Visit our gallery to view an incredible variety of projects, from the small patio or fire pit to the incredible outdoor vacation-style backyard. Get inspired!

All of our Landscaping, Construction, and Swimming Pool projects are completely customized to the needs and budgets of our customers, and designed based on their outdoor living spaces.

Maintaining landscape features will help ensure that plants, flowers and trees stay strong and healthy, allowing you to enjoy them for many seasons.

Maintenance plans include regular grass mowing, trimming and weed whacking, edging, and blowing off all hard surfaces so that your home is showcased with a pristine looking manicured lawn each week.
Flower Ideas for the Fall Season
The Fall Season is just a few days away and now is a great time to change up your landscape with new autumn-inspired flowers and plants, and other landscape features! There are many different fall  flowers  that will continue to bloom in your yard throughout the coming months and provide your yard with a beautiful burst of fall color. Here are some of our favorite fall plants.

Sodding Large Areas of Grass and Fields
Whether you need new grass in the front of your home or are looking at replacing or repairing grass in a large field, our Landscaping Teams at Rhine can handle any size project!

Landscaping Tips for The Fall Season
As the summer is slowly winding down, children are back in school, and the weather begins to get a bit cooler, here are some tips and suggestions for readying your landscaping for the upcoming Fall season.

Cooler Days Means Hotter Nights
As Fall approaches and the weather becomes cooler, many homeowners really begin to take advantage of their fire pits. They are a great conversation piece and gathering point in your backyard for friends and family.
The Rhine Team is Always Here For You!
"There aren't enough thank-you's to be given to our amazing Rhine Team. Each and every person plays such an integral part in the continued success of the Rhine brand and the services provided to the local communities and homeowners. From those in the office who help with the daily calls and accounting, to our designers and project managers, and our masons, builders, and drivers, I am wholeheartedly so grateful for everyone." ~Jay
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I hope you enjoyed our newsletter and found some of my Pro Tips helpful. I love what I do and I’m very proud of the team that I have built over the years. Please keep in mind all of the services we provide and I hope you have a wonderful September!

-Jay Rhine.

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