Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring
Resisting moisture
One of the many critical considerations to selecting flooring for any facility is resistance to moisture. Particularly in a lab or healthcare setting.

For healthcare that means having it sealed tightly so germs cannot lodge or fester.

For a lab, it means having a floor that cannot be damaged by chemicals used in that lab; something a reputable flooring company test for you in advance.

When BC Biomedical Laboratories needed to replace their floor due to moisture failure, they needed a free-floating floor that would resist moisture, feel comfortable underfoot, and install quickly. FreeStyle BioLock was exactly what they needed and has become their standard flooring for all installations directly on slab. And because BioLock is available in a variety of colors and designs, it can be matched to the existing color scheme in each BC Biomedical location.

To read the BC Biomedical case study, click on the button below. For more information on FreeStyle BioLock, give us a call a 508-583-3200 or drop a line.
Temporary flooring for temporary clinics
In this short video, SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli demonstrates the portability of the FreeStyle BioLock tile and how it’s a perfect solution for flooring for temporary labs and testing clinics.
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