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Tires, Trees, and Tahoe!

There is only about a month left before registration for this year's Tour des Trees closes on July 31. Spread the word to your friends that are on the fence and let's get moving! Only about 20 slots remain!

Important dates:

Registration: Now until July 31

Jersey Order Deadline: August 6

Event Dates: September 26 to October 2

Rider Fundraising Deadline: October 2

Campaign Ends: October 18

Stay Engaged:

We want you to connect with our other riders! If you have not yet joined our Strava group or liked the Tour des Trees Facebook page, be sure to do so now and prep for this year with everyone else.

TdT 350/350 Challenge:

We are getting close to crunch time for our TdT 350/350 Challenge, too! Thank you to everyone that has gotten on board. There is still time to sign up and you'll want to make sure you get your fundraising page created so that you can raise funds and record your miles towards your goals. Details with rules and instructions can be found here. Deadline for fundraising and milage is August 30. After you hit your distance and fundraising goals, Jonathan will send you a link to order your shirt.

Reno Shipping/Parking Info

The host hotel in Reno (the Whitney Peak Hotel) has asked us to collect the names of anyone that will be shipping their bikes to the hotel and anyone that plans on parking their car at the hotel.

If you are planning on shipping your bike or parking at the hotel, please reply to this email and let Jonathan know so he can get you on their list. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

The address for the Whitney Peak Hotel is 255 N. Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89501. Anyone shipping their bikes should make sure to put ATTN: Tour des Trees on the label so that it ends up with our collection.

Important Reminders

These reminders are so important, we gave them their own section.

Fundraising Pages:

If you have not yet created your fundraising page on www.tourdestrees.org, be sure to do that as soon as possible. Not only will it check one more item off your list, but you'll be able to start your fundraising efforts. Hit the FUNDRAISE button and either sign in or create a new account.

If you have created your page but have not yet added your name to your chapter's/ company's team page, be sure to do so. You can do that by logging in (via the FUNDRAISE button) and then going to the team section from the EDIT button in the bottom left corner.

350/350 Challenge participants: Be sure you have connected your Strava account to your fundraising page so we can track your miles. Do so by logging in (via the FUNDRAISE button) and then going to the team section from the EDIT button in the bottom left corner.

Jersey Orders:

Riders: If you have not yet ordered your 2023 jersey/apparel yet from the Voler shop, be sure to get that done as soon as you can. That store will only be open until August 6. If you need the instructions on how to claim your credits, email Jonathan and he'll send you the instructions.

Webinar on 2023 Ride Details

Want to know more about this year's Tour des Trees route?

Join us for a live webinar on Thursday, July 13 at 3pm Central Time where we will go over some details on this year's ride and route. Have a friend that is on the fence about riding this year? Tell them to watch the webinar to hear about all the wonderful places we'll be going!

Link to the webinar can be found here: Tour des Trees Webinar Link

Can't make that time? We'll record the webinar and post the video shortly after to our website.

Welcome New Riders!

We love to see new riders join our awesome group! Here are the six more new riders that will be riding with us. Please join us in welcoming:

Jonathan Schach (Lebanon, PA)

Carrie Gorden (San Diego, CA)

John Urbano (Knoxville, TN)

Mike Earl (Eagle, CO)

Paul Karpel (Salt Lake City, UT)

Derek Scott (Fountain Hill, PA)

Safety First!

Once again, RoadID has provided our group with a nice discount on their products to help keep our riders safe during their training and during our ride. Use the link below to get a 20% discount on RoadID identification tags and accessories. It will ask for your email and name and direct you to a code to use when you order.


A Note From Paul:

In the April Ride Guide, I introduced the 2023 Route, but now that I have seen the course, I wanted to offer a deeper dive into the challenges you will face at this year’s Tour des Trees. As you read through these notes you will see that there are numerous sustained climbs. Pay attention to the anticipated times to tackle them and begin to develop a plan for increasing the time you can ride at a manageable intensity, whether that is Sweet Spot, Tempo or Threshold.


