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'Revenge Spending' is Showing Signs of Cooling
Published on, June 14, 2023
Image: Rawpixel/Shutterstock

Typically used by economists, revenge spending happens after an "unprecedented economic event" (like the pandemic), which in turn causes an increase in consumer spending beyond normal levels as individuals feel an urgency to spend to "make up for lost time," according to the Corporate Finance Institute.

When vaccine mandates were lifted and the lockdown ended, a spike in recreational and travel spending ensued, which in turn caused an increase in demand and, of course, prices (notice higher than normal airfare lately?).
While there has been a confluence of factors that contributed to the rampant level of inflation of the past year, revenge spending didn't exactly help keep it in check.

However, as recession fears loom and the economy remains uncertain, revenge spending is cooling, and so might inflation, the New York Times reported. If the slowdown of revenge spending continues, it could help bring down inflation in the same way it contributed to an uptick in prices for certain services.

3 Quick Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety at Work
Published on, June 14, 2023
Image: Mirage C/Getty Images; syntika/Getty Images

Whether it’s meeting deadlines or hitting your goals, most of us feel some sort of pressure at work. While adrenaline can help us get things done, it can easily cross the line, leading to unhealthy levels of stress and anxiety.

Why Workforce Development is a Big Deal for Small Business
Many small and medium-sized business owners think that workforce development isn’t in their “lane.” They leave it to the big guys to work with the chamber and community leaders to ensure the large businesses have the skilled employees they need for the future. But unless you are a business of one and plan on remaining that way, workforce development should be a concern of all sizes of businesses. Here's why you should get involved.
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