Hudson River
Fishermen’s Association
July 13th
Meeting starts at 7:00 PM

NOTE: The meeting returns to the
Ridgefield Park Elks Lodge
21 Cedar St
Ridgefield Park, NJ
Don’t forget all members are eligible for the HRFA free dollars at the end of the meeting. We remember one fellow getting up and leaving during the meeting only to have his name picked for the HRFA free $ at the conclusion of the meeting. The pot is now at $42.00.
"Keep reels maintained to give them
a second chance to go fishing."
Dennis Kuntz
Guest Speaker: Dennis Kuntz
Summary: Dennis’s presentation will deal mostly with caring for our saltwater fishing gear. What you do with your tackle before and after you use it is important to keeping your gear functioning smoothly. Nobody likes their tackle to fail or malfunction when out on a day/night of angling.
At our request, Dennis will bring some reels to the meeting that he has refurbished in his shop for sale. He will also be accepting any reels that need some tender loving maintenance in his repair shop. Give your reels a chance to fish again.
Bio: Dennis is a New Jersey native who has enjoyed fishing for the majority of his life. Over 25 years ago, he began a small repair business servicing fishing reels for friends and resale. The business steadily grew and became a full time project in retirement.

Three years ago, Dennis created a YouTube Channel under his business name "2nd Chance Tackle". The purpose is to provide "how to" videos on the maintenance and repair of reels that he gets in his shop. The basic video provides an over-the-shoulder look at each step in the diagnosis and repair process. The channel also provides a forum for discussing all things fishing reel related including current trends and company histories of reel and tackle manufacturers. To date, he has posted almost 900 videos with over 13,000 subscribers and followers from around the world. Watch the example video here:
All are invited to join the meeting 
& share their fishing stories.
Fourth of July
Belated Bad Dad Joke for Father's Day ...
Q. What do you call a fish wearing a bow tie?
A. Sofishticated
Next General Meeting
7:00 PM July 13th
Guest Speaker
Dennis Kuntz
Executive Meeting
1st Tuesday of every month Ridgefield Park Elks at 7:30 pm
21 Cedar St, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
HRFA Officers
Aram Setian
Vice President
Joseph Albanese
Frank Wisniewski
John Malool
Membership Secretary
Arnold Ulrich
Board Members
Chairman Youth Anglers
Wayne Geider 
Hooked on the Hudson
Pete Musse
Gil Hawkins
Miguel Sardinas
Fishing Contests
Aram Setian
Scott Havner
Outdoors Shows
Dave Mercer
Janice Soto
Dan Harrison
Director Emeritus
Tony Evangelista
Antony Carbone (2020)
Ivan Garcia (2021)
Marius Bahr (2022) 
Nominating Committee:
John Golon
Gil Hawkins
Aram Setian
Social Media Committee:
Alex Spindelman
Editor River Views:
Joseph Albanese
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The Hudson River Fishermen’s Association is a group of recreational fishermen who make active use of the N.Y. Bight and the surrounding water system and are concerned with the present and future state of these fisheries. Our objectives are to encourage the responsible use of aquatic resources and protection of habitat. We assist where possible in efforts to abate pollution and promote sportfishing and the management of that recreation. We are a IRS recognized nonprofit 501c3 organization . All donations are welcome and maybe tax deductable. 
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From our President
Greetings HRFA Members and Friends,

I hope that as of this writing, we find you all well and safe and returning joyfully to the pre-COVID-19
Pandemic days. We are happy that we can hold our E-Board and General meetings in person again. We are grateful and encouraging all to attend.

The last meeting was held at the PIP, Alpine Pavilion. The storm and rain did not stop those very dedicated members to attend the interesting presentation by Christina Fehre, Director of Trails and Outdoor Programs for the New Jersey Section of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission. Despite the unfriendly weather and the mud paths, Pete Musse and Joe Albanese were instrumental to have a mini-picnic – preparing the traditional hot dogs.

Our next General meeting will be held, at the Elks Lodge. We are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, the 13th of July. Our Guest Speaker is Mr. Dennis Kuntz of 2nd Chance Tackle.

