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Upcoming RTI Webinar
Why does metering matter? Find out from industry expert Chuck Boutall during our moisture meter webinar from 8 to 9 AM EST on Tuesday, June 26 . This class is ideal for experienced technicians, office staff, and anyone who reviews, communicates, or documents moisture content. You will receive 1 hour IICRC CEC credit and a rich knowledge of the following:

  • What a Moisture Meter is, how it works, and common mistakes

  • How to effectively interpret, understand, and communicate your findings

  • How to choose the right Thermo Hygrometer for the right job

  • Pros and cons of Thermo Hygrometers

  • The difference between invasive and non-invasive moisture meters and what materials and scenarios are best to use with each

  • Metering techniques and important information regarding moisture content of common building materials

Restoring Success: The Curious Restorer
By Lisa Lavender , COO of RTI
"One of the greatest gifts to the modern restorer both new and seasoned is the almost limitless amounts of resources available to us in the context of information and advice. I believe good restorers don’t necessarily know everything; but rather, they are resourceful. Information seeking is a competency that helps us grow professionally in many ways from our technical skills to our soft skills. In being resourceful, you will and should proactively find trusted resources on a variety of topics from technical guidance to conceptual ideas. We have access to videos, chat rooms, social media, periodicals, newsletters, seminars, and more and it is wonderful."

Read the full article  here  and check out all of Lisa's monthly R&R articles !  
Tip For Your Success:
The Value of Case Studies
Many years ago, our Director of Education, Steve Schumm , was called to a water loss on New Year's Day. There had been a break in the ice maker line of a homeowner's freezer. Steve was greeted by water gathering underneath cast iron countertops and cabinets that had been built in place. Water had also migrated between the kitchen floor, which was composed of Vinyl Composite Tile over a 1/4" underlayment, and tongue and groove subfloor.

Steve asked himself: "How do I dry this without tearing apart the entire kitchen?"

 Steve recalled reading a case study about a technician who cut and attached Injectidry panels to the subfloor. With an open joist system in the basement this would be possible, he could employ this method and potentially dry the kitchen. Steve and his crew got to work setting up containment and were able to dry the entire kitchen from below without having to demolition the area. The result was a significant reduction in severity from forgoing the demolition and subsequent need for repair.

Moral of the story? Case studies are a great way to learn about practical real-world solutions to a variety of scenarios. They inspire innovation and help you stay abreast on the latest products and equipment and their applications to the restoration process. Always keep learning. R&R Magazine has an entire section dedicated to case studies that you can see here . Read, learn, and innovate!
Partner Connection:
Quality Cleaners' Historical Restoration - A Case Study
Following the discovery of mold development, Quality Cleaners recently worked with the  New Jersey State Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution , whose headquarters is located  at the  Isaac Watson House in Hamilton, NJ . The home, which was built in 1708, is recognized as the oldest house in Mercer county and accommodates furniture that dates back to around 1790. Several of the pieces on display were made by New Jersey craftsmen and many were made or donated by the New Jersey Daughters.

As the structure of the home was going through remediation, Quality Cleaners was given the tedious task of preserving these valuable textiles thanks to their earned reputation through having worked on historical pieces in the past. They restored a variety of contents, including rugs, flags, clothing, bedding, and even dolls and doll clothes. v
A close up of one of the delicate garments that was restored.
Restoring older garments can be especially challenging. Lee Colonna , Co-Owner of Quality Cleaners, explains why: " We really had to analyze the structural integrity of each garment and what it was made out of before we began the cleaning process. The method of cleaning used was extremely important. The dyes used back in those days were very different than what is used now, and the chemistry used to clean could vary from piece to piece depending on the make-up of the item. A lot of things had to be hand cleaned as a result.”

Given its delicate nature, the job ended up taking several weeks to complete. Even still, this job was one case study in particular that stands out to Lee. Smiling, he concluded, "I am a New Jersey native, so it was special to work on not only American history but local history as well. To be entrusted with such important memorabilia was an honor."
Quality Cleaners is a third-generation family owned and operated dry cleaning business established almost 60 years ago. In addition to dry cleaning services, they offer shoe repair, rug cleaning, draperies, monogramming, and restoration of textiles due to fire damage, water damage, or mold remediation. 
Technology Connection:
The software industry partner that can move you forward
Restoration software company, iRestore , is a walking case study in itself. It was designed by restorers based on the successes, failures, and needs of restoration companies. Because of this, iRestore is the solution restoration companies are looking for. Their focus is to provide you with the tools and information you need to allow each team member to do their job effectively and efficiently. iRestore believes that successful restoration companies are built by individuals that collaborate and synergies in serving its purpose.

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