Welcome to the March edition of [R]esource Toolkit.
MARCH: Coded Lessons
This month we're sharing resources that can set you apart:
  1. Issue One Day Codes for non-SentriLock users
  2. Decoding Real Estate Podcast - Clarify your Marketing Message
  3. Strengthen your commitment to Code of Ethics with Fairhaven
  4. Dough strategies from Center for REALTOR® Financial Wellness
  5. Sign up for Infinite Banking Strategies for REALTORS® Workshop
  6. Resource Center for RACI Members
Issuing Codes
With MIBOR no longer using SentriLock for lockbox access you may see an increase in One Day Code requests.
One Day Codes grant secure temporary access to non-SentriLock users such out-of-area agents from neighboring boards/brokerages, as well as photographers, painters, or contractors.

To issue One Day Code the lockbox must be assigned to the listing. This can be done through the SentriKey® Real Estate (SKRE) website or by using your SKRE mobile app.
Decoding Real Estate
Clarify Your Marketing Message w/ Kristin Spiotto
Marketing message mastermind Kristin Spiotto reveals how the Storybrand approach to marketing can help agents simplify their communication, establish their USP (Unique Selling Proposition), find their “superpower” and become “The Guide” to their customers’ journey. All that, plus the seven questions you need to answer to be successful with your marketing outreach.

Decoding Real Estate is hosted by Reggie Nicolay and Genie Willett

Fairhaven is a town every REALTOR® should visit.
Online, that is.
Further your commitment to NAR's Code of Ethics by visiting Fairhaven to help you identify, prevent and address discriminatory practices in real estate.
In November 2020, NAR launched Fairhaven, a new fair housing simulation training for REALTORS® that uses the power of storytelling to help members identify, prevent, and address discriminatory practices in real estate. Inspired by real stories, this innovative online experience has agents work against the clock to sell homes in the fictional town of Fairhaven, while confronting discrimination in the homebuying process. Learners will also walk in the shoes of a homebuyer facing discrimination. The training provides customized feedback that learners can apply to daily business interactions.

Get started by visiting fairhaven.realtor to explore the fictional town of Fairhaven and assess how well you are adhering to fair housing principles.

Presenter: Rachel Marshall
Today, about half of women out-earn their husbands and partners. As women’s incomes rise, so does the need to take an active role in managing household finances to meet your current and future needs. Now, more than ever, women need the knowledge and tools to do the most with your money, so you can enjoy your money and create a legacy that lasts for generations. This workshop, Rachel will show you the “seven generation” mindset to make the best financial decisions, walk you through a system for managing money that makes you feel wealthy, and demonstrate the power of life insurance as a warehouse of wealth.

Resources Center for RACI Members
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