Researchers Discuss Causes, Trends and Solutions for Gun Violence

The recent string of mass shootings has once again captured the attention of the American public. The tragic shootings in an elementary school in Texas, a grocery store in New York, a church in California and locally in the streets of downtown Sacramento have many people wondering what can be done to prevent such tragedies.

Each time these incidents happen, familiar questions come up around the influence of mental health, social media, socio-economic factors, race and policies.

To help answer these questions, host Soterios Johnson sat down with two experts from the UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program to discuss trends in gun violence, its causes, consequences and prevention.

Research Highlights

Research Review Shows Self-Esteem Has Long-Term Benefits

In recent years, self-esteem has fallen out of favor in the scientific literature and in the popular media, but a new large research review suggests that high self-esteem can have a positive influence in many areas of people’s lives.

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Predictors for Diabetes Differ for Black and White Women

New research suggests the predictors of risk for diabetes may need to be adjusted in different populations.

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Saving California's Whales Requires Holistic Policy Approach

Whales are threatened by a variety of human activities off the West Coast of the United States, including fishing, ship traffic and pollution. Overlap between these stressors can compound effects on whale populations.

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Could CAR T Cells Offer Hope for an HIV Cure?

Researchers have launched a study to identify a potential cure for HIV. Using a new immunotherapy approach, researchers will use a patient's white blood cells and modify them so they can identify and target HIV cells to control the virus.

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Adopting Low-Carbon Energy Can Reduce Racial Disparities

Switching to low carbon fuels for transportation, cooking, heating, power generation and other needs would help fight climate change and also reduce racial and ethnic disparities in exposure to air pollution.

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The Effects of Wildfire Smoke Exposure in Early Pregnancy

Infant monkeys conceived while their mothers were naturally exposed to wildfire smoke show behavioral changes compared to animals conceived days later.

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Innovation News

Using AI to Predict Bacterial Disease

Veterinarians and researchers at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine have discovered a technique to predict leptospirosis in dogs through the use of artificial intelligence.

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Full Body PET Scan Used to Assess Inflammatory Arthritis

A multidisciplinary team has conducted the first human study using a full-body positron emission tomography (PET) scan to identify the biomarkers for autoimmune inflammatory arthritis.

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Novel Fetal Monitoring System Wins Top Prize

Davis-based Storx Technologies has developed a noninvasive device that accurately determines a baby’s well-being in the womb — and helps doctors decide if an unnecessary cesarian section can be avoided.

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UC Davis Enabled Startup Combating Degenerative Diseases

The team is designing a mechanism that can enter cells and prevent the toxic event of protein misfolding. To carry out this work, Voss and his team have developed a tool called Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy.

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A Review of the Impact of California's 'Red Flag' Law

A review of the first three years of California's 'red flag' law shows that most Gun Violence Restraining Orders were filed by law enforcement. Reasons included threats of self harm and mass shootings.

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Wildfires and Forest Management

This episode of UC Davis LIVE explores the role and opportunities in forest management in mitigating wildfire severity.

‘The Backdrop’ Podcast: Clifford Saron on the Scientific Study of Meditation

Clifford Saron, a neuroscientist at the UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain and the Mind Institute, leads the Shamatha Project, one of the most ambitious and comprehensive longitudinal studies of meditation ever conducted.

2022 Research Expo

Notable Grants

Awards and Rankings

UC Davis Ranked Among Top Universities Worldwide

UC Davis ranks in the top 8% of universities worldwide and 11th among public universities in the 2023 edition of the QS World University Rankings.

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Top Rankings for Veterinary Science, Ag and Forestry

In addition to being top-ranked in veterinary science and agriculture and forestry, the university had top 50 world rankings in six other subjects and top 20 national rankings in eight.

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Three Elected to National Academy of Sciences

The UC Davis honorees are: Kate Scow from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Sharon Strauss from the College of Biological Sciences; and Geerat Vermeij from the College of Letters and Science.

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