June was a remarkably busy month for us, indicating that HRFA is coming back to life:
  • We participated in the Kids Fishing Day events, on the upper Hudson, in Mechanicville and Waterford, New York. There were over 50 children enjoying fishing under the guidance of Scott Havner, Wayne Guider, Al Miller, Al White and Jeff Christie.
  • The First Saltwater Fly Fishing Derby was held June 12th, successfully organized by Miguel Sardinas.
  • Currently, we are conducting a new way to conduct tournaments, using Smart Phone “FishDonkey” App. Alex Spindelman is the initiator and organizer of this event.
  • “Just for the fun of it" Scott Havner organized the “The Kiddie Fishing Rod and Reel” fishing contest, that was held on Sunday, June 27th. It was challenging and a lot of fun playing at being kids again.

As for myself, I had my “Northern Vermont” fishing venture back in schedule. Together with Tony Carbone, Wayne Geider and Marvin Oresky, we spend a rewarding week of fishing. Although the weather was not cooperating, strong winds and rain and the lake level lower about 4 feet, we were able to enjoy catching Smallmouth, Largemouth Bass and some fighter Northern Pike.

I have been receiving photos of your catches. Please note that these are to be sent to Alex Spindelman, to be posted on Instagram and/or to share with members in our monthly newsletter.

We are looking forward to continuing with our activities and event. We are currently planning our delayed Annual Awards and fundraising dinner. We rescheduled it for Sunday October 17th at Cornetta's in Piermont, NY. As always, we thank you for your help and appreciate your donations.

Be well and stay safe

Capt. Aram Setian
HRFA 2021 President

Fight for the Hudson
In this month's issue of River Views
The Fred Rung Memorial
Striped Bass Derby

The Derby Organizer (currently in hiding) forgot which prize category won the trip with Monmouth University Professor John Tiedemann to tag striped bass in the Sandy Hook area. It mistakenly went to Chris Palmer, the winner of The Jeff Dement Award for tagging the most stripers (an incredible 103 fish!) during the Derby for the American Littoral Society. It should have gone to Jerry Crean who won the Calcutta. At least Jerry did get the $125 and the basket of fishing stuff from The Fisherman magazine. All parties involved have been notified and we are working to make this right. PS. Besides winning the Calcutta Jerry also won the other Jeff Dement Award. The one for the biggest striper tagged.
Hi Joe, went out with Dr. John, Keith and Jay today. We gave it heck searching for bass. No luck. John did get lucky and land a bunker. - Chris
Help Wanted
Jeff R. Dement
The passing of Jeff Dement has left a void at the Littoral Society. We are still looking to fill his Fish Tagging Program Director job. The job is up on if you want to refer anyone interested.
Tim Dillingham
Executive Director
American Littoral Society
18 Hartshorne Drive
Highlands, NJ 07732

Fish Tagging Program Director

The American Littoral Society has engaged anglers in tagging fish in support of marine science and management for over 50 years. We work in partnership with public resource management agencies, conservation and angler organizations and the...

Read more
Your Derby Dollars at Work
If you fished in the HRFA's Fred Rung Memorial Striped Bass Catch, Tag & Release Derby and opted to also join in the Calcutta for an extra $20 then you not only made a donation to our club you also contributed to fund this important research. Congratulations to the winner of the Calcutta, Mr. Jerry Crean.
2021 Sat Tags Deployed: Gray Fishtag Research Returns -...

Netman Bob Bowden, angler John Tiedemann from Monmouth University, and Roxanne Willmer of Gray FishTag Research with a 44-inch striper fitted with a Wildlife Computers MiniPSAT device just prior to release from Chuck Many's Tyman. The 3rd annual...

Read more
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Upcoming Events
Celebrate Hoboken’s Waterfront on City of Water Day, Saturday, July 10

The HRFA played a pivotal role in creating the first sections of the Hudson River Walkway. FBW is taking the fight closer to the home stretch.

