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May 9, 2022

337 S. ORANGE ST, NEWARK NJ 07103 ~ 973-623-0258

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 10

Join the parish at
Tomorrow, May 10 @12 Noon
in the Main Church

A Traditional Latin Mass in the Dominican Rite will be celebrated at St Antoninus Church tomorrow Tuesday .May 10 at 12 Noon, on the Feast of our Patron Saint, St Antoninus of Florence, who was a Dominican bishop. We will also have a the veneration of a first class relic of St Antoninus.

Holy Mass will be celebrated by Dominican priest, Fr Leo Camurati, OP, in the main church.

A small gathering will follow following Mass.

Live-streaming is available for those who cannot join us in person.
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MASS live-stream

@12 Noon

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What is the connection of the Dominican Order to St Antoninus Church?

Big connection! The Dominicans were the ones who founded St Antoninus on May 16, 1875 and served this church for 100 years. They left St Antoninus parish 47 years ago, on April 1975.

What happened after that? The mission of the Dominicans did not die in vain. In fact, it took root and blossomed to where we are now.

Three months after the Dominicans were reassigned to another location, in June 1975, Fr. Jim Ferry was given the permission by the Newark Archdiocese to take over the dwindling community at St Antoninus Church and start the Catholic Charismatic Renewal as we know it today.

The rest is history ( according to the movement of the Holy Spirit!)

Come to this Mass celebrating the feast of St Antoninus:
12 Noon, Tuesday, May 10.

More detailed information regarding the legacy of the Dominican Order to St Antoninus Church- click here
Who is our Patron Saint, St. Antoninus of Florence?
Do you recognize this statue on the left side of our Divine Mercy shrine in Church (close to the choir area? )

This is our patron saint, St Antoninus himself!
Saint Antoninus, Archbishop of Florence

Saint Antoninus, original name Antonino Pierozzi, or Antonino de’ Forciglioni, Antonino also spelled Antonio, (born March 1, 1389, Florence—died May 2, 1459, Florence; canonized 1523; feast day May 10), archbishop of Florence who is regarded as one of the founders of modern moral theology and Christian social ethics.
In Florence Antoninus joined the Dominican order (1405); he became an active leader of the order’s Observant movement, especially at Fiesole, near Florence. As vicar of the Observants he founded the convent of San Marco, Florence, in 1436. There he served as prior (1439–44) and attended the Council of Florence (1439–45).
He became archbishop of Florence (1446), where he was greatly beloved for his charity . A plague hit Florence in 1448 and 1449. Then an earthquake shook it in 1453, followed by a cyclone in 1456, and then a famine.
St Antoninus was frequently seen with his mule loaded with emergency supplies, going through the streets of the city to help those in both material and spiritual need, bringing relief supplies and the succor of the sacraments.
.He was canonized by Pope Adrian VI. Antoninus’ principal works are his Summa moralis (Venice, 1477) and Summa confessionum (Mondovì, 1472).

His body remains incorrupt to this day. See below.
RESTING IN THE DOMINICAN CHURCH of San Marco in Florence is the 550 year-old incorrupt of St. Antoninus. His full body lies inside a glass coffin, dressed in his ornate archbishop’s garb. In the last 12 years of his life, Antoninus was made Archbishop against his wishes. He resisted so strongly that the current pope had to threaten him with excommunication if he didn’t accept. Antoninus accepted, but continued to live like a monk. His only personal possessions were simple furniture and a mule.
His unembalmed body remained exposed for 8 days before it was buried in the glass coffin in the eponymous Chapel of St. Antoninus in 1459 where he remains today.
Please consider making an offering to the Lord on behalf of St Antoninus, that we may continue our mission. Thank you and God bless you!

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