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Tires, Trees, and Tahoe!

Greetings everyone! We are super excited to head out west this year and visit Reno, Lake Tahoe, and northern California for this year's Tour des trees and it looks like you all are too! We already have 55 riders signed up for this year's ride and the list keeps growing. Thank you to everyone that has signed up and for your continued support. A few quick reminders for this early part of the season are below.

Important dates:

Registration: Now until July 31

Jersey Order Deadline: August 6

Event Dates: September 26 to October 2

Rider Fundraising Deadline: October 2

Campaign Ends: October 18

Fundraising Pages:

If you have not yet created your fundraising page, be sure to do that as soon as you can at www.tourdestrees.org so you can start collecting donations. If you need instructions on how to set up your page, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page. Be sure to go back in via the edit function to add yourself to a chapter or team, connect your Strava to your profile, add your photo, and more.

Jersey and Gear Orders:

Shortly after you registered for this year's ride, you should have received an email from Voler with instructions on how to order your official jersey and other gear. If you have not yet done so, you must complete your order by August 6 on our Voler site. If you need your email instructions resent, please email Jonathan and he'll get you your info.

Stay Engaged:

We want you to connect with our other riders! If you have not yet joined our Strava group or liked the Tour des Trees Facebook page, be sure to do so now and prep for this year with everyone else.

Resources and Planning:

Remember, if you ever have questions about this year's route or schedule or if you need to make your travel plans or get other information for the year, you can find that information on the Participant Resources page of the TREE Fund website.

TdT 350/350 Challenge:

We are happy to see people excited about our new TdT 350/350 Challenge! It is a great way to get people engaged with the event while also providing them with fitness goals for the year. Be sure to share this information with all your friends and get them involved, too. Details with rules and instructions can be found here.

Welcome New Riders!

We love to see new riders join our awesome group! Here are the 11 new riders that have signed up so far! Please join us in welcoming:

Kevin Bryant (Dallas, TX)

Brian Kralovic (Bellaire, OH)

Jason Flory (Ripon, CA)

Annette Thompson (Lincoln, NE)

Gabriel Whitlock (Canton, NC)

Joe Fischer (Cromwell, CT)

Gordon Matassa (Oakland, CA)

Em Roberts (Olympia, WA)

David Seychell (Mississauga, ON)

Daniel Franz (Oak Creek, CO)

Brian Erhart (Hayden, CO)

Safety First!

Once again, RoadID has provided our group with a nice discount on their products to help keep our riders safe during their training and during our ride. Use the link below to get a 20% discount on RoadID identification tags and accessories. It will ask for your email and name and direct you to a code to use when you order.


A Note From Paul:

Hello My Friends,

It’s that time again, spring has arrived and with the improved weather, most of us begin to think a bit more seriously about getting back outside to ride our bikes. Hopefully you were able to maintain a reasonable level of cycling fitness by riding indoors and sneaking outside when the weather allowed, but if not, there is no need to worry, you have plenty of time to prepare for the 2023 Reno to Half Moon Bay Tour des Trees.

A very timely podcast (Ready, Set, Go Outside) from the folks at Wahoo was released recently, it covers the transition from indoor to outdoor cycling and has several useful tips for the process. At this point in the preparation for the Tour, all I want you to focus on is riding more frequently and consistently. The focus should be on having fun and easing yourself into the stresses placed on your body by your position on the bike. You should be gently building both aerobic and muscular endurance. Next month, I’ll reintroduce some training concepts and talk about the unique challenges presented on multi-day events like the Tour des Trees.

I am super excited about heading back out west, its been a long time since we were out that way. The last time the Tour des Trees was in California was in 2007 and we have never had the pleasure of cycling in Nevada. The Reno to Half Moon Bay Tour will surely be one the most spectacular rides in the storied history of the event.

My draft route of the 2023 Tour des Trees can be viewed on Ride with GPS. You will need to subscribe to my Tour Directors Ride with GPS Event page. If you already have an account then you will be added to the event and will have full access to the routes, if you do not, you will be required to sign up for an account. Note, you DO NOT have to have a paid account; you will have access to all of the features, including voice navigation, by being added to the 2023 TdT event as a participant.