The HRFA Freshwater Bass Derby
Ongoing until July 17, 2021
AS OF 3:00 PM JUNE 29th
2021 HRFA Catfish Chaos Derby
August 14, 2021
Adult - $20.00
Youth (Under 16) - $10.00
1.    Fishing in the Hudson River and tributaries only.
2.    Event will be held rain or shine.
3.    Only channel catfish, white catfish, and bullheads will be counted.
4.    Fish can only be caught using a rod and reel.
5.    Fish will be checked in by length.
6.    Fishing from shore and boat allowed.
7.    Fish must be alive at check in. The HRFA promotes catch and release therefore dead fish count at half the length.
8.    One entry per angler. Largest fish checked in counts.
9.    Fishing starts at 12:01am and ends at 3:00pm. You must be at weigh station by 3:15pm.
10. Ties are determined by time of catch. Early fish wins.
11. Check in starts at 8:00am. Fish caught prior to 8:00am send photo of fish to  845-300-1562 for time stamp of catch. You must still check fish in to count.
12. Registration ends at 8:00pm Friday August 13th.
13. Prize structure is subject to change.
14. All New York and New Jersey rules and regulations apply depending on state fished.
15. The Hudson River Fishermen’s Association and all sponsors are released from any and all claims, demands, or causes of action arising out of or resulting from any participation in this derby.
16. All decisions of the derby committee are final.
Derby Sponsors
Lee's Sporting Goods
The HRFA is looking forward to partnering once again with The Hackensack Riverkeeper on two great events they have scheduled for 2021:
  1. Riverfest (the Laurel Hill Fishing Derby in Secaucus) for Saturday, August 28th from 9:00am-Noon
  2. The Reservoir Challenge (the Fishing Derby at Oradell Reservoir) Sunday, September 12th.

If you want to volunteer to give kids a chance to fish
in either of these youth-oriented derbies just call our
Youth Angler Program Chair Wayne Geider at (201) 384-8046.
NJBBA's 27th Annual Children’s Surf Fishing Tournament
September 18, 2021

This event will take place at Island Beach State Park (IBSP). This is a FREE EVENT for kids 16 yrs. old and younger. Registration starts at 7:30 am at the first swimming area, “OBA-1”. The kids will receive an event t-shirt and a grab bag full of goodies after attending 5 Learning stations. “No Prizes Will Be Given Out Before The Awards Ceremony. At 10 am the Fishing starts, any fish caught could be a winner. When the 3-hour fishing period ends, everyone returns to OBA-1 for a FREE lunch. During the lunch period the winning fish entered are calculated by the committee. At 2:30 pm, the Awards Ceremony starts. All winners receive a Rod/Reel Combo, a $25.Gift Card and a trophy. Then the FREE PRIZE GIVEAWAY starts. Each registered child will have a chance to pick the prize of their choice from the 130 prizes available to them. This Giveaway will take an hour or so to complete. Thank you, Ken Hollins #23 Director/Chairman 

If you have any questions please contact Ken at:
Annual Awards Dinner
October 17, 2021
4-8PM at Cornetta's restaurant Piermont, NY. Paul Gallay, retiring President and Hudson Riverkeeper, will receive our Friend of the Hudson River Award. The recipient of the Pete Barrett Award will be announced at the dinner. Mr. Steve Liesman, TV Personality, avid striper fisherman and co-founder of Save a Million Bass has tentatively accepted our invitation to Emcee the event.

2016 ... Capt. Bill Sheehan ..... Exec. Director, Hackensack Riverkeeper
2017 ... John Vargo ................ Publisher, Boating on the Hudson
2018 ... Dennis Kooney .......... Commodore, Croton Yacht Club
2019 ... Bob Walters ............... Director, Yonkers Science Barge
2020 ... Chris Letts ................. Educator, Hudson River Naturalist
Past Events
Free Fly Tying Class
Artan Hasanaj owner of Art's Tackle n Fly Shop in Nanuet gave a free fly-tying lesson after the shop closed on Sunday June 6th at 5 PM. Participants also got to keep one or more of the exquisitely dressed hooks fashioned by the master.
From L. to R. Artan Hasanaj, Michael & Lydia Sardina, Arnie Ulrich and Joe Albanese
June General Meeting
Under the heading The Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men Often Go Astray our June 8th meeting at the PIP, originally billed as "And now it's time for something a little different", was nearly thwarted by the deluge of rain from a massive thunderstorm that pounded the area. Although plans to start with a BBQ and fishing at 4PM were dashed by the storm. So too was the planned Awards Ceremony for the Fred Rung Memorial Striped Bass Derby. To all the winners: Don't worry your checks/gift cards are in the mail. Well, I guess worry if you have not received it (them) yet.

