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Jul  15 - Sep 30, 2012
Dear Asha Patrons, 

You admire our work. You often talk about how you wish to see the India as a developed nation, as country of your dreams. Here's your chance to take a small step towards bringing the much needed societal change. 

It takes ~$35 (Rs.1925) to support the education of one child from the "Work An Hour 2012" projects for a year. Of the 4300 students that we are targeting to support, we have so far raised enough to reach only 1,000 students

As we continue to celebrate India's freedom from the shackles of slavery, You can help our children break free from the shackles of poverty by supporting their education. "One hour of your salary as a donation" ... that is all we! 
Please do your share and help us give hope to the unfortunate. We believe our work is not done until everyone in society have food, shelter & access to education and we want to go towards that goal one hour at a time.

Donate an hour @

We have a range of projects from various parts of India for you to choose from.


Warm Regards 


Asha for Education Volunteers    

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