Renovate to the Max with Our Amped-Up Home Project Loan 

Mute the credit cards. We’ve got your jam.

If you’re looking to take on a long-overdue home project this spring, you can always reach for a home improvement store credit card.  That would be temptingly convenient – although unnecessarily expensive. But let’s face it, you’re a little too punk rock for that. That’s not how credit union people roll.

What if you could take advantage of a low-cost home improvement loan that’s 100% collateral-free, quick and easy to apply for, and can put the funds in your hands, same-day? Our Home Project Loan is made for small to medium-sized projects, up to $10,000, and offers a refreshingly fixed rate, not-for-profit style. Now you’re talking.

There’s no better time to crank up the volume on your dream home renovation. Whether you want to overhaul that schlumpy bathroom into a modern-day masterpiece, or finally replace those sad, outdated windows and appliances, our high-octane Home Project Loan can help turn it up to eleven.

The Home Project Loan is the ultimate backstage pass for any renovation you have in mind.

Got bigger plans? If your home renovation ideas are stadium tour-level epic, then we've got two headlining borrowing options to make those dreams a reality. For homeowners looking to go platinum, we're offering up a Fixed Equity Loan and a Home Equity Line of Credit that'll blow the roof off. Whether you need a lump sum of cash, or a dedicated line of credit, these are the most affordable borrowing options available - with easy access to funds, and experienced home lending rock stars who are ready to help. See us for a face-melting consultation on how to get your home's transformation underway.

If your home base is in need of some new smash hits, get plugged in with Lake County Educational FCU. We’ll help you renovate with all the pyrotechnics your heart desires, large or small. Together, let’s bring down the house.

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Program subject to change or terminate at any time without notice. Membership required. Home Project Loan and Home Equity Loans subject to a $50 application fee. Credit union federally insured by NCUA.