Stalwart members persevered to boil up some hot dogs at 6PM and conduct the meeting thereafter. President Capt. Aram Setian introduced guest speaker Christina M. Fehre the park's Director of Trails & Outdoor Programs ( to the crowd in attendance. She began working as a volunteer at the park as a youngster; not realizing that one day she would find a career there.
Christina Fehre addresses the crowd after the thunderstorm passed through. Her knowledge of the PIP and the recreational opportunities it provides is unparalleled.
Christina Fehre flanked by HRFA Presidents Past, Present (and Future?)
The HRFA's 1st Annual Saltwater Fly Fishing Derby
Photo by Arnie Ulrich.
On June 12th Michael Sardinas introduced a group of eager newbies to the beautiful art of saltwater fly fishing. (That's Cub Reporter Jimmy Olsen taking the photo of Michael with the only fish caught that morning. Strike that. It should read "That's HRFA Club Reporter Noah Sardinas . . .")

Meeting up in Parking Lot C at 6:00am to join leaders Michael and Noah were Janice Soto, Dave Mercer, Dan and Eileen Harrison, Arnie Ulrich, Tim Burden, Ed Delapp and Joe Albanese.

Michael brought fly rods, reels and everything else needed for participant's to get a chance to enjoy and learn from his patient and easygoing lessons.
The 10-15mph onshore winds moved us from the surf to Sandy Hook Bay so the wind would be at our backs.

The gals, both Janice and Eileen, seemed to be the most reluctant to stop fishing at around 10:30am.

Crank up the sound and watch the video slide show Michael put together.
Winner for "Best Effort" Janice Soto receiving a congratulatory handshake from Dan and a nice jar of Harbee Beekeeping local honey.
The prize for "Most Creative Outfit" went to Past HRFA President Dan Harrison. That's him with the unique, one of a kind, stripping bucket, complete with requisite blue shovel. Patent pending. Honorable Mention went to Tim Burton on his right. (That would be your left.)
We thank sponsors Harbee Beekeeping and Art's Tackle n' Fly Shop.
The HRFA Heads North
Scott Havner
On the weekend of June 12th and 13th volunteers from the HRFA headed north to the towns of Mechanicville and Waterford, NY to help run a youth fishing clinic. HRFA members Wayne Guider, Al Miller, Jeff Christie, and Scott Havner volunteered to run the event.

The event in Mechanicville had over 40 children enjoy a day of fishing on the river. The kids caught catfish, blue gills, rock bass, and largemouth bass. The following day in Waterford we had over 30 children come out to fish. There were smallmouth bass and blue gills caught that day. The kids had a great time both days learning the basics of fishing and enjoying a day outdoors.

We would like to thank Pete Bardunias Senior Vice president of the Capitol Region Chamber of Commerce and Barbara McGuire Commissioner of Public Safety of Mechanicville, NY for helping to put these events together. They were both a great success with the kids having tons of fun.
The Kiddie Rod Challenge
June 27, 2021