Ok, so now, I’d like to introduce the 2023 Tour des Trees! 

The full route (Reno to Half Moon Bay) in its current iteration covers some 390 miles and climbs over 30,000 feet. There are four big categorized climbs, two of which are HC’s (Hor's Categorie), one rated as a Category 1, one rated as a Category 2, and numerous other lower category climbs. This isn't meant to scare you; it is meant to inspire you to properly prepare for the climbing challenges presented by the Tour this year.

Day 1Reno to South Lake Tahoe (61 miles & 6,250 feet of climbing). 

We jump right in with what is probably the most difficult climb of the Tour after a mere 16 miles of easy rolling through Reno. The Mt. Rose climb (rated as an HC) ascends over 3,100 feet in 11 miles and reaches a lung searing height of almost 8,900 feet. Since the Lake Tahoe region is a destination for pro cyclists to test themselves, you’ll get a chance to measure your climbing prowess against some the very best riders in the world. Currently, the KOM is held by Peter Stetina and the top 10 is filled with ex-World Tour riders. After a long descent to Lake Tahoe, we’ll ride along the eastern shoreline where we encounter a series of gentle climbs while taking the stunning views.

Day 2South Lake Tahoe, NV to Murphys, CA (106 miles & 8,800 feet of climbing)

The Queen Stage comes early this year. We start Day 2 by quickly crossing into California along a moderate climb as we leave Lake Tahoe. At mile 38, we begin the long climb to the top of Ebbets Pass. This 13 mile, HC climb, ascends close to 3,000 feet and tops out at 8,500 feet. Again, you’ll get a chance to test yourself on this segment against the very best. The holder of the KOM, is another ex-World Tour rider, Levi Leipheimer. After tackling Ebbets pass we will make our way down out of the high Sierra's to less than 2200 feet to our home for the evening in Murphys.

Day 3Murphys to Modesto ( 66 miles & a scant 2,700 feet of climbing with a net loss in elevation of over 2,100 feet) 

A deserving respite is on tap today after the two most challenging days of the Tour. There are no easy days this year- and certainly I would never say that a ride of 66 miles is easy- but I would say that this day could be considered an active recovery day. For those who have ridden with me for a while, you may remember the last time I proclaimed a day as an “active recovery” day and it not being so, but this time, it “really” is :)

Day 4Modesto to San Jose (89 miles & 6600 feet of climbing) 

Day 4 will be defined by the classic climb up Mt. Hamilton. This climb was used several times in the Tour of California and currently the KOM is jointly held by riders from the 2017 version of the race, George Bennett and Ian Boswell. While the final ascent of Mt. Hamilton is “only” five miles long, there is a lead in climb of almost two miles, so I identify the Mt. Hamilton segment as a seven-mile climb that climbs almost 2,400 feet and is considered a Cat 1 climb. From the crest of Mt. Hamilton, we will descend over 4,100 feet into San Jose and extreme caution must be exercised.

Day 5San Jose to Half Moon Bay (66 miles & 6100 feet of climbing) 

The final ride of the 2023 Tour des Trees will be another scenic and challenging day of cycling. After we make our way out of San Jose we’ll tackle a series of climbs beginning at mile 17.5 with Stevens Canyon/Redwood Gulch and continuing on to Hwy 9 from Redwood Gulch to its summit at mile 23.5. Over these six miles we will climb in excess of 2,000 feet, which by the Strava calculation, would mean this segment would be categorized as a Cat 2. From the crest of Hwy 9 we’ll roll up and down along Skyline Drive for another 7 miles before quickly descending towards the California coast and our final destination, Half Moon Bay.

I want to thank Randy Hopp, and all of the CA Tour liaisons for helping me put this design together. We are all very excited to share with you what is sure to be one of the most memorable Tours to date!

One last thing, grit & resilience is a critical component of successfully completing a challenge like the Tour des Trees. One of my favorite cyclists, Christopher Blevins, recently wrote a blog about this very element and how when your plan is disrupted, it reminds you to shift your focus on simply taking the next step. Keep moving forward.

Thanks for reading and Ride On!


Paul Wood- Tour Director

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