Rise and Shine


Every morning our bodies awake from sleep. My typical morning habit is to start the coffee maker, unload the dishwasher, then read my Bible as I drink a delicious cup of Café Verona. As my body slowly arouses (please don't laugh all you instantly up-and-at-it bright eyes), another part of me, my spirit, also needs stimulation. As I begin thanking and praising my Lord, I feel a stirring within me, a joy deep inside that is very satisfying and fulfilling. My spirit becomes excited and the Holy Spirit instructs and inspires me from the Word I am reading.

 Could this be what David experienced when he said, "Awake, my soul! Awake, harp and lyre! I will awaken the dawn" (Psalm 57:8)?  Praising God at the first crack of dawn, David's spirit connected with God as he praised, worshipped, and cried out to God for deliverance from his enemies.

 Dear friends and family members, whatever your customary morning routine, please intentionally train yourself to immediately activate your spirit. Bring a verbal sacrifice of praise to the God who made you and loves you. You will feel alive and invigorated as your body, soul, and spirit rise and shine for His glory! He will be your Help, Wisdom, and Peace as you face the challenges and opportunities of the hours ahead.

   To all you awesome women in every season of life, remember God's Spirit dwells in your spirit, and He longs to be acknowledged and praised. May every day be joyful and prosperous as you rise and shine for Jesus!



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