It's Time To Register!
Hello, Seasonal Campers!
Here are some helpful tips and reminders about the registration process:
  1. Registration forms are sent to one email address, TWICE. This two-step process allows us to collect information and signatures of seasonal campers with TWO Licensees OR ONE Licensee.
  2. You must open each of the emails and follow the instructions on them to complete the forms.
  3. Please enter an emergency contact that does not live with you.
  4. We encourage you to print and read your completed registration packet. Keep it handy so you can refer to it as needed.
  5. Send supporting documents to with your site number.
  6. VERY IMPORTANT Reminder: If your Secondary Licensee has changed since season 2023, please call or email the office immediately.  

~The Deadline to Register is May 15, 2024~
Registration forms were emailed on 1/24/24. Instructions are in the message of the email AND on the registration forms. If you need help registering contact us before April 1, 2024.

Our insurance provider requires all seasonal campers to be registered as a condition of being on the property. Please respect our business need for your compliance with this matter.

If you are not registered by May 15, 2024, the gate attendant will provide you with one temporary vehicle pass valid for one week so you can complete the registration process. If you are not fully registered after the temporary vehicle pass expires your admission to the property will be restricted. 

  • Balance statements were sent 1/26/24
  • Call to pay with a credit or debit card (3% fee applies)
  • Mail a check-include your site number in the memo.
  • Office Hours: M-F 9a-3p until further notice. Payments can be made in person by appointment only, call 847-546-2228 or email

A Special Reminder for SEASONAL CAMPERS with Golf Cart Permits
The message is from Biglow Insurance and starts below this line.
Under the policy for your Park Model, liability for a golf cart is extended from your Foremost insurance policy and the personal property limit in the state of Illinois for Golf Cart physical damage coverage is up to $5,000.  The provision within the policy where it uses “You” also refers to any family member of the insured. All others are not covered.  RV policies do not have golf cart liability and physical damage extension. If you have questions about your Golf Cart insurance coverage please contact Biglow Insurance directly or your insurance provider.

We look forward to a wonderful season with you and your family!
YC, Randy, Desiree, Christi & The Fish Lake Beach Staff
Thank You 🥰
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