Issue 57— June 20, 2023
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Changemakers Alliance (CALL) is a supporter-driven, action-oriented expansion of Minnesota Women's Press and that brings people together in conversations about values, solutions, and action steps.

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Celebrating Juneteenth in Chisholm
Reflections from Mikki, publisher

I was in Chisholm for a Juneteenth celebration. The work on the Iron Range to celebrate multicultural residents is largely the drive of Seraphia Gravelle, who we spotlighted as a Changemaker in 2022 for the creation of Voices of Multi-Ethnic Awareness (aka VEMA).

Exhibitors included two members of the Saint Louis County public defenders office, and a Hibbing-based clinic therapist, who are engaged in the work of healing rather than incarcerating trauma; we will connect further about our statewide conversations about how to collectively reduce gender-based violence.

A special soul food meal was cooked and sold by a local bar that had hosted a 50th anniversary motorcycle gang party the night before.
While I was getting a chair massage from a local husband-and-wife small business, I overheard two mothers talk about the need for stronger sex education in area schools.
The celebration included a water tank that residents successfully used to dunk Gravelle, her partner, the mayor, and a police officer — the activity raised funds for VEMA.
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