The most fun one-day freshwater bass fishing derby ever created returned to Sebago Lake in Harriman State Park. This slightly unhinged fishing contest is the brainchild of Scott Havner. Eligible fish could only be caught using a pushbutton spin-cast reel and pole no longer than 40". How twisted is that? Scott created it for a fun day together with all proceeds going to support our Youth Angler Program. Well played Scott. Well played.
From L to R: Pres. Capt. Setian, Chris Olson (1st Place 17.5"), Stephanie Hess (2nd Place 12.5"), Pete Musse (3rd Place 12") and Derby Organizer Scott Havner
From L to R: Chris Olson, Scott Havner, Linda Havner, Stephanie Hess, Andy Ward, Joseph Albanese, Mona Mak, Alex Spindelman, Pete Musse, Aram Setian and Marius Behr
Rub-a-dub-dub Andy Ward boards his fishing tub.
Peter Musee's 12" bass topped Scott Havner's 8.25" whopper to take 3rd Place in the Kiddie Rod Challenge. Joe Albanese finished 5th with an 8" bass. No other bass were caught!
Banana anyone?
June Maine Fishing Report 
By Arnie Ulrich
The boat I normally go out on had computer problems for four days, so I went out on the Nor’easter out of Kennebunk on Wednesday 6/23. We were very fortunate with extremely flat seas. So, Capt. Mike Perkins went out to the Flats. (27 miles). It was haddock and pollack all day long on jigs & flies. Got my limit of 15 keeper haddock and as many pollack as you could catch. Pollack fillets were about 3 inches thick, and plenty of double headers. Some nice cod also, but they have to go back until September We also fished off of the Ogunquit River bridge another day and got 5 winter flounder. The freezer at home is packed. 
 Carl's Corner
Carl Bruger has been a writer for this newsletter educating and entertaining us who read River Views for a long time. Here is his latest gem.
To Be Determined!
By Carl Bruger

We look forward to reading Carl's next article in a future issue of River Views.
In Memorium
Robert Mallory
By Tony Evangelista & Carl Hartmann

We are saddened to share the news that Robert "Bob" Mallory passed away at the age of 79 this past April. Bob was the only President of the HRFA to serve a 4-year term (1989-1992). He was perhaps our organization's first lifetime member too.

Among his many contributions to the HRFA is establishing our Penfield Reef fishing trips to Fairfield, Connecticut. He came out of 'fishing retirement' a few decades ago and landed an 18-pound bluefish there and regaled the crew with many stories of days goneby fishing the fabled reef which extends a mile into Long Island Sound. 

Perhaps of greater significance, was his bringing us into the American Littoral Society. Bob sat on their Advisory Board for many years, working closely with Derry Bennet (Executive Director before Tim Dillingham) and Pam Carlson (Tagging Director before Jeff Dement) there. He got us all excited tagging fish for science and Tony "The Tagger" Evangelista became one of the most prolific fish taggers of all time.

While at the helm of the HRFA, Bob played a key role in getting the striper designated a game fish. This new law prevented the commercial sector of NJ's fishery from depleting our stocks of striped bass. Sergio Radossi, Dan Bontemps, George Graff and others also played a key role in that effort.* 

Bob also was on the Advisory Board of Stripers Unlimited. That non-profit organization, founded by his pal the noted lure maker (Atom plugs) and conservationist Bob Pond, did much to advance research on the species.

A true leader, Bob was also active in many other clubs. He was a lifelong member of the Coastal Conservatory Association "CCA", Sierra Club, Natural Resources Council of Maine, Trout Unlimited and the Rough Grouse Society.

The world lost a good man that was dedicated to the outdoors, conservation and the HRFA. You will be missed Bob, and "thank you" from all of the anglers in the world for your many contributions. R.I.P.

*FOOTNOTE: In January of 1990 HRFA members Ray MarioneDan Bontemps, Wally Haase and Tony Evangelista attended and spoke up at the NJ Senate Committee hearing on making the striped bass a game fish in New Jersey. In February 1991, then President Bob Mallory announced to our general membership that "Gov. Florio has signed the Bill making Striped Bass a Game Fish in N.J."
FOOTNOTE SOURCE: The archives posted on the HRFA's old website
Robert Mallory IV
Fisherman and Advocate,
a Retrospective
By Sergio Radossi

H.R.F.A. Past President, Robert (Bob) Mallory IV passed away recently. I had the good fortune of knowing Bob via the HRFA and would like to share some memories.

Bob’s personal aims and values fit perfectly with the mission of the HRFA. He was a fisherman & conservation advocate who wanted to give something back to the resource and community as well as catching the big one.

