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February 2023
Volume: 33 Issue: 4
Calling all Educators!
SCARCE Open House
Saturday, February 4th 9am-12noon

Discover gently used books and supplies as well as educational programs that will assist you in teaching students in all grades and subjects.

Tours are free and open to the public, so bring your friends and family! Read more.
Attainable Sustainables Mini Workshop
Monday, February 20th 9:30-11:30am

This 2-hour STEM class is packed with resources, hands-on activities, and ideas for the classroom. Concepts are NGSS-aligned and appropriate for multiple grade levels.

Open to teachers from DuPage County schools. 2PDs available. Get details here.
ABC's of Smart Recycling
N is All About Non-ferrous Metals
This month our Smart Recycling blog reviews the chemistry of metals, the power of magnets, and why not to crush your soda cans.

17th Annual High School
Sustainable Design Challenge
Tuesday, April 18th - Registration is OPEN
Did you know Illinois was the #2 state for green building in 2022, according to an annual U.S. Green Building Council ranking?

Students at DuPage County high schools can design their own green buildings, while learning about sustainability careers from professional architects, engineers, and landscape designers.

Encourage high school students at your school to form a team and sign up for the challenge today!
Have a Student Garden? Try a Pizza Garden Seed Kit!

Grow the ingredients to make your own pizza sauce!
Most of the seeds can be directly planted into the ground at the start of the growing season. (Tomatoes do best when started indoors.) Planting instructions are included on the back of each packet. Order seed packs here.
Cool Conservation Ideas
Zero-Waste Party Kits!
Parents at Whittier Elementary School in Wheaton have created a Party Plate Project which contains reusable materials that families can borrow. It includes 100 plates, 100 cups and 100 forks -- and a wonderfully colorful collection of 100 cloth napkins.

Since January 15, there have already been 20 parties catered, 200 pounds of materials diverted from landfills, and $514 saved.

What a great way to celebrate while protecting the planet!
Reducing Milk Waste
Throwing milk in the trash wastes money--and the resources that go into producing, transporting, cooling, and storing the milk. Some schools are switching from milk cartons to a bulk milk dispenser, which results in less wasted milk.

Climate Change Quiz

What's the best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Take this brief survey published in the New York Times to find out where we should be directing our efforts. It's a great way to initiate a closer look at how we can save energy, conserve natural resources, and combat climate change.
Measuring your Water Footprint

Did you know that only 3% of the all the Earth's water is freshwater? And only about 1% can be accessed by people? (The rest is locked up in glaciers, ice caps or buried underground!) Learning about water helps protect our freshwater.

The U.S. EPA offers games, tips, and activity sheets that teach kids simple ways to save water. The EPA's WaterSense program will quench their thirst for knowledge!
Upcoming Eco-Events
FEB 11
Includes scrap metal collection
FEB 18
For Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana
FEB 20
Presidents' Day - SCARCE Open
FEB 20

FEB 27
For DuPage County educators
For DuPage County educators
Girl Scout Programs at SCARCE
SCARCE Fun Patch will be provided!

World Thinking Day
February 18th 10am-12noon
Scouts will learn about 3Rs through hands-on activities, recycled papermaking, and a tour of the SCARCE facility. Register here.

Developmental Disability Awareness Day
March 22nd 5-7pm
Scouts will learn how individuals with visual impairments adapt to their environments. They will use a Braille machine and experience a special visual simulation. This unique program will be presented by educators specializing in the fields of Children with Visual Impairments and Orientation and Mobility. Scouts will also participate in a crayon sorting activity and learn about SCARCE's Super Crayon Project. Register here.
Spring is the season of Recycling Extravaganzas!
Spring cleaning? Make sure the items from your home or school are reused and recycled!

Students 14 and older are needed to help SCARCE collect items at these events, including those seeking service for National Honor Society, school clubs, scouting organizations, or college scholarships.

Contact for details.
Volunteers Light the Way
Thank you to Stagg High School (Palos Hills) for collecting holiday lights! Holiday lights contain copper wire, a valuable metal that can be recycled. Your work makes a difference!

If your school would like to organize a collection for any of the items SCARCE accepts, contact or call 630-545-9710 for details.
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OPEN Feb 20 Presidents' Day
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