Reno Area MLS Trends 

Long ago, before A.I. - - - I was taught that a Trend in real estate is three months or more in a direction (up, down or flat). What I see in the above chart is a roller coaster ride.

My computer is smarter than I am. The chart below shows the calculated Trend Line.

Most years, Winter is a good time to buy a house. Sellers may be more willing to negotiate to make a sale since there are fewer buyers than in the Spring. Lower inventory and bad weather means sellers are getting far fewer over-asking offers.

Cash is king. With higher mortgage rates driving out borrowers, all-cash sales accounted for 29% of transactions nationally in September, up from 22% in September 2022.

There were 1.13 million homes for sale at the end of September, down more than 8% from a year ago in the USA.

Embracing Change and the Evolution of My Website's Listing Notifications.

As the years pass by, it's natural for people to develop a certain level of resistance to change, and I am no exception.

To learn more - I "Googled" it and found that there are four stages to accepting change:

1) Shock

2) Anger

3) Acceptance

4) Commitment

I have mastered steps one and two and I am working on the remaining two.

This resistance to change is particularly evident when it comes to adapting to new versions of computer software. It often feels as though the updates and new features offered are far removed from my interests and needs.

For nearly two decades, my website has been a platform that has served a specific purpose - connecting individuals with real estate listings in the Reno area. Among its core features, "Search Reno MLS" and "Listing Notifications" have been integral to this mission.

These buttons allowed visitors to the site to easily access property listings based on their criteria, with "Search Reno MLS" delivering instant results and "Listing Notifications" offering a more personalized experience by sending email updates when a new listing met their specified criteria.

I did design and create my own website from scratch - however - creating an interface with the MLS database is beyond my skill level. I have been paying $300 per year to use third party software program.

The software vendor contacted me and said that the program I have been using is becoming obsolete and is being replaced with a new improved program at more than double the price.

Since only a few of my website users actually use "Search Reno MLS" and "Listing Notifications" - After careful consideration, I've decided that these features will no longer be available to website visitors in their current form.

However, I want to emphasize that while "Search Reno MLS" and "Listing Notifications" will no longer be accessible directly through the website, they are not disappearing entirely.

I remain committed to providing a solution for those who still find value in these services. Visitors can simply reach out to me via phone, text, or email, and I will be more than happy to set up these features for them within the actual Reno Area MLS.

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