As a longtime member of the American Littoral Society’s Advisory Board Bob worked with fishermen and champions of our marine environment like Derry Bennett (Past ALS Executive Director & legend), George Reiger (Sports Writer), Cindy Zipf (Clean Ocean Action), Pam Carlsen (Past ALS Tagging Program Director) and others including scientists, advocates and marine fisheries managers.

Bob brought this resume with him when he joined the HRFA. As an HRFA board member and President he quietly helped the Association become a strong advocate of the Hudson River Estuary and surrounding waters. Bob logged many highway miles (mostly on his own dime) forming relationships which strengthened the voice of the HRFA.

Professionally, Bob Mallory managed the programing section of Western Electric’s/AT&T’s
network systems. Bob also brought these organizational skill sets to the HRFA. During his tenure as president (89-92) Bob again, quietly, helped us understand organize the Association’s potential. Bob was presented with the HRFA’s Pete Barrett Award in 2003.
Bob also brought the above skill sets to his fishing and we all benefitted.

A favorite memory comes from our first Penfield Reef surf trip, in the pre-GPS/Smart Phone days. Penfield Reef extends over a mile into Long Island sound. Before our adventure, Bob provided the fishing “program” which included pro-tips like starting at high tide, fishing the dropping tide out to the lighthouse and starting back on the rising tide. Bob also covered important safety gear…a good light and compass (remember it was pre-GPS days). Penfield Reef has a bend, at night it’s not uncommon for the fog to roll in and in the dark it is easy to miss the bend and wander into the holes flanking the bend. Even with today’s Smart phones and Nav Apps… a compass is a good back up. Thank You Bob!

A favorite personal memory is fishing with Bob on Martha’s Vineyard. Bob had booked a few nights at a Vineyard B&B and since my wife and I were on our annual trip there, we arranged to fish “some of the secret spots”. On consecutive predawn hikes we fished “the painted house at Moshup Beach” and “south east rock at Gay Head” with good success. On the third day Bob skipped the reported Albie/Bonito bite at Lobsterville in favor of renting a sail boat for a trip on Vineyard Sound. That was Bob, a fisherman, advocate, network mainframe guy and as I learned, a sailor who plotted his own course. (I fished Lobsterville that day….caught dinner.)

The passing of Robert Mallory IV was sad news. I chose to remember the man; a gentleman
always ready to provide help where possible, fisherman and advocate. Bob was a friend.
From L. to R.: Bob Mallory, Tony Evangelista, Bob Jones, Sergio Radossi, Arnie Ulrich, Unknown, Unknown. Photo taken by Joseph Albanese
Here's Bob on Penfield Reef doing battle with that 18-pound bluefish. Photo submitted by Tony Evangelista
Here's Bob with a nice catch of fish. Photo submitted by Tony Evangelista
From the Internet
Be sure to check out the H.R.F.A. Events Calendar below for this month's member birthday notices, holidays and events.
From the following email it appears that our friends at Fund for a Better Waterfront are making some progress with preserving a valuable spot on the Hudson River for the public to enjoy. Fingers crossed that it all works out.
After a contentious, multi-year battle, City will...

FBW | June 20, 2021 I n November of 2017, NY Waterway sought to relocate its ferry refueling/repair operation to one of the final, unfinished portions of Hoboken's continuous, public waterfront park. The ferry company's acquisition of the Union...

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New Year, New Administration Bring New Opportunities for ...

According to Pres. Biden, this ambitious and visionary plan will help slow the loss of nature, reduce the consequences of climate change, and ensure all Americans - no matter their economic status, race, or ethnicity - have access to the natural...

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of offshore...

Advantages: Offshore wind speeds tend to be faster than on land.1 Small increases in wind speed yield large increases in energy production: a turbine in a 15-mph wind can generate twice as much energy as a turbine in a 12-mph wind. Faster wind...

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N.J. investigating bacteria blamed for dead fish found...

New Jersey environmental authorities are working to identify the bacteria that appears to be killing fish in several waterways. Since November, there have been numerous instances of dead menhaden washing ashore or floating in waterways, including ...

