October 30, 2019
Funding Connection

The National Science Foundation’s  Biology Integration Institutes   program supports collaborative teams of researchers investigating questions that span multiple disciplines within and beyond biology. The goal is to stimulate creative integration of diverse fields using innovative experimental, theoretical, and modeling approaches to discover underlying principles operating across multiple levels of life.

The   National Institutes of Health’s  Ethical Issues in Translational Science Research   supports research to address ethical issues in translational science research. Collaboration among bioethicists, legal scholars, social scientists, and translational research scientists is encouraged. 

Communicating K-State's Approach to the
Global Foods System
What is the best way to let the world know about the great work done at K-State? Though podcasts of course!

Global Food Systems' mission is to solve global food challenges through innovation, outreach and talent development. Today, innovative food-related work is being carried out all over the K-State campus and in the surrounding community. Sometimes this work happens in areas that you may not think of as being part of this complex system.

As this mission includes outreach, a tactic being used is a series of podcasts. The Global Food Systems podcast series, Something to Chew On, has not only taken off on campus, but listeners represent more than 20 countries around the world. 

Each episode features a researcher and allows listeners to learn about them and how their specific area of study fits into the Global Food System. Jay Weeks, soil chemist, Scott Tanona, philosopher of science, Jon Faubion, food scientist and I have been taking time to find out more about the people, ideas and projects that make up the mosaic of food system work at K-State.   

Subjects include the philosophical exploration of the impact of labelling genetically modified foods, the importance of the soil microbiome, the aesthetics of food and more. We invite you to listen to any or all of the 14 currently posted podcasts at  kstate-gfs.libsyn.com .

If you have thoughts on a really great person/topic to include, or would like to learn more about the program, please contact me at:   molewnik@k-state.edu

Maureen Olewnik
Global Foods Systems coordinator

Something to Chew On
Linda Duke is the director of the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art at Kansas State University. Formerly the director of audience engagement at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, she joined K-State in June of 2011 and has worked diligently to develop the atmosphere within and opportunities to engage with the museum, while also educating students about the roles of art in our lives. Our conversation covered the many ways we can experience art and its complex relationship with what we eat and drink.
Events and announcements
TODAY: Postdoc Association and Graduate Student Council CV/Resume Workshop
2-4 p.m.
Bluemont Room, K-State Student Union

Learn about creating successful resumes for industry and governmental positions, academic CVs and best practices for formatting.
Fall 2019 Grants Conference Webcast
Experience the Fall 2019 NSF Grants Conference virtually. The National Science Foundation will live stream the plenary sessions of the conference from Boston, MA on November 18 and 19 . There is no cost or limit for participants to view the live stream. 

Agency news and trending topics

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