RWD - May 2023 Newsletter
Fresh Content Using A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
If you have been hesitant to create your own content for your site updates, you now have a very simple way to solve this problem. Whether it is for your Monthly Updates or other News, A.I.(Artificial intelligence) is the way to go!

There are many types of Artificial Intelligence avenues currently being developed, but for our purposes, CONTENT CREATION is the tool we can best use. You can simply ask AI to ... 'Create 500 word article on LATEST WEB TOOLS', or ... 'Create Article on MEDICAL INSURANCE', or ... 'Explain XYZ in 4 paragraphs'. *

The 2 best tools available now are ... 'BARD' and 'Chat GPT'. I have set-up accounts on BOTH platforms and can easily create articles for you and place these on your site. These 2 tools have learned English grammar, composition, knowledge and information gathering in a FAST manner. They can create an article (as mentioned above) in amazing speed ... like 15-20 seconds.

Content creation is NOT like a Google search. Google simply presents links and answers to what is currently on the Internet. Artificial intelligence has learned what information is available and can CREATE in a logical, easy to read manner, your desired wishes.
Let's set-up a simple Monthly Calendar of topics / ideas about your business and I can integrate the AI articles into your site.

* =  Do not expect nor ask these AI tools about corporate secrets, political views, or any subject that can be controversial. All articles created and used will be approved by you (RWD clients) for correctness, grammar and will / can be be edited prior to publication. 

Totally off subject - I have just signed up to be a volunteer at the 2024 US Open in Pinehurst. I also volunteered at the 2005 and 2024 Opens and enjoyed it both times. If you are interested, go to this link and fill out the registration - .In the past, these positions fill up fast so do not hesitate.