SNOWSHOE / HIKE: “THE FIRST DAY” (moderate+) 1 PM (Fri.) NY: Minnewaska State Park Preserve (meet at Sam’s Point Visitor Center, 400 Sam’s Point Road in Cragsmoor, off Route 52) Free admission! $10.00 parking per car Arrive early for rentals. Registration required: 845-647-7989
  • JAN. 8 HISTORY HIKE: “MILLIONAIRE’S ROW” with Eric Nelsen (easy+) 10 AM
(Sat.) NJ: meet at Park Headquarters (PIParkway Exit 2 or Route 9W to Alpine Approach Road) Free admission and parking! Inclement weather cancels, call to confirm. Info: 201-768-1360 x108
Past Events
General Meeting
December 14, 2021
The December general meeting at the Elks Lodge was very lively. Stoumpos (Eric) Argyri a.k.a. "Mr. Poseidon", a well-known YouTube broadcast personality, exchanged fishing experiences with the attending members.
Mr Poseidon
Mr. Poseidon graciously donated a Z-Belt wader belt complete with surf bag to the HRFA. The item raised additional raffle monies to benefit the club. The lucky winner was Dan Marfino.


The Z-Belt with its extra lumbar support and integrated plug bag are awesome together. It is made by Luke Znosko. Check out his video.
Our guest speaker decided to start making videos of products he likes and about striper fishing. About two years ago he started a YouTube channel under the name Mr. Poseidon. His channel currently has over 800 subscribers. He is a Catch & Release striper hunter intent on sharing knowledge between all fans of any kind of fishing. He also does a livestream talk show on YouTube called Let's Talk Fishing every Sunday at 7pm ET usually with a live guest speaker. He has terrific fishing giveaways for those tuned in to his weekly broadcasts.

Link to his YouTube channel:

Follow him on Instagram: @mr_poseidon_fishing

On Facebook: Poseidon Fish

 Carl's Corner
Carl Bruger has been a writer for this newsletter educating and entertaining us who read River Views for a long time. Here is his latest gem.
Finding Great Deals
By Carl Bruger
First of all let me wish all the members of the HRFA a healthy happy new year from Pat and me. We can’t enjoy the great outdoors without feeling well so I hope everyone and their families has weathered the latest Covid onslaught and continued to plan on future fishing

The meat of this article is based on an old one and that is how to get great deals on fishing gear. The newest and maybe the best will be the special sale I will have in my basement of the house I’m moving from in Dumont! That’s right the famous “asylum” full of half a century of fishing gear is being sold so we can move to Hackettstown, and you will have first crack at the non-antique thousands of items from tuna gear to ice fishing stuff. With the approval of the HRFA I will donate 25% of whatever the members buy during the sale to the youth anglers and scholarship funds. Even if you yourself do not need some gear this is the perfect time to load up on super bargains to give as presents or to get other folks started in fishing. Maybe you might want to take up fly fishing or ice fishing and now you can get started cheaply and help your club in the process.

Agreed upon dates in late February or early March will be announced by President Aram Setien. Transactions will be by cash or check only made out to Carl Bruger.


I promised other “great deal opportunities in this article so here are another baker’s dozen that have provided this author with thousands of fishing items of use or display over a seventy year period of angling!

1) The best things in life are free! Would you believe that I have retrieved thousands of dollars’ worth of antique rods and reels during curbside junk day? I am proud to be a picker when it comes down to finds like that!

2) Garage sales can be gold mines when folks just want to unload Uncle Bill’s rusty old tackle box full of mint Heddon lures for $5.

3)At estate sales even more can be made, like the $18,000 I help two lady professors save
on their Great Uncle’s huge collection before they would have been ripped off by just dumping it in a garage sale. In a High Roller’s Auction they made top dollar! They gave me $200 worth of antique flies as thanks for the tip.

3) Family passings- When a fisherman/woman in a family dies their gear is often something that should be considered significant in what should be of great value in what is passed down.

4) Barter- This age old method of trade got me a huge tackle box full of antique spinners in trade for a few overdue hours of SAT tutorials when the mother couldn’t pay and knew I loved
fishing and antique collecting. I snapped at the offer better than the ancient muskies did to those 1840 Buell spoons!

5) Church rummage sales- You never know what will pop up in donations. In the grab bags (I found a notebook with silver dollars’ worth over $500 taped inside) it went to CUMAC food bank where my wife was the Paterson administrator. I also found an antique fly wallet made out of leather with cat gut tied antique flies for $2.

6) 2nd hand / antique stores- Not as likely to be a killing but you might find a missing piece of a lure set or a special one-of-a kind must have item worth the price they ask and you are willing to spend.

