The Response of the
Food Distribution with 16 different leaders in
11 Countries

  • Total Families Served with one month's worth of food: 4,664
  • Represents 20,267 total people
  • 1,461 prayed to make Jesus Lord
  • 1,093 families accepted a Good News Evangelistic Bible study in their home

We thank you all so very much for your love and compassion by helping to relieve some of the suffering in Africa and Central America.

Testimony in Kenya: One woman receiving food had all the problems on earth. We could not get her to smile even after giving her food.

She thought we were either trapping her or testing her or trying to mock her. She did not believe the food was hers until we left. She said that even through the hunger she was experiencing she did not cook the food immediately because she did not understand what we were trying to do.
Because she comes from an area with a lot of witchcraft, she thought we would bewitch her through the food. She kept the food until the following day when she asked one of her neighbors. The neighbor had also received food and assured the woman that it was safe to eat.

That is when the woman finally cooked the food she had received for her family. She has agreed to be part of the Good News Bible study group starting in her neighbor’s house.
This woman’s name is Hadija. Hadija provided for her family by selling charcoal on the road. Because of the Corona virus her business was closed.

She is a Muslim and could not afford to take care of her 4 children due to the situation. 

She was so surprised that Christians would visit her. We simply shared Gods love by telling her God sent us to her because He loved her so much.

She began to cry. As a result of showing God's love by sharing food, there is going to be a Good News Bible study group in her home. We are praying that she will invite her Muslim friends to the group.
Schedule Skype Training
October 27: Women's Evangelism Training; Funyula, Kenya
10: Women's evangelism training Shirugu; Kenya
12: Church planting training; Busia, Uganda
17: Women's evangelism training; Busia, Uganda
19: Church Planting training: Lira, Uganda
24: Women's evangelism training; Mt Elgon, Kenya
01: Women's evangelism training; Lira, Uganda
08: Women's evangelism training; Kakamega Town, Kenya
10-11: Men's Leadership training; Kitale, Kenya
15: Women's evangelism training; Kitale, Kenya

Preaching Schedule
December 6: Preaching North Monroe Baptist; Monroe, LA

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