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Offshore Wind Power Impact on Highly Migratory Species

If you're an East Coast angler, chances are you're aware that efforts to develop renewable energy in the form of offshore wind power are accelerating at both the state and federal levels. To date, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), the ...

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Want Blackouts? Take Liberal Helpings of Wind & Solar,...

There's nothing innately predictable about the weather, so trying to rely on it for your power needs doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Sure, solar panels might deliver somewhere between 4-6 hours of useful power on a sunny day. But, don't expect ...

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That's Entertainment!
From our Membership Chair
HRFA Members stuff
Let's welcome our new members.
Richard Duemmer, Ringwood, NJ 
Christopher Marse, Pine bush, NY 
Gary Max Padovani, Somers, NY 
Chris Olson, Nanuet, NY
HRFA Membership free dollars is at $42.00 . All you have to do is show up at the next General Meeting July 13th and you can win $42 of HRFA Free money.. 
Arnie Ulrich Membership Chair
HRFA Membership Information
The grace period is over for HRFA annual dues. Thank You to those members that have already paid the 2021 HRFA dues. For the rest of us ,please scroll down to the membership application below and renew on line or print out the membership form and mail it in. Any questions please email me or call me @ 201 304 4691.

For those people who join(ed) the HRFA in October (or later) of a given year, their new or renewal membership also is covered for the following new year. There is also a generous grace period for those who are unable to update their membership in January, however paying your dues late puts a strain on the records maintenance and consequently the ability of the executive board’s planning of activities and events.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to help (time, skills, or financially) on any particular club projects or events, feel free to email me, Arnie Ulrich ( or call me at 1-201-304-4691.
Fishing Licenses and Saltwater Registry for NJ & NY, Hudson River Regulations, etc.

Click on the buttons below for the:
NOTE: To order your NY State Fishing License by phone call 866-933-2257
NOTE: To get the New York Saltwater Registry you must first register for a free Citizen Access account, then log in and Buy Sporting License(s) (the Saltwater license is free)
HRFA Photo Gallery
Have a photograph and/or fishing story you would like to share with the club? If so, we'd love to hear from you. After all, no one wants to see the same members over and over again. Email it to and we will do our very best to squeeze it into an upcoming issue of River Views.
A big smallmouth caught by Scott Havner before the Derby - doesn't count. :(
Another one. Also before the Derby - doesn't count. :(
Pete Musse's fluke was just shy of the 16" limit on IBSP, so back it went.
Father & Son Team Baez with a nice fluke and a couple of weakfish
That's Ed DeLapp behind those Foster Grants with a nice surf caught bluefish.
Mr. Michael Sardinas with a nice bluefish of his own.
From Fish to Dish
Pete Musse
Dalas' Stuffed Fluke Recipe
This month's recipe comes from my son Dalas who caught an 18" fluke then scaled and gutted it ASAP. He took off the pectoral fins and cut a slit down the length of the whole fish to make a pocket for the stuffing.

For the stuffing mixture combine an 8-ounce can of lump crabmeat with 1/2 cup mayo, 1/2 cup diced onion, red & green peppers, 1 egg, 1/2 cup bread crumbs (seasoned or unseasoned), salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste teaspoon in a mixing bowl. For a kick, add some Old Bay if desired. Rub the fish with olive oil. Then pack the stuffing into the pocket. Place on a cookie sheet and bake in a 35o-degree oven for about 20 mins. You know it is done when the fish flakes easily with a fork. Cool for 5-minutes then drizzle with freshly squeezed lemon juice and enjoy.
Dalas Musse with an 18" fluke caught while fishing the bayside of IBSP with his Mom and Pop. Unlike elsewhere in NJ, the size limit there is 16". You can keep two of that size.
Gutted, scaled and stuffed ready for cooking.
HRFA Calendar
Calendar | Hudson River Fishermen's Association

Our calendar system is currently being developed. Please check out the most recent River Views newsletter for for our upcoming events.

Read more

The HRFA Surf Fishing Team is now forming to compete in the Fall 2021 ASAC tournaments.

