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February 2017

February OET News is here! 

We are well into the New Year and hopefully you are staying on track with your goals whether they're to eliminate your pain, improve your posture, achieve better fitness, run your first marathon, or live a happier and healthier life. This newsletter starts with an article about how to find the right tool for the job in terms of your health. I also discuss running posture and what "expert" advice to trust and what not to trust. What you learn from this article you can apply to any expert, whether it be your golf pro, tennis coach, physical therapist, or personal trainer. The final article is about the famous "Tower". I explain what the Tower is, how it works, what posture imbalances it helps address, and what symptoms it can help eliminate. 

If you have any questions or need help achieving your health and fitness goals, don't hesitate to call me - I'd be happy to help!

The Right Tool For The Job

Ever try to screw in a bolt with a hammer? Didn't work well did it?  There's a reason why we have a garage full of different tools - each one is designed for a specific job and works well for that job but not so much for other jobs. A snow shovel works great for clearing your driveway of snow but a rake just won't do the job. That rake, however, is really good at cleaning up leaves off your lawn in the fall and the snow shovel isn't very effective. When we start talking about your health, using the right tool for the job is also very important. If you have back pain, most people go to their doctor and get pain medication. But is that the right tool for the job? Learn how to find the answer by reading more.

Running Posture: Can You Trust The "Experts?"

Sports training experts are everywhere, but can you trust them?
No matter what sport or activity you do, there are many "experts" ready to help you with your golf swing, tennis stroke, running form, etc. Many of these people are going to talk about posture and sports specific posture. In this article I use the example of a running coach. Continue reading to learn how to decipher whether their posture advice should be trusted. 

The Power Of The Tower

The Tower is amazingly powerful...learn why:
When clients of  Oregon Exercise Therapy  first see the Egoscue Multi-Positioning Tower  and are told it is going to be in their new OET menu their response is typically one of these two:
  1. Wow! I've heard so much about the Tower and have been wondering when you'd have me do it. My friend said the Tower helped her so much!
  2. I don't feel anything. How is this helping me? Why do I have to lie here so long?
I thought I would take a minute an explain a little about how the Tower works, why it works, why it can take a long time, why you might not feel anything during it, and what postural imbalances it can have a positive effect on. Whether you have done the Tower before or not, hopefully this will help you get a better understanding of this powerful Posture Alignment Therapy E-cise and encourage you to try it for the first time or continue to commit to it if you are already doing it. Read about the Power of the Tower.

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I know what it is like to suffer with chronic pain and recurrent injuries. I know what it feels like to be in pain and not be able to do what you love to do. I also know what it is like to overcome those injuries and become pain free. I used Postural Alignment Therapy to correct my posture, eliminate my pain, and return to living an active life without limitations. For the last 15 years I've been helping people just like you do the same.  If you or anyone you know is suffering from chronic pain or injuries, encourage them to call me today - I'd be happy to help them. 


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