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In a nutshell

This is a book drive.

  • Books will go to our friends at Red Sucker Lake.
  • Books can be dropped off at Indigo Kenaston Common/1590 Kenaston Blvd.
  • Between now and February 13/22.
  • Books purchased through Indigo Book Registry will be matched by Indigo.

Further details found below.

Hoping you will help and sending you warmth.

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True North Aid is excited and honoured to share with our supporters, that because last year's REZ READS was so successful, @indigoloveofreading is determined to partner again - and in three locations this year!

Winnipeg, MB (Kenaston Common only), Kingston, ON and Cambridge, ON will host a REZ READS book drive

from January 28 - February 13, 2022.

These locations are each paired with an Indigenous community who will receive the donated and purchased registry books.

Here is the really awesome part:

For every purchased book from the registry, Indigo will MATCH.

Your purchased Indigenous authored/illustrated book will be donated to the paired community, and the matched book will benefit @FrontierCollege ‘s Literacy Program in additional Indigenous communities. (Registry live Jan 28.)

Click for Indigo Book Registry

How can you help support literacy in Indigenous communities?

1. Share this post widely.

2. Collect your books. (Nothing ripped, culturally inappropriate, or sensitive to MMIWG.)

3. Drop off books at Indigo Winnipeg (Kenaston Common only),

Kingston or Cambridge between Jan 28-Feb 13.

4. If you can, purchase a book from our registry.

5. Follow the good work of Indigo Love of Reading Foundation True North Aid Frontier College / Collège Frontière (Official) 

6. Watch for updates!

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