7)Thrift Shops- I bought my growing boys and I insulated outer wear for next to nothing so we could ice fish and ski with minimal expense on clothing. Other bargains await such as fishing vests, boots, hats, hand knitted woolens etc.

8) Auctions- Occasional deals are available to the lucky and savvy attendee of the right auction with the right fishing gear. Don’t get caught in a bidding war.

9) Box store bargains- Who can resist when you see prices on rods are 60% off or lures are two for the price of one. Holiday sales like pre-Christmas or Fourth of July are big promotions.

10) Stores that are closing due to retirement- Remember a few years ago the great deals at Meltzer’s in Garfield? These situations are great opportunities for super bargains on big ticket items.

11) Bankruptcy sales/Going out of business- I remember loading up on gear when Herman’s, Two Guys, Dart and dozens of other sports stores folded.

12) Newspapers & Magazines- ads found here often can lead one to individual bargains in myriad types of sought after tackle

13) The COMPUTER- After E-Bay this scribe is a neophyte at finding gear on sale but there are hundreds of fishing gear networks available to you if you look for them and seek to find gear all over the world with a touch of the keyboard.

I wish you the best in all your bargain hunting! CB
From the Internet
Be sure to check out the H.R.F.A. Events Calendar below for this month's member birthday notices, holidays and events.
Save the Whales... Or Save the Planet?

Vineyard Wind Harpooned By New Federal Lawsuit, By Robert Bryce December 27, 2021 Despite more than a decade of hype and the promise of billions of dollars in federal and state...

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How to tie a DROPPER LOOP easy

In this video I demonstrate how to tie a dropper loop with just simply the mechanics and then in my next video I will demonstrate how the dropper loop can be...

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That's Entertainment!
2022 Surf Scenarios Seminar Series FULL VIDEO!
Brought to you by Surfcasters Journal
In Hoboken, a model for a
truly public waterfront . . .
From our Membership Chair
HRFA Members stuff
New member this month is Richard Wheeler, Ocean, NJ. Welcome aboard Richard.
2022 HRFA membership cards are available now. Plan to pay your dues at the January meeting, print out the application, or renew on line . Fight for the Hudson
$20 bills money
What is HRFA Free Money?

At every HRFA in-person meeting, half of the HRFA portion of the 50/50 money goes into a virtual jar. At the end of the meeting, a paid HRFA member's name is picked (from a jar of all paid HRFA members) to receive the money. The name is announced three times. If the HRFA paid member is not present, the money goes back into the jar for the next month's meeting. The process continues and is repeated at the next HRFA meeting.

HRFA Free money (split 50/50) for Dec 14, 2021 was $194.00 ($169.00 plus, the split 50/50 of $25.00). From the bucket of HRFA paid members, a name was picked by speaker Mr. Poseidon  at the meeting. Mr. Poseidon picked HRFA member John Sullivan’s name and announced aloud to all present. John Sullivan was not there. So, the $194.00 HRFA Free Money goes back into the jar with the names of all HRFA paid members for the next in-person meeting. 

Will you be there at the January 11, 2022 HRFA meeting to collect $194.00?

Arnie Ulrich Membership Chair
HRFA Membership Information
Pay your dues. Get your 2022 membership card at the next meeting.

For those people who join(ed) the HRFA in October (or later) of a given year, their new or renewal membership also is covered for the following new year. There is also a generous grace period for those who are unable to update their membership in January, however paying your dues late puts a strain on the records maintenance and consequently the ability of the executive board’s planning of activities and events.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to help (time, skills, or financially) on any particular club projects or events, feel free to email me, Arnie Ulrich ( or call me at 1-201-304-4691.

So how old is your fish? <--- click here

Fishing Licenses and Saltwater Registry for NJ & NY, Hudson River Regulations, etc.

Click on the buttons below for the:
NOTE: To order your NY State Fishing License by phone call 866-933-2257
NOTE: To get the New York Saltwater Registry you must first register for a free Citizen Access account, then log in and Buy Sporting License(s) (the Saltwater license is free)
HRFA Photo Gallery
Have a photograph and/or fishing story you would like to share with the club? If so, we'd love to hear from you. After all, no one wants to see the same members over and over again. Email it to and we will do our very best to squeeze it into an upcoming issue of River Views.
The Doctor will see you now. Dirk VanEverdingen, the Citizen Scientist that he is, practices catch, tag & release on the Hackensack River. This is his "operating table" which he set up to quickly measure and insert an American Littoral Society tag for science.
Heave ho! Somewhere along the Jersey shore, Scott Havner launches another lure into the sea at sun set.
That's Dirk (again) at an undisclosed location along the Hackensack River.
From Fish to Dish
Pete Musse
This year there were a couple of surprise catches for anglers fishing in the late November striper tournaments hosted by Charlie's Bait N Tackle and The Berkeley Striper Club. There were several redfish (red drum) caught by anglers targeting striped bass. One lucky angler was Stephanie Hess photographed there with Scott Havner and her 25" red drum.