Day 1, from Reno to South Lake Tahoe, will take us up and over Mt. Rose, our first HC climb of the Tour. A common theme for this year’s Tour is that a majority of the climbing each day will take place on a single ascent. The profile for Day 1 certainly demonstrates this. Since we will be setting up a rest stop in the Galena Creek area at the base, the segment that most closely mimics our climb is the Joy Lake to Mt. Rose Summit. At 9.5 miles and climbing over 2,700 feet, you can expect this climb to take anywhere from 1 hr to 1 hr and 45 mins to crest.


I have labeled Day 2, from South Lake Tahoe to Murphys, the "Queen Stage." While there is some pretty good climbing just after leaving South Lake Tahoe, the day will be characterized by the big climb up to Ebbetts Pass. The profile and segment will show a climb of over 13 miles with an elevation gain in excess of 2,800 feet, which again classifies this as an HC climb. While there is a net loss in elevation to the start of the Ebbetts Pass climb, there is still almost 3,000 of climbing in those 38 miles. Thus, I suspect we’ll climb this a little slower since we’ll have a bit of fatigue in the legs at the start of it. I anticipate this climb taking between 1 hrs 15 and 2 hrs to crest.


Day 3, from Murphys to Modesto, is our least challenging day of the Tour, although now that the co-designer of this year’s route, Randy Hopp, has edited the route to include roads that he and local events prefer, it has stretched from 66 to 77 miles and added over 400 feet of climbing. So I take back the "active recovery day" label I gave it previously. While we still have over 2,000 feet of net elevation loss on this day, there is now one climb of note. The Parrot’s Ferry Climb is a bit over 4.5 miles and gains over 1,000 feet.


Day 4: From Modesto to San Jose. As you can see in the profile, this day’s climbing isn’t contained to a single ascent, so although we will primarily be climbing from Patterson to Mt. Hamilton, there are two distinct climbs along the way. However, the two primary climbs that make up this ascent, the Del Puerto Canyon and Mt. Hamilton, will be broken up by lunch and the San Antonio Valley. Randy thinks this day, instead of Day 2, is the Queen Stage, so maybe we have ourselves two queen stages this year or maybe a King & Queen Stage. Anyway, the Del Puerto Canyon climb is 22 miles and gains over 2,800 feet in elevation so I expect it to take 1 hr and 45 mins to 2 hrs and 30 min to complete. The Mt. Hamilton climb is a mere 8 miles but climbs over 2,300 feet in that distance, so I’d expect that to take between 1hr and 10 min to 1 hr and 45 mins to complete.


Day 5: From San Jose to Half Moon Bay. While the profile today shows that there are several shorter climbs once we descend Skyline Blvd., the day will be remembered for the big climb from Saratoga to Skyline. At just shy of 7 miles, it climbs approximately 2,100 feet. I anticipate this climbing taking between 45 mins and 1hr 15 mins.


I encourage you take the time to thoroughly review these routes and the highlighted segments. While doing so, look through the leaderboards of the Strava segments to find a corresponding age group and weight class. If you know your FTP, scroll down to find someone with a similar climbing power and you’ll have an idea of the time at effort required to tackle the big climbs of the 2023 Tour des Trees. And, as importantly, take the time to scroll through the photos for these rides to see the beautiful landscapes that we will be riding through!

Ride On!


Paul Wood- Tour Director

Black Bear Adventures bicycle tours


And Finally...

J. Eric Smith visited Annapolis last month and, while there, sought out the tree that was planted during the Tour des Trees in 2017.

He noted, "paid it a visit today. They have done a good job keeping it healthy, and I was quite surprised by its size!... We planted it 35 years to the week after I took the Oath of Office on "I-Day" at the Naval Academy, just down the road. Today, I watched the Herndon Climb, which marks the official end of Plebe Year, 40 years after my co-author and I went through that together."

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