To get in on the fun, learn from experienced surf anglers and compete for valuable prizes contact Joe Albanese or Pete Musse
  • Sept. 11 "58th Annual H.W. Shaner Tournament by the Association of Surf Angling Clubs" Avalon, NJ. Lynda Greaves 310 Perry Rd. Petersburg, NJ 08270 609-214-0939
  • Sept. 18 Open
  • Sept. 25 "The 74th Annual Long Beach Island Fishing Club Tournament" Harvey Cedars, NJ Frank D’Ambrosio 1 Fairhill Ct. Marlton, NJ 08053 856-839-1550
  • Oct. 2 "The 66th Annual Pennsauken Surf Fishing Club Tournament" North Wildwood, NJ Dan Ladik 122 Lenape Rd. Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 856-261-4521
  • Oct. 9 "The 36th Annual Women's Surf Fishing Club of NJ Tournament" Brigantine, NJ Reggi Vasta 13058 Townsend Rd. Phila., PA 19154 215-901-2474
  • Oct. 16 "4th Annual Merchantville Fishing Club Surf Fishing Tournament" Long Beach Island, NJ Gene Aikens 30 Merion Lane Maple Shade, NJ 08052 609-440-6994
  • Oct. 23 "The 52rd Annual Ocean City Fishing Club Surf Fishing Tournament" Ocean City, NJ Ed Parkinson PO Box 1215 Ocean City, NJ 08226 215-680-6652
  • Oct. 30 "The 3rd Annual American Angler Surf Fishing Tournament" Long Beach Island, NJ Carl Hartmann 31 Colonial Pky. Dumont, NJ 07628 201-481-4390
HRFA Youth Angler Program
Youth Angler Program
By Wayne Geider
Want to volunteer?
Just call Youth Angler Program Chair Wayne Geider at
(201) 384-8046.
The sun rises in the East.
Well not always due East. Just saying that this morning, June 29th, it rose 60-degrees Northeast. So there!
H.R.F.A. Merchandise

Newly redesigned HRFA baseball caps are now available. Pick one up at the next monthly meeting. Or, click on the photo to order yours today. Wear it proudly!

Other apparel with our logo are also available. Like this handsomely designed and practical UPF shirt. Wear it proudly when fishing and save a little on the sunscreen too. For members only. Ask Ivan Garcia for one. 
Front & Sleeve
The Pride of the HRFA
Project to Save our Historical Heritage
Due to the restrictions imposed on our lives by the CV19 pandemic our plans are on hold. We hope and pray that in the Spring of 2021 volunteers may start working to refurbish Riverkeeper to her former days of glory when she was the world's first and only riverkeeper vessel. To offer your time and talents contact Dan Harrison at
2021 Fishing Contest Leader Boards
(only listing 1st, 2nd & 3rd place)
The HRFA hosts an annual fishing contest which runs from January through December and is open to all HRFA members. You have 30 days from the day you catch a fish to send in your entries. So, the deadline for submissions is January. As a member of the HRFA you and your immediate family are eligible to enter fish in any of our categories. Various divisions are available for prizes presented at our Annual Awards Dinner in March of the following year. Website updated daily. River Views newsletter updates below are done around the first the month. * indicates a new club record.
Saltwater Species
Striped Bass Released
Caught From Boat
(leaders determined by length)
50" Joe Marchese
Striped Bass Kept
Caught From Boat
(leaders determined by weight)
Striped Bass Released
Caught From Shoreline
(leaders determined by length)
34" Carl Hartmann
Striped Bass Kept
Caught From Shoreline
(leaders determined by weight)
3lbs. 12oz. Alex Spindelman
Black Sea Bass
Scup (Porgy)
Open Category 
Salt Water
Black Sea Ray - 45" Carl Hartmann
Freshwater Species
13lbs. Bill Greene
Trout  - Local
3lbs. Christian Hoops
Trout - Great Lakes
10lbs. Aram Setian
Smallmouth Bass
Largemouth Bass
Open Category 
Fresh Water
Northern Pike
Partial list of Friends & Supporters of the HRFA
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