June 2024

Mendocino County Sheriff Search and Rescue (SAR) Trains in the Jackson Demonstration State Forest 

In a county that features a wide variety of forested landscape, finding the appropriate landscapes for Mendocino County’s SAR Team to train in is of the utmost importance. Jackson Demonstration State Forest provides the ideal terrain to train as it is a great example of the coastal redwood forest, providing a real-world setting for essential training.

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Multiaged Forestry Working Group Field Tour 2024 Comes to JDSF  

UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) along with Jackson Demonstration State Forest (JDSF) staff hosted the 4th Multiaged Forestry Working Group Field tour on June 11, 2024. The field tour provided an opportunity for foresters and land managers to gather, socialize, learn, and discuss redwood multiaged silviculture. This year’s tour had over 60 participants and focused on utilizing prescribed fire in multiaged stands within the Coast Redwood Forest. The tour highlighted the prescribed fire work that JDSF has been conducting over the last few years as well as the research that has been occurring around those burns.   

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California Native Plant Society Tours Restoration at JDSF Parlin Prescribed Fire Site 


In early June, 2024 the Sanhedrin Chapter (Inland Mendocino County) California Native Plant Society members and others joined JDSF retired forester and member Lynn Webb for a tour of the forest. They viewed a range of harvested areas varying in age and type. Of special interest was the Parlin prescribed fire site. In the two years since the fire, a rich assortment of native plants has returned. The tour also observed the recent burning in Red Tail Timber Harvest Plan area.  

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Don’t Trash JDSF! Help Keep JDSF Clean and Report Illegal Dumping  

Have you heard these commercials and seen the billboards? The California Department of Transportation a.k.a. Caltrans started this campaign decades ago to help stop litter bugs from clogging our roads and storm drains with carelessly discarded trash. Unfortunately, millions of taxpayer dollars are still spent every year cleaning up discarded items that should have been properly recycled or disposed of in a landfill. 

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Cal Poly Forest Health Management Workshop Coming to JDSF, August 8, 2024 

This field workshop is an opportunity to learn about forest health management at CALFIRE's Jackson Demonstration State Forest (JDSF). Participants will increase their understanding of how using different management options and tools can affect forest health in a wildland urban intermix (WUI) with examples from multiple sites in the Forest.

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A Quick Guide to Red Flag Warnings 

As Wildfire activity increases across the state, you will start to see more and more ‘Red Flag Warnings’ posted on social media and by local news outlets. But what exactly is a Red Flag Warning and why should you pay attention. Check out this video above to learn more about what Red Flag Warnings mean and how you should react if you see one posted locally in your area.

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