There is no closed season for red drum in NJ where the limit is one 18"-27" fish per day.
Redfish (a.k.a. red drum or channel bass) are the perfect species for Cajun Blackened Seasoning. So good!
PREPARATION: Heat a cast iron frying pan over high heat. Dip the fillets into melted butter then coat generously with Louisiana Cajun Blackened Seasoning. Gently place into cast iron pan and blacken on both sides. Open the windows. It's gonna get smokey. Enjoy!
HRFA Calendar
Calendar | Hudson River Fishermen's Association

Our calendar system is currently being developed. Please check out the most recent River Views newsletter for for our upcoming events.

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Your donation will support the mission of the HRFA to “Fight for the Hudson”, our Youth Angler Program, College Scholarship Fund, etc.

The HRFA Surf Fishing Team is now forming to compete in the 2022 Spring ASAC tournaments.

To get in on the fun, learn from experienced surf anglers and compete for valuable prizes contact Joe Albanese or Pete Musse
HRFA Youth Angler Program
Youth Angler Program
By Wayne Geider
Want to volunteer?
Just call Youth Angler Program Chair Wayne Geider at
(201) 384-8046.
H.R.F.A. Merchandise

Newly redesigned HRFA baseball caps ($15) are now available. Pick one up at the next monthly meeting. Or, click on the photo to order yours today. Wear it proudly!

Other apparel with our logo are also available. Like this handsomely designed and practical UPF shirt. Wear it proudly when fishing and save a little on the sunscreen too. For members only. Ask Ivan Garcia for one. 
Front & Sleeve
The Pride of the HRFA
Project to Save our Historical Heritage
Due to the restrictions imposed on our lives by the CV19 pandemic our plans are on hold. We hope and pray that in the Spring of 2022 volunteers may start working to refurbish the Hudson River Fishermen Assn. Riverkeeper to her former days of glory.

When launched in 1983 she was the world's first and only riverkeeper vessel. Her mission was to patrol the river for polluters and make them stop. Our mission today remains the same as it was in the beginning - "FIGHT FOR THE HUDSON". To offer your time and talents contact Project Leader Dan Harrison at

The HRFA truly appreciates the very generous donation by Patricia and Thomas Alexander in the name of Priscilla Lasher Alexander in the sum of $1,000 for the HRFA Boat Restoration Project. We appreciate this timely contribution to our organization.

If you would like to donate $ to the cause click a photo, the image or copy & paste this address into your search bar:
2021 Fishing Contest Leader Boards
(only listing 1st, 2nd & 3rd place)
The HRFA hosts an annual fishing contest which runs from January through December and is open to all HRFA members. You have 30 days from the day you catch a fish to send in your entries. So, the deadline for submissions is January. As a member of the HRFA you and your immediate family are eligible to enter fish in any of our categories. Various divisions are available for prizes presented at our Annual Awards Dinner in March of the following year. Website updated daily. River Views newsletter updates below are done around the first the month. * indicates a new club record.
Fishing Contest Leaderboard as of August 28, 2021
Saltwater Species
Striped Bass Released
Caught From Boat
(leaders determined by length)
50" Joe Marchese
Striped Bass Kept
Caught From Boat
(leaders determined by weight)
26 lbs. Aram Setian
Striped Bass Released
Caught From Shoreline
(leaders determined by length)
40" Sandy Federico
Striped Bass Kept
Caught From Shoreline
(leaders determined by weight)
18 Lbs. Carl Hartmann
11.0 Lbs. Mona Mak
4 Lbs. 1.4 oz. Butch Pawson
Black Sea Bass
1 Lb. 8 oz. Charlie Spindelman
Scup (Porgy)
1 Lb. 12 oz. Alex Spindelman
Open Category 
Salt Water
Black Sea Ray: 45" Carl Hartmann
Halibut: 105 Lbs. Joe Marchese
Freshwater Species
4.4 Lbs. Alex Spindelman
13lbs. Bill Greene
Trout  - Local
3lbs. Christian Hoops
Trout - Great Lakes
Boris Maltsev 18 Lbs. 8oz.
Smallmouth Bass
4 Lbs. 15oz. Scott Havner
Largemouth Bass
5.0 Lbs. Aram Setian
Boris Maltsev: 22 Lbs. 8 oz.
Striped Bass from Shoreline Kept: 25” Noah Sardinas
Bluefish: 6 Lbs. 9 oz Noah Sardinas
Open Category 
Fresh Water
Bowfin: 7Lbs. 8 oz. Scott Havner
Partial list of Friends & Supporters of the HRFA
(Click on any image below to visit their website.)