Reno is on three "Top 10" in USA Lists.

Reno Ranks:
The® economics team and the Wall Street Journal’s data team identified the top markets of 2021, and beyond, in the Emerging Housing Markets Index.

They identified the areas with strong housing demand and rising prices combined with robust economies, lots of good-paying jobs, and the amenities that make a place desirable. These markets have lots of restaurants, bars, and shops as well as reasonable commutes to work.

The top markets are a mix of higher-end, outdoorsy, resort areas; smaller cities that have been growing at a breakneck pace; and places that provide a more affordable alternative to larger urban areas that are still within commuting distance.
Their economies are generally doing better than other markets, and they’re attracting a lot of home shoppers from other areas—likely in part due to the relatively widespread work-from-home flexibility in response to the pandemic.

Housing trends in these markets have fundamentals that should mean buying a home is a good investment.

The top real estate markets of 2021
(1) Coeur d’Alene, ID, $799,000
(2) Austin, TX, $520,000
(3) Springfield, OH, $144,900
(4) Billings, MT, $428,500
(5) Spokane, WA, $434,900
(6) Lafayette, IN, $297,450
(7) Reno, NV, $562,000
(8) Concord, NH, $362,450
(9) Manchester, NH, $419,950
(10) Santa Cruz, CA, $1,222,000
Reno, Nevada, placed third in the Booming Luxury Markets of 2021 Index.

The Biggest Little City — in the zero-income-tax state — has seen the arrival of tech giants Tesla, Google and Apple in the last couple of years, which has been drawing transplants from the San Francisco Bay Area since before the pandemic.

The index ranked Reno’s typical one-way commute as one of the lowest of the top 20 markets at a median of 23.2 minutes.

Prices across the overall market meanwhile, jumped 19.7% year-over-year in March.

Booming Luxury Markets of 2021
(1) Reno, Nevada
(2) Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
(3) Prescott, Arizona
(4) Port St. Lucie, Florida
(5) Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, California
As the saying goes, cash is king. And that’s especially true in today’s pandemic-fueled thrill ride of a real estate market, where homes can sell in days and usually after multiple offers.

When you have to compete with other potential buyers, an all-cash offer gives you a competitive advantage. Cash offers can be catnip to sellers during this frenetic real estate period because there’s less risk the deal will fall through if a home doesn’t appraise at these new-normal, higher prices. These transactions are also completed faster: Cash sales can take just a couple of weeks to close, while working with a mortgage lender will usually take well over a month. If a house is vacant and the owners are making payments, that’s another big incentive to accept a cash offer.
Once more of a haven for snowbirds and retirees, Reno has attracted tech workers who are less tethered to their offices who have been making the move en masse in the past year or so.

Most of the cash buyers are coming from California. Prices are going up, but homes here are still considerably less expensive than what buyers would get in the San Francisco Bay Area. They also often offer more room to spread out.

Reno’s also a 3.5-hour drive to San Francisco, so it’s not too far of a move for people who want to make weekend trips to the coast.