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May 2021
Volume: 31 Issue: 9
Story Time with SCARCE: Round and Round Again
Join Jean for story time in the SCARCE studio! Follow along as she reads Round and Round Again by Nancy Van Laan. This story of reuse follows a child and her mother, who is the ultimate recycler, as they take items destined for the landfill and transform them into toys, a play set, and even a house! This book is a great way to start a discussion with kids on how to stop throwing away and think of creative ways to use what they already have.

You can download and print our Round and Round Again Word Search. View the NGSS for this book here. You can find this video and more in our eLearning hub.
Check out this month's local sustainability leaders!
Wheaton Christian Grammar School in Winfield was selected as U.S. Green Ribbon School!
Pleasantdale Middle School in Burr Ridge was awarded the Earth Flag from SCARCE.
Super Sale: Food Scrap Compost for Your Garden
Whether for school or home, plants indoors or out - food scrap amended compost is an eco-friendly nutrient boost to help your lawn, garden and houseplants grow strong.

Compost is available at SCARCE for $5 for 5 gallons or $20 for 30 gallons. You must provide your own containers and shovel. Call 630-545-9710 to schedule a time to pick up. Get it while it lasts!

All proceeds support our education programs and Reuse Center for teachers and non-profits.
Create or join a team to protect clean water in DuPage County and beyond! Volunteers will work in groups to remove litter from a local waterway or perform streambank restoration. A great opportunity for eco-clubs and school service organizations. Learn more and register.
Will you be attending the IASBO conference this June? Join SCARCE Founder and Executive Director Kay McKeen on Thursday, June 10th at 3:45pm for a breakout session on "Recycling: Beyond the Blue Bin". Learn how districts are looking at all of their operations to reduce their footprint and reinforce their sustainability efforts towards greener communities.
Funds Available for Electric School Buses in Chicago & Metro-East
Applications due Aug 9th
Funds are available from the VW Settlement via the Illinois EPA to replace old, diesel school buses with new, all-electric ones in Chicago and the Metro-East areas through the Driving a Cleaner Illinois program. For more info visit Illinois EPA’s Driving a Cleaner Illinois or the Illinois Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) website.
Become a Spidey Senser and connect with a web of neighbors that want clean air for their communities. Help scientists monitor air quality by collecting spider webs. Why? Metals in the air settle as dust and drift onto spider webs. With spiders as bioindicators, we can detect differences in air quality from neighborhood to neighborhood.

This project is great for anyone ages 6 through adult.
Earth Overshoot Day is the date when we have used more from nature than the planet can replenish this year. Each year, the date is a little different, typically coming sooner and sooner as our resource use increases. The Guess the Date contest is a great opportunity to run some algebra and learn about natural resource conservation. There's a lesson plan for grades 6-8 that can be adapted to other grade levels as well. Winners will be announced June 5th.
What can you do with 60,000 bread tags?
Students at The Lane School in Hinsdale share a creative video update on their bread tag collection for SCARCE. So far, they have accumulated over 60,000 bread tags thanks to their fellow schoolmates and local businesses. The collection continues through May 21st. Great work!

Is your school stuck with a bunch of abandoned bikes at the end of the school year? You can donate unwanted bikes, bike parts and accessories to the non-profit Working Bikes. There are dozens of collection sites including SCARCE. If donating more than 3 bikes, gives us call to arrange your drop-off at 630-545-9710.
Get your students and staff excited about making changes to help the planet! Campus Ecochallenge offers high schools and colleges a fun and social (and free!) online tool to track your actions and measure your eco-impact. It provides a wide variety of challenge categories so everyone can find a way to take action that educates while encouraging positive change. You can create your own custom competition dates or join a public challenge. Learn more on the resources page. A great way to kick-off the 2021-2022 school year with an environmental focus!
New Copy Paper Available
Our Reuse Center received a HUGE donation of brand new, white copy paper in 24 pound and 28 pound weights. Restock your copy room for only $5 per box of 3 reams. Multiples available.
Reminder: Schedule your donations now!
The busy season at our Reuse Center is in full swing! If you or your school have books or supplies to donate, please make sure to schedule an appointment by calling 630-545-9710. Due to high demand, we are booking up well in advance. Learn more about donating to SCARCE.
It's community recycling event season! Do you have electronics to recycle, paper to shred, books or bikes to donate? Find a recycling event near you and get it all done in one place! Events are open to residents (no business waste). Events vary - be sure to review the list of accepted items for each one.
Upcoming Eco-Events
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Thank you Volunteers!
Our Reuse Center couldn't function without the amazing individuals that dedicate their time each week to sorting, stocking, and organizing.

If you see them when you visit, give them a round of applause!
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