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We are excited to bring together our supporters, friends and stakeholders to explore the challenges we share and the opportunities that inspire us as we build resiliency in our human and natural systems in the Heart of the Continent Region of Northeastern Minnesota and Northwestern Ontario

Heart of the Continent Partnership

Gathering in Thunder Bay

Fort William Historical Park - November 9th 2022

Revised Agenda

Keynote speaker Rob Hyde 

Great Lakes Program Officer / Great Lakes Ecosystem Management, Strategic Policy Branch

Environment and Climate Change Canada / Government of Canada

Lake-wide Action


Management Plans for the Great Lakes

Presentation by Travis Novitsky Astrophotographer  and Dark sky advocate

7:45- 8:30

DT Observatory

Clips from PBS Documentary "Northern Nights Starry Skies" 

"I can't imagine ever getting tired of the stars. I am endlessly fascinated by them".

Across the Heart in 30 Days with David and Leah Jackson

8:30 - 9:00 Pm

DT Observatory

Tales of Trail from a Month Long Canoe Trip along the entire Path of The Paddle Water Route from Manitoba to Thunder Bay

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