As previously reported in Research Weekly, K-State is partnering with Cayuse LLC to streamline and increase transparency into our research administration processes.

Cayuse Sponsored Projects ( Cayuse SP ) carries several advantages. The system:

  • allows users to view all proposals and awards associated with a project and provides detailed tracking of both awards and subawards;
  • makes it easy to find the many documents that are part of a funded project;
  • offers multiple reporting options that will facilitate summarizing sponsored project activities for units such as departments and college;
  • includes electronic routing of documents and allows data integration with other institutional systems such as financial and human resource systems; and
  • will be compatible with any modernizations of those systems that may be implemented in the near future.

The procurement of Cayuse SP comes after extensive efforts to document the multiple legacy systems used across campus for research administration, which collectively have the net effect of bogging our operations down in unnecessarily redundant and potentially error-generating data entry. Thus, implementation of Cayuse SP is taking an important step toward a full, comprehensive, electronic research administration system, which will be needed as we make further advances toward elevating our status as a research university.

Questions? Contact Ian Czarnezki